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  1. Name: Kristin

    Age: 24 ( Will be 25 Augest 3rd)

    Cosplaying As: Meirin from Kuroshitsuji and Ise Nanao from bleach


    Music - Rock/Techno/Meal/Hardstyle/Alternitive/Pop/anything really NO COUNTRY!!!!

    Movies - Action/adventure/comedy/romance sort of

    Anime - same as my movies sci-fi and comedy and yes i do watch some types of yaoi Shame on me :lol:

    Games - RPG's, fighting. sometimes stratagy

    Art - Not to good at it.

    Hobbies: Dancing, Listening to music, used to DJ for the collage campus radio at Deltech in Georgetown, DE Playing games on PS2/ PSP/DS/Wii/ online games and talk with people.

    Anything extra: I love to have fun I like to goof around and just be able to joke and laugh and make friends with really anyone, would like to go to the the Raves at Otakon, And I would love to have someone to cosplay with, or a group skit or act or just anyone really to hang with. I am going alone and would be nice to know some people and get to hang with them as well. I'm shy at first but will open up as i hang out more.

    Contacts -

    Msn. - Optimaprime@hotmail.com

    Facebook - Kristin Simmons

    Feel fee to contact me here or there just put subject as otakon 2011

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