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  1. Hi all! Just a reminder that AnimeNEXT are going to have a virtual con this week. Let's all cheer them on for their hard work. AnimeNEXT – The Next Evolution of Anime Convention
  2. I don't mind the line (as long as it's not too hot or it's raining). I've met some good people that way.
  3. I had my badge rolled over from last year, but I forgot to have it set to be mailed over to me.
  4. Unfortunately, I have no one who will do that favor for me. Also, I can't use my desktop computer at work for such things (they tend to block certain sites from time to time). Can't even use my smart-phone in the office for web browsing, too.
  5. I just joined the "vaccinated club", yesterday. I will still wearing a mask out of respect for the people around me.
  6. I think I have speculated this somewhere. People shouldn't expect international guest (since COVID is still strong in other parts of the world). I've also mentioned that there should be no "Dance", and I think the seating's in both Panels and Video rooms should be placed at least 6 feet apart. Dealer's room should have wider aisles to minimize congestion.
  7. Well, it's been 8 months since the pre-order date. Did anyone finally get their PS5? I want to get the disc version of the console, not interested in the "digital-only" version. Personally, I haven't been lucky to get one, much less able to place an order for it. I manage to at least get as far as having the system on my online "shopping cart" from some of the vendors (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart), only to lose it once I click "Check-out" in less than 2 minutes into it. Very frustrating, indeed.
  8. I feel more optimistic about Otakon as the date draws closer. I've already posted in another thread that both New York Comic Con and Anime-NYC is a go. Anyway, I'm going to keep my mask on me just in case. Not just for Otakon, but for Amtrak (we may still have to wear them on the train by then).
  9. I don't even remember right now if I chose the option to mail my badge? It was a "roll-over" from last year.
  10. I see that most cons that are held from August 2021 on are a go so far. But, like the original question remains: Will people feel comfortable to attend one? New York Comic Con recently made an announcement that they will resume with a live event this year, but it will also be supplemented with their own "virtual" version at the same time. Also, they said that they're going to limit the attendance for their live version. This can change. Anime-NYC also made an announcement that they too are resuming their live event. Anyway, I've already heard from some of my friends and acquain
  11. I have a thread going asking this same question. https://board.otakon.com/index.php?/topic/29760-will-you-be-comfortable-to-attend-an-in-person-con-this-year-2021/
  12. This is really good news. I did expect that wearing masks may still be required by then. I bet the cosplay folks are going to be really creative to integrate masks into some of their costumes.
  13. I work around the Times Square area, and it's slowly beginning to look normal (about 60%), compared to last year at this time.
  14. Well, August could be considered a "gray" period of time. Meaning that things can go either way like you said. At the rate people are getting their vaccination, we may very well be close to normal as we can get by then. I'm constantly checking the convention center own website if there's any changes in their event schedule. Realistically, I wouldn't count on Otakon getting any international guests this year because of COVID still being a huge deal everywhere else (like India for example). International travel restrictions may still apply by then. Otakon can also be force by the con
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