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  1. Working out to make great cosplay for 2013!!

  2. Bringing my dreams together for 2013!

  3. Bringing my dreams together for 2013!

  4. GEtting things together to prep for 2013

  5. Packed and Ready to burn rubber out to OTAKON 2012!!!

  6. getting ready for otakon 2012

  7. Tai Prime

    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Kristin Age: 24 ( Will be 25 Augest 3rd) Cosplaying As: Meirin from Kuroshitsuji and Ise Nanao from bleach Interests: Music - Rock/Techno/Meal/Hardstyle/Alternitive/Pop/anything really NO COUNTRY!!!! Movies - Action/adventure/comedy/romance sort of Anime - same as my movies sci-fi and comedy and yes i do watch some types of yaoi Shame on me Games - RPG's, fighting. sometimes stratagy Art - Not to good at it. Hobbies: Dancing, Listening to music, used to DJ for the collage campus radio at Deltech in Georgetown, DE Playing games on PS2/ PSP/DS/Wii/ online games and talk with people. Anything extra: I love to have fun I like to goof around and just be able to joke and laugh and make friends with really anyone, would like to go to the the Raves at Otakon, And I would love to have someone to cosplay with, or a group skit or act or just anyone really to hang with. I am going alone and would be nice to know some people and get to hang with them as well. I'm shy at first but will open up as i hang out more. Contacts - Msn. - Optimaprime@hotmail.com Facebook - Kristin Simmons Feel fee to contact me here or there just put subject as otakon 2011
  8. Saw you might be going to the teaparty and it's also your first otakon trip and wanted to say HI!!!

  9. Hope to see you there!


  10. You from Delaware too?!!!