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  1. I have bought quite my fair share of Kitty DVDs from Media Blasters over the years and a lot of those do look suspect at times but I think that’s just how they were made.
  2. One major flaw that has to be addressed is they absolutely can not continue to keep scheduling autographs an hour after the dealer room opens if they are to continue to be held in the dealer room. It makes these sessions impossible to get into without camping the huge ass dealer room line each morning. Secondly, as far as I know, there is no special needs mobility policy to wait for the dealer room to open, because why should there be, you should not have a need to get in there to shop right away, this especially impacts people with those mobility disabilities. Even if you could get in early e
  3. Do you really think anyone is going to come around and police if you’re wearing a mask in your hotel room? Being in a hotel room really is not considered being in public so no, nobody is going to enforce you wearing a mask in a hotel room.
  4. Guidebook makes this a lot easier as you can mark things and then see “your schedule.” It will also tell you if you mark things that overlap. However, one thing that still hasn’t changed since the pandemic, it’s a week out and the Guidebook schedule still isn’t up. Sticking with tradition on that one I assume?
  5. Everyone flips their ---- over Nando’s way too much for it to be a viable option. You’re going to be waiting for a very long time.
  6. When the guidebook app schedule comes out definitely get that. That will have maps of the convention center in it.
  7. Will Funimation have their usual round of panels or will they not be around for a while?
  8. That is a lame excuse given the FIFTEEN dollar charge for the shipping, but with the envelopes they used I could see lanyards tearing those up.
  9. I’ve been parking at Shady Grove and riding in on the metro for years. No driving in the city and no obnoxious parking fees. I travel alone and don’t have cosplays so I can make that happen.
  10. If you want close and not outlandishly expensive your option is Subway. That’s it.
  11. MAGFest is not really a place you go to looking for vendors. But yes, there has been a lot more of a shift towards arts and crafts. Usually at anime cons Video Games New York is the only seller for video games, maybe one or two others may be there.
  12. God help you if you are looking for any video games. If any of the more local vendors don’t show up you will be stuck with only Video Games New York. Their prices were sky high before the pandemic. Just imagine how jacked up they will be now.
  13. It probably feels longer because there is less of a huge rush to get in right away.
  14. I have a duplicate May 2021 card. Does anyone have any 2020 cards from the Ifi’s Online Store they would like to trade? https://www.iffysonlinestore.com/trading-cards/
  15. I just saw a Facebook post with an AMV submission link. https://www.otakon.com/activities/amv-contest/
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