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  1. Good: The con staff were so sweet to give out gift bags to the winning editors that attended the AMV Contest Winners panel!! I've been entering and attending for several years now (whether or not I make it into the contest) but this was a first, and being able to take part in the photo as well was so heartwarming, I was grinning ear-to-ear. Thank you to all the staff involved in that! I hope I can find that picture somewhere eventually, lmao As everyone else has already said: crowd control. There were some moments where I started to feel a little claustrophobic in the dealer's room
  2. Not an expert here by any means, but I think permission from the original creators might be a hurdle. I imagine they have the right to show the amv at Otakon for as long as they like, but actually uploading it somewhere outside of the convention could pose trouble for them, maybe? And if they can't contact the original creator to get their OK (since any contact info used in the 90s could very well be completely defunct now), they might not want to risk any issues. That being said, the above comment about AMV.org is the right way to go. That website has been around a long time, and could
  3. I believe their policy at the time was basically 'have your vax proof on you at the con', but they hadn't announced the wristband policy yet, so the expectation (at least for me) was basically that you'd show your vax card/etc along with your badge and move along. I was specifically referring to the wristband portion when I said I didn't get why it wasn't planned ahead of time, not just the vax requirement.
  4. I think if I'd known this when I pre-registered, I might have just skipped on the mailing. Might as well just get my badge and wristband at the same time and save a couple bucks. But they only just decided on this when the mailing deadline has long since passed, which doesn't quite sit right with me. I'm not sure why they didn't have this policy planned out in advance. If they'd planned it before pre-reg opened, they could have just had people submit their vax info with everything else. But either way, I'd like a more detailed answer from staff for where/when we'll be able to get the
  5. So how is that going to work? Do we have to stand in the pre-reg line Friday morning to get the wristband (even if we've gotten our badges mailed)? Is that the only place you'll be able to get the wristband, and if so, will there be a dedicated wristband line or will it be combined with the pre-reg line? I'm nervous it's going to be kind of chaotic with every attendee trying to do that Friday morning
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