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  1. I was focusing on general information in an effort to ease concerns, and the intention isn't to debate, just to comment that it's time we take a broader look. To your point though, I'll address the study in an effort to continue to reduce concerns. There are several issues with that study, however let's go bigger picture and let's presume the reduction in transmission per the numbers they provide are accurate, which are shown at 36% unvaccindated to 28% vaccinated. Now it is unreasonable to expect a perfect study, however that also means that the study must also be analyzed for wh
  2. I wanted to post some information to ease peoples' concerns because I see some people talking about lack of injections being a risk in terms of reduced safety for people. It is necessary to point out that the injections did not and never have stopped transmission. And in regards to reduction of transmission, studies conflict on if any reduction exists between people who have and have not been injected. These studies also change with each strain, and while originally the Alpha and Delta variants may have had transmission reduced, recent strains the gap has effectively closed with Omicro
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