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  1. I'm going with three other people this year. The lineup changed, it was originally my boyfriend, my friend J-chan, her boyfriend and myself...but since she had an accident and shattered one ankle/broke the other, they won't be going. So my boyfriend invited two of his friends to come along. I know three of us are Otakon veterans...not sure about the 4th, but we'll have fun .
  2. I kept going back and forth about going, but then I decided that I couldn't miss it this year. This will be my 5th Otakon (I had to skip 2007 due to work, and it broke my heart). I've been saving up for a while, so I should be okay. Even if I wasn't planning on going, I wouldn't have a choice since my significant other *has* to go (He's staff ). I would be forced to register and attend (Not that it would be a bad thing )
  3. Last year was the only year that I stood in the Thursday pre-reg line. I think my group got in line around 2:30-3:00ish, it wasn't too bad. We sat, drank plenty of water and chatted with some people in line. I got to take some photos as well. Glad I brought sunscreen though...and later on we got caught in the downpour (I left the umbrellas at the hotel room >_<) Although we already had badges, I went back to the line to see a friend. I don't think I'll get in line that early this year *shrugs*, I may come early to chat with some friends and grab dinner. I'm also hoping to see the VAMPS s
  4. I usually dream about the con as the date gets closer. Never good dreams, it's either I've forgotten something very vital to cosplay, losing friends at the BCC...or driving and never getting there O.o. Ugh...zombie dreams *shudders* I'm glad I'm not only one who gets those. Now a zombie filled BCC...that would be a really bad dream lol...unless you like zombies.
  5. I cosplayed Sae as well at Otakon 2006 and 2008 (I may bring her back this year as well)...in 06' a photog was snapping photos of me...never saw one on the web o.O. One guy recognized me in the Dealer's Room and when he went to take a photo...his camera wouldn't work, so he has me on video slowly creeping toward him...and he got his 'fatal frame' shot I also did a cosplay (my first one) of K
  6. I think I've finally decided what I'm cosplaying this year...although I still have an extra option. Friday: Zoey (Left for Dead) 75% complete Saturday: Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing: manga version) 35% complete Sunday: Utena in Duelist uniform (Revolutionary Girl Utena) 100% [Worn at Otakon 2008] I do have an alternate cosplay I can throw in there: Sae Kurosawa (Fatal Frame II: Akai Chou) previously worn in 06&08. I kinda just want to wear it to show off my FF tattoo. I think I'll bring it along just in case.
  7. I've been re-watching Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate (gotta get in Walter mode ) [and still waiting for Hirano-san to release manga vol. 10], Gravitation...and whatever series is currently on Sci-fi's Ani-Monday...when I remember its on lol. I really need to complete my X/1999 collection since I'm missing dvds *shrugs* Other than that, I've been out of the loop. If anyone can recommed anything I'd appreciate it
  8. I've been saving up for Otakon for a while, but as per usual...I've had to dip into that fund due the little bumps in the "road of life" . I think I'll be bringing the standard $300-$400 with me...after hotel costs. Plus, I plan to bring a cooler with snacks along for myself and my roomies. At least I won't have to shell out extra money for lightrail or taxi fare this year since I'm staying within walking distance of the BCC . I also tend to limit myself in the DR. I completely agree with those of you who suggested making a list of what you want...it saved me a ton last year and helped control
  9. Hmm cosplay possibilities for Otakon 2009: Friday: Revolutionary Girl Utena (the cosplay had its debut Saturday at Otakon 2008 and went over pretty well) Saturday: Lt. Schrodinger (Hellsing Ultimate) or Young Walter (Hellsing) I'm kinda torn...and it depends on my friends and I forming a Millenium group . Sunday: I may carry over one of the above (whichever I don't get to wear on Sat.) or I'll revive an older cosplay: K
  10. I haven't booked yet and after Otakon 2008 my bank account was sobbing lol. I'm excited...and I need to start planning cosplays and figuring out my money situation, as well as who will be going with me this year. I usually don't book the hotel accomodations until about April (that may be late to some), but living in PA and not knowing what the future holds can make it tough to book so far from convention time. Until then, I'm usually in "omg Otakon is ______ months/weeks/days away!" and "Omg costume planning/construction!" modes .
  11. Highlights of Otakon 2008: 1) Opening ceremonies! (We weren't booing the Con Chair, we were 'ooooing' lol) 2) Watching the Hellsing Ultimate series with other fans, cheering and listening to the crazy stuff people were yelling out. "Dental Floss of DOOM!" 3) Losing my camera, freaking out, running to the lost and found, getting it back and glomping the gofer who brought it to me. Sorry I scared the poor guy. 4) Successfully completing my first 'major' cosplay.
