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About Me

What got you into cosplay?

My friends took me to my first con, it was a small one in Maryland called "CHS Otaku Fest" So technically its not even a con but a Fest lol. Anyway, both of them wanted to cosplay so I agreed to go in cosplay as well. It was a lot of fun and I proceeded to to it at Otakon that year. So hear we are a year later and only two times Ive been able to cosplay lol.

What was your first costume and why?

Ritsuka from Loveless, the one on here is a newer version, my old one was my hair (it was long back then) and brown cat ears with a failure of a cosplay lol, it looked only partially like the picture and I was pretty dissapointed in it lol.

What is your favorite costume and why?

So far it would be Tamaki mainly because it makes some of my friends that like Ouran squeek in happiness xD.

Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?

I dont know about making but I do have a lot of cosplay I want to do, I am only good with paper and a pencil not really a sewing needle xD.

What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?

Lol, at Otakon I bought my Ouran cosplay, the buttons were sewn on very poorly, so the jackets buttons all popped off throughout the day. I had to go back to the room and sew them on again. The first time I have ever sewn anything. I was pretty pleased with myself because they have stayed on thus far haha.

My favorite anime

Oh dear God. Far to many to list. My anime collection so far consists of....*goes to count* 70 different anime's not including the space it takes up from buying some separately and not in complete collections. I really love Loveless, Tsubasa, Kyo Kara Maoh, Ouran, Clannad, Shuffle, Special A Class, and many many more. I just am too indecisive to choose which are my favorites XD

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