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  1. Anti`

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    Both Trigger & Kihara already came back once. Hope they can again! But two U.S. hits with strong dub followings are seeing some pretty big anniversaries so it would be awesome if Otakon could get a group for Evangelion's 25th and/or FLCL's 20th. I'd love to see a panel like the champloo one this year for the FLCL eng. cast with Kari Wahlgren coming back along with Barbara Goodson and Stephanie Sheh. But if you could book The Pillows... I know people who haven't come in years that would suddenly be back on board. As for eva, I have no idea what the future of the funi rebuild dub is or how cross-industry panels would work but I think it would be really fun to see members of the original/funi cast and the netflix cast in the same panel.
  2. Anti`

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I'm starting to think this whole D.C. thing might work out! It's really becoming its own thing. I love that we have new regulars like Kihara-san and the guys from Trigger (some of the best panels I've been to. I really hope you guys can book em next year too if they're down) The Marriott and WWCC staff definitely seem to be coming around to us, which is great! I don't envy them because it's tough work, but most seemed legit happy to help us! I saw a lot complimenting cosplayers with some even taking pics. It's just so damn heartening to see given the animosity you see at a lot of cons. I just hope people begin to branch out more outside the center. A big plus of otakon in Baltimore was that attendees kinda took over most of the area. It'll probably take a few more years for most residents to grow used to it but it sucks to still feel so awkward in cosplay a few blocks away because hardly anyone strays that far... especially when cool photospots like chinatown are right there. I like that you guys are trying your part with things like the nandos promo though. Overall great con! Keep it up!