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    Anime prefer historical but love most of them.
    Ball Jointed dolls, my resin horde keeps growing lol.
    Kimono I collect them as well as make them for the dolls and am studying them.

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About Me

Seamstress, business owner, artist, just the tip of the iceburg.

I travel with my busness partners Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters to all parts of the east coast from Boston, Baltimore down to Florida, and as far west as Texas going to conventions of all sorts and sometimes Renn Faires. We sell Kimono, asian historical costuming, all the accessories, steampunk, Lip Service, Dolls and all the accessories.

We started out as con goers and larpers and over the years our interests and love of the various genre's that we were into developed into a business that we all enjoy.

We try and bring the best prices to the fandom keeping our prices as low as possible as we know from experience what it was like to be the starving artist, the college student on a budget etc.

Atlanta, Georgia

Sewing, beadwork, jewelry making, drawing, and creating new outfits for my dolls.

I am a seamstress and freelance artist.

Doll Family

Dream of Doll Too...Wisp.

Obitsu Gretel... Lace.

Bobobie Weylin with Charisma Head...Donovan.

Angel of Dream GuiGui...Azure.

Goodreau Rumor vinyl.

Customhouse Ai Lawndaisy...Lilly.

Berdine Creedy Peaches and Cream.

Goodreau resin 11.5 inch Alice.

Bobobie Moonie...Whisper formerly Twilight, he renamed himself lol.

Bobobie Sprite...Fern.

Resin Soul Long...Anendayus.

Impldoll Christoper...Almaline

Impldoll Greta...Priss, she's gray skin and is going to be a peacock girl.

Impldoll Cyril...Faust, yes he decided this was his name

Impldoll Ada...no name yet

Dollzone Dragon Girl...no name yet

Puki Pukisha no name yet

Hujoo basic

Hujoo basic with lady Saiyuki head hybrid...is being turned into a fantasy cheetah girl.

Doll n Doll Naro...Benu

Booth Doll...

90cm Angel Of Dream Ni...Alphonse

On the way...

Soom Centaur body on layaway.

Lati Blue doll

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