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  1. I went there like 3-4 times over the weekend and never had an issue with the discount or the staff. I found them to be pretty friendly. As for them not needing it, you can never get enough publicity. I've been going to Otakon for years and never heard of the place till then. It was never in a direction I ever had to go in, so if nothing having the discount gets their name out there. Plus the obvious when people compare 10% discount to no 10% discount, they'll go with the discount whether they understand the normal prices or not. I think it was a brilliant idea and I'm sure the gestur
  2. Has anyone actually tried to setup a lan (pc or console) over a hotel's network? Like if everyone has a wired network in their room (and pays for it if needed) would their stuff be able to see each other? I was wondering about this myself. I don't know the underlying infrastructure of a hotel, but it seems like it would work. The Renaissance is installing new LCDs in all their rooms with easy access ports for gaming and stuff, so that's not an issue.
  3. Hanging out with my friends that are all rarely together anymore and a few ten thousand people that don't make me feel like I'm walking in a music video on BET/MTV. I feel like at Otakon everyone just acts like themselves as openly as possible and I just love it. In the years I've been, I've only had one not-so-great encounter but even that was really minor (short female staff outside dealer's room last year who I guess was trying to sound very authoritative to make up for her small size but who I thought just came off as rude..). So it's just an environment I love to be in. I did,
  4. As of last Otakon, the plan is to get to the harbor Thursday afternoon(2ish?) for hotel check in. I live a few miles outside of DC so the next few hours are spent waiting for out of town friends to arrive. Then hit up the reg line when the sun starts to go down cause there'll be almost no line by then. The other days...waking up later and later each year. Now somewhere around 8-9am. Otakon has become more about hanging out in a comfortable (and abnormal) environment with similar crazies than rushing to do a bunch of stuff. After all, the years I'd walk in the door at open just led to
  5. Man, I'm almost afraid to post on this thread... Otakon is probably the only interesting activity I do throughout the year and probably my only real vacation. With that in mind, I go a little overboard. I don't like eating cheap food, buy a good portion of the things I see that I like that's on some kind of sale and I'm probably the only one in the convention that requires a large room on a high floor that has a view of the Inner Harbor (which cannot be consistently guaranteed on con rate rooms). So without breaking down what was spent on what, for Otakon 2007 I spent roughly $1800. I
  6. I just want to know when my lovely Renaissance is going to provide some free internet...wired or not, as much as I love this hotel I'm getting tired of the fee... I liked what they did with the public space last year, but I need some free connectivity...
  7. To the 13 yr old, you technically only need someone of age to check you in. Not stay with you. tech7: I've been getting the same thing from the Renaissance since they started taking reservations for that weekend. They claimed they "probably" sold out in the first few hours but I think she was BS'ing completely as there are much closer/cheaper hotels people would have gone to. In my 4 or 5 years of experience, I've never seen the Renaissance rooms go away like that, especially the Water View ones that are like $150/night more than the other rooms. Plus the lack of an Otakon block makes
  8. Was anyone able to get a room at the Marriot Renaissance?
  9. Does anyone know how often the Hotels page is going to be updated? Specifically the part that says "A LOT" for the room count. Is that a weekly thing? A monthly thing? A whenever the person that does it has time to call the hotel thing?
  10. I just want to get into my beautiful Renaissance...I've been there every year I've gone to Otakon. They don't seem to be taking reservations, yet...I'm not really afraid that they'll be gone cause no one seems to go to the Renaissance cause it's more expensive butI just want to get it out the way... I did that last minute hotel scramble a few years ago and I hated it (still got Renaissance, at least)...Need my peace of mind.
  11. I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff so I stuck with the cheaper swords. Got one for $60 for myself and a $50 one as a gift for a friend that couldn't make it this year. Some may argue that those aren't really the cheap ones...but since I can't cut through a car/tree/person with either of them, I consider them cheap. Gonna pick up one of those $600+ folded steel swords next year, might start a collection. Partly why I started saving now for next year. I live in Southern PG (I'm about 10min out of southeast DC for the out-of-towners) so I just put the swords in my hotel and drove them home
  12. I know exactly what you mean, man. I definitely spent $700+ in the Dealers' Room this year. Got a few swords, a dress from Rauken Fashions for my girl, more raw manga than I'll ever get around to reading...I haven't even read all the manga I got from last year...Takes me 20-30min a page which is time I just don't have anymore. Sadly that won't stop me from buying more. I created a separate checking account for the cons I go to after I realized I couldn't really afford lunch a few days at work the week after Otakon. Just gonna slide $50-100/wk in there and hope it covers the three majo
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