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  1. deathnote666

    Otakon 2018: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The good Most of everything. The bad Why was the main entrance enter only? There were a lot of unused doors. Restaurant discounts - the website that Otakon linked to didn't work very well and wasn't helpful. Please provide the PDF you used to with a restaurant list, discount, address, and distance from the convention center. Most of us are from out of town. We don't know where each district is to sort results by. Attach clear files to End of Line signs to put a paper inside saying what the line is for or have an End of Line sign for Panel 1, Video 2, etc. At least there was only 1 unscheduled room clear this year (before Aniplex panel). Programming the escalators to be down only several hours before the ending ceremonies. At the end of a panel in ballroom C, I was forced to go down the stair case that goes directly to the main entrance when I needed to get to Panel 1 next. I had to go all the way back up to the bridge between the buildings and then back to the front of the building. No notification to those that had badges mailed to them that the Fate/Grand Order lanyards were being given out at registration. Fewer industry booths in the Dealer room. Lack of Friday/Saturday night fan parodies for the 2nd year. Mark panels better. Specifically, where the panelist doesn't have anything of their own and just want to do a Q&A with people that show up. I can do that on forums at home. I go to panels to hopefully get some new incite on the material through their presentation or learn about a series I never learned about before. The ugly Food prices inside the convention center but that's nothing new. Didn't go to the concert this year but glad I didn't since everyone was saying they had to be in line 5 hours before it started. Tickets were mentioned in the feedback at closing ceremonies. Just don't do it again where you have to be in line 4 hours for tickets since that defeats the purpose. Might have been the year Yoko Hana was there but when I got in line for tickets as soon as I could get inside (9:30am), the lines were already full/at capacity.
  2. deathnote666

    Unscheduled room clears

    Please make them stop. Currently at the end of the Aniplex line after getting kicked out of the room. Thanks...