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  1. Just got my badge in the mail today. So now I'm set to go to this convention as well.
  2. I remember being turned away for an anime screening last year because I didn't have a 18+ band (?). I asked the volunteer who kept me from coming in, "Do I look younger than 18 to you?". We both laughed about it and I do understand that rules are rules.
  3. Ok. Who's idea it was to give the anime "No Game No Life" an 18+ rating? 🙄
  4. Anime-NYC newest app is up and it contains the upcoming con's schedule on it.
  5. I bought my badge during the first "presale". I would think I should get an email at least before the end of the week.
  6. I remenber being stranded at Katsucon during a blizzard back in 2003 (I think). We stayed an extra night because all roads were closed. I was hanging out with a group of people (which turned out to be Mediablasters) and took over a video room and was screening I believe first run episodes of "Invader Zim".
  7. Nothing much changed for me when it comes to arriving to Otakon. I would first arrive at the parking garage very early Friday (when I drive in), go to the hotel and see if any rooms were available that morning. If it was, I would go to the room and settled some stuff, then go directly to the convention. If not, I have the hotel store my luggage and have them call/text me when the room is ready, while I'm at the con. The only change in the routine is that I take Amtrak now. I arrive at Union Station, take a cab or subway (whichever is more convenient or cheaper) to the hotel. For the
  8. I believe I went to the same con, but I was driving through Route 13 in Delaware at the time. Had a minivan full of family (mother, brother, sister, niece and nephews), at the time. Anyway, isn't it quite a coincidence that I made a thread about hotel pricing in this very forum last year?
  9. Hotel prices was basically the main reason I stopped attending Katsucon (Otakon may not be too far off as well).
  10. I see in the internet that people are already panicking what taking Anime-NYC so long to mail the badges (mostly from people who wants to re-sell them).
  11. I always go to the convention center most of the time carrying my backpack which includes: An umbrella My laptop Power strip USB cables My multi USB port power block (to charge phone and/or tablet) sugar-free powdered drink mix Drinking bottle About 3 or 4 reusable shopping bags Pen and pad
  12. I did that on my 16th year of the con. I felt like the suitcase with the stickers that shows that it went around the world a few times. I still have all my badges, but I just don't feel like looking for them right now (while we're in the middle of a heat wave).
  13. I miss the staff at the Day's Inn as well. They really helped me out big time when one of the other "Otakon" hotels actually canceled my reservation just a few days away from the con.
  14. Hi All! I probably going to this one, too. I was staff last year, I may staff again this year. Hope to see some of you.
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