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  1. Name: Kayla

    Age: 19

    Cosplaying As: Madame Red and Ciel (Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler, a Grell will be with one of the days and a Mey-rin), Mayu (Fatal Frame 2, I'll have Mio with me) and possible one other if I get it done in time

    Interests: Anime, Manga, Books, Movies (mostly horror), my friends

    Hobbies: Reading, games that you can play with other people (this also includes outside games and board games), cooking, ehhh

    Anything extra: Ummm No... My friends and I know enough movies that we have a tendency to have conversations in movie quotes or inside jokes, I'll probably be with at least one of my friends at all times (I'm going with five other people), I'm a very friendly person but I'm also shy around people I don't know. Yeahh that's about it

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