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  1. The Good Lines: The best line control I've seen so far since we moved to DC! Having different entry points for different badging (have vs need, bag vs no bag, etc) was perfect. Having staffers at the base of that one escalator to make sure people weren't stopping and causing a traffic jam was immensely helpful. Staff also seemed very proactive about getting lines in order for panels and autos. It was generally pretty clear where the ends of lines were thanks to that. Member Access: This is the first time I've had to make sure of Member Access services. Recovering from major surgery a
  2. I understand it's frustrating and stressful, but again, I think this is a situation where "assume noble intent" should probably be applied. Remember that there are two sides to the story and you're jumping to implications about erasure and exclusion without knowing the other side of the story. Again, they were literally handing out ribbons -- something that costs money to produce, so they chose to spend part of their budget on it -- so people could identify their pronouns on their badges. That doesn't sound like an org that's actively trying to squash LGBTQIA panels to me. I've been attending
  3. They explained at Con Feedback that a lot of this had to do with trying to accommodate when panelists were available. Many of them wanted time slots in the evening, and that created some scheduling challenges once you mix in available of spaces and trying to get panels into rooms of (hopefully) appropriate size for their expected attendance. There was absolutely no ill intention and they said they would be more mindful of this sort of thing in the future. As always, scheduling is one of the more complex activities they have to work out. If your gut is saying "this is unusual for Otakon", it's
  4. Absolutely shocked that Shield Hero didn't make the list. Its openings slap so hard.
  5. Fully support more signage, at the entrance and at main thoroughfares. I think it would both groups, staff and attendees alike.
  6. Also stayed in the Renaissance, and concur on the noise. We actually had a group right outside our door at one point at like 1 in the morning, it was quite loud from inside our room. Didn't love it given the time of night, but at one point they suddenly stopped so I imagine another room must have said something to them. We've been in Renaissance each year since coming to DC and generally never have complaints (besides the sliding bathroom door, which like you I hate, lol). My only issue this year is that the room we ended up in had only a single semi-transparent shade to pull down over the win
  7. Yeah, it's a difficult one to find a way to mitigate. Even as I request it, I genuinely don't expect the Otakon content team to be giving content that intense of a review with their limited time. I like your idea of some kind of post-content feedback feature. "Did the summary match the content, Y/N" would be easy enough to include with a handful of other questions.
  8. Good: Covid protections. I'm glad that Otakon was firm about their Covid safety requirements. It made me feel safe in such an enormous crowd, and I hardly saw anyone flouting mask requirements. Between staff, vendors, and attendees, it really felt like everyone was on the same page about encouraging health safety at the convention. Friday lines were so well organized. I remember thinking it was probably some of the smoothest lines I've ever seen from Otakon. Everything flowed, it was almost always clear where you needed to go (that one stairway by Downtown being closed off was a s
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