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  1. Zenkaikon is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working and dedicated staff to add to its team. Zenkaikon is a two-day anime and science fiction convention located in King of Prussia, PA (Philadelphia area). Our fourth annual convention is taking place on November 7-8, 2009, and we would love to have you! Website: http://www.zenkaikon.com Requirements: Staff Members Must: * Check their e-mail at least 3 times a week, and reply to all inquiries within 3 days of receipt. * Actively participate on the staff forums. * Be prompt, clear, and respectful in commun
  2. Huzzah! Zenkaikon 2008 Schedule Is Now Available Online! http://www.zenkaikon.com/Zkon08Sched_Web.pdf See you next week!
  3. There are also club running resources available such as the Anime Clubs Unite Yahoogroup where club presidents from all over gather and are available to answer questions about how to run clubs and problems with clubs etc. We also assembled databases regarding popular activities to feature in your club, fund raising ideas, and contact info for the companies to get screening permissions for their titles. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/animeclubsunite
  4. Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Slants Contest! Zenkaikon 2008 and The Slants are pleased to announce a new contest. Contest participants can enter to win a pair of tickets to Zenkaikon 2008 as well as a special meet and greet with The Slants. To enter, contestants must do the following: STEP 1: Go to http://www.myspace.com/theslants STEP 2: Click "ADD" next to any Slants' song to add it to your profile (we reccomend using "Kokoro (I Fall to Pieces)" but feel free to choose your personal favorite!) STEP 3: Submit your email, MySpace URL and convention of your choice on the form
  5. Hey, sorry if this is a repeat topic or if it was on the website (I did search around in the rules). A) When you check in for the Hall costume contest, do you have to already be in costume? Does anybody know the approximate time span over which judging will go on on Friday? Thanks ^^;;
  6. Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce the following: A) The establishment of set convention rules and policies for everyone at Zenkaikon. These rules cover Rowdy/Disruptive Behavior Cameras/Photography Signs Policy Etiquette with Guests Weapons Policy Children at Zenkaikon http://www.zenkaikon.com/zrules.htm Zenkaikon 2008 has lowered its minimum gofer age to 16 to allow more of our attendees to participate in the gofer program. Please see this page for details: http://zenkaikon.com/gophers.htm C) Zenkaikon 2008 announces that our merchandise for
  7. Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Cosplay Ball, Cosplay Dating Game, and AMV Contest! June 13, 2008 VALLEY FORGE, PA - Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce three more of its major events: the Cosplay Ball, the Cosplay Dating Game, and the Anime Music Video Contest. Zenkaikon's First Annual Cosplay Ball! The Zenkaikon Ball is a formal costume dance party taking place Friday evening. Plus instructors will be on hand to teach you Japanese, English and Scottish folk dancing. No prior dance experience is necessary to take part in the lessons! For rules and more information, please vi
  8. Free Deathnote Tickets from Viz and Zenkaikon! Viz Pictures and Zenkaikon are teaming up to bring you free Tickets to the Death Note Live Action Movie Event on May 21st in Philadelphia Area! We are giving away 4 pairs of tickets for the May 21st showing to folks who preregister online for a 2 day pass to Zenkaikon by May 15, 2008! 4 lucky winners will be randomly drawn on May 15, so remember to include your mailing address with your preregistration payment! To enter the drawing, go to http://www.zenkaikon.com/register.htm There will be 4 tickets available for the 7:30 Pm
  9. Sorry for making this a second post about Zkon, and if in error please tell me! Zenkaikon 2008 really really needs people to sign up as gophers. More info: Zenkaikon Gofer Registration Wanna be a gofer? Heard the term but not sure what it is? Bored and looking at every page on this site? Look no further! What is a Gofer? Someone who helps people, and does odd jobs around the convention! You might be asked to help carry things, setup displays, give people directions, take pictures, keep rooms safe, check badges, run projectors or games, etc. Does this sound like something
  10. Also! Your chance to become a Zenkaikon 2008 VIP Member! Hello! Another first in the history of Zenkaikon: two types of overall memberships! Don't miss your chance to have an exclusive Zenkaikon item with your membership! Details below: Zenkaikon 2008 Membership Types * Standard Membership: Includes badge, booklet and access to all events on the day(s) you are registered for. * VIP Membership Get a Prereg VIP 2 day pass which includes: Badge, con booklet and admission to all events PLUS EXCLUSIVE Zenkaikon 2008 teeshirt in sizes S-3XL with new, never before
  11. Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Prereg Contest/Giveaway! Zenkaikon is very excited to announce a brand new incentive to register early! In addition to getting a reduced rate of only $20 for two days, anyone who registers for a two-day pass by June 1st will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $40 Best Buy gift certificate! The drawing will take place on June 2nd. To all those awesome folks who already registered before this contest was announced, yes this includes you too! Don't miss this chance to attend a great convention for a great price, and a chance to expand your anime coll
  12. Also, we have a preliminary list of our main events for 2008, for your viewing enjoyment XD ------------------------ Videos Live Action Video Room Anime Video Room Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest Video Gaming Video Game Room Video Game Tournaments Video Game Triathlon Merchandise Zenkaikon Raffle Zenkaikon T-shirts/Buttons Dealers' Room Artists' Alley Cosplay Photo Suite Cosplay/Formal Ball Hall Costume Contest Cosplay Masquerade Cosplay Panels Cosplay/Anime Dating Game Music/Performances Karaoke Concerts by The Slants, Le-ak'tz IS
  13. We have a bunch of announcements for our con. Since our other thread here was locked for some reason (but Cousin Sue tells me it was not locked for content, but likely accidently locked), so I am reposting here. The original announcement thanking our 2007 patrons and talking about 2008 is here: /index.php?showtopic=13678">http://board.otakon.com/index.php?showtopic=13678 ------------------------------------------------------------------ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Registration Rates!Tuesday, November 20, 2007 MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE ZENKAIKON FOR IN
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