  12. My friends and I kept running into a Father Alexander Anderson cosplay (who totally rocked) and took several photos of him...but forgot to exchange info. If you're him...send me a PM and I'll send the photos! Also, we didn't get contact info for anyone we chatted with while on the Light rail to the stop at BWI, so if you talked to an EGL/EGA group on friday...or an Utena on Saturday, send a PM over as well ^__^
  13. Yes, the line for the PW panel was incredibily long (and my group left the Hellsing Ultimate 1-4 screenings half an hour early in order to get there- we were in the second block). There was a bit of confusion, and we weren't sure what was going on until the panelists announced that two people from their group were missing. I'm suprised that they even went on with it (major kudos for that), and I'm hoping that maybe next year they'll try it again.
  14. Otakon 2008 swag: Dealer's Room: Gravitation Box Set Two Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Figures (Auron and Basch) Otakon 2008 t-shirt Final Fantasy Playarts Sephiroth figure (He's keeping Kadaj company now ^^) Artist Alley: Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright Objection Print. Devil May Cry 3 stickers- Chibi Dante w/ Nevan and Chibi Vergil. Devil May Cry bookmark- Dante eating a strawberry sundae with demons looming behind. Crisis Core bookmark with Sephiroth rocking out on his sword, Angeal playing the drums , and Genesis belting out some sweet notes on his micr
  15. Hey all! I'm sure I'd seen some of you around the con, and I'll upload my photos soon onto my photobucket. The link will be posted later, so feel free to look through the album and snag pics if they are you If anyone has photos of an Utena Tenjou in her Duelist Uniform (Revolutionary Girl Utena) with a bubble gum pink wig and carrying a shinai- on Saturday, send me a PM with the links I was often seen walking around with an Akio (for a short time), a gothic lolita in black and red and a guy in a Misfits t-shirt lol. Thanks!!!
  16. Ai-neko is the epic chibi Auron figurine finder!!!!

    ...I need to stop saying 'epic'.

  17. Hmmm let's see here...my total for Otakon 2008: $55- Pre-Registration $90- Hotel near the BWI $160ish- (not really sure since I'm too tired to go back to a former post to check ) on Cosplay. $55- Gas/Cab/Light rail $50- Food for the weekend $110- For my Gravitation box set, Final Fantasy mini figures, Sephiroth figure, Otakon 2008 t-shirt. $25- (estimated) in Artist's Alley for my Phoenix Wright poster, Sephiroth cell phone charm, Devil May Cry stickers, and DMC/Final Fantasy Crisis Core bookmarks. I'd say estimated costs for the trip was around $550. I
  18. I completely agree the staff were amazing this year! I'm also very happy to say "thank you" to fellow con-goers who were very kind to return lost items, to cheer someone up or help out a stranger in need! I helped take someone's luggage to Artist's Alley Here's my story...and I wish I could find this person! On Saturday afternoon I decided to sit down outside Artist's Alley to take a rest, drink some water, and adjust and brush out my wig. My camera must have slipped out of my pocket, purse or lap when I was getting up to catch up to my friends. As I stopped a cosplayer to take a photo o
  19. Well...I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm just going over my checklist to make sure that I won't forget anything. That's really the only thing that's keeping me up. I don't pack last minute anymore...but I'm paranoid that I'll forget something. Try to get some sleep so you won't be a walking zombie at the pre-reg line or pass out at some odd hour of the morning lol. See all of you tomorrow!
  20. Elevator...as much as possible due to carrying way too many bags. (I usually have my suitcase, carry on and purse. But this year I have a garment bag as well...duelist jacket can't go in suitcase). Although...many of the hotels I've stayed in..didn't have elevators. You know the ones with the lobby on the inside and the rooms are outside. (Ramada, Motel 6..ect) So..with my luck I'll have no choice but to lug myself and my luggage up the stairs to my room. >_<
  21. Thanks . Nah, being complimented on a cosplay/ having pictures taken are always nice. I had a guy come up to me to ask what my friends and I were doing Friday evening in 2005 (we were dressed as gothic lolitas) I think he had mistaken us for something else >_<. We got into our friend's car, locked all the doors and waited until he left. This all happend while we were in our hotel's parking lot about 10 mins. away from the BCC. Back onto topic: Usually if you're around the con area you don't get as many stares or reactions from people because there's a ton of people around you that a
  22. Pre-reg: $55 Hotel: $90 (The total price was split three ways) Gas/Transportation: $50ish (We're driving in from Pennsylvania, so it may go up or down and includes cab fair/Lightrail) Food: $60 DR/AA: $300 Total cost for this year: $555 It was more than previous years...but I actually have money to spend in the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley. In 05 and 06 I only had about $150 for swag...so this year I'm definately a happy little otaku ^___^
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