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  1. Hi people! The con already had 2 presales of badges (for the "Super-Fans", and the ones who are already "Fan-verified"). I already bought my 4-day badge. The general sales are coming up next week.
  2. I think I mentioned this some time ago, but when I attended Anime-NYC, my coworkers was so sure of themselves that I was going to catch Covid. I had myself tested as soon as the news broke out and came back negative. I was already vaccinated, and kept my mask on most of the time during the con and I made sure to wash my hands everytime I went to the bathroom. I didn't really eat at the convention center since I live within walking distance, I ate at home instead.
  3. I saw how good the remastered "Project A-ko" looked during Otakon's screening last year. I'm looking at more of my stuff and there are some Blu-Rays that I regret double-dipping. Reason because the picture quality on some of them was not much better than the DVD I replaced it with.
  4. For me, "Video Girl Ai" went from an S-VHS fansub tape (if that even counts), to DVD. "Gunbuster: Aim for the Top!", I went from the original US. Renditions VHS tapes to the DVD box set that came out at around 2007.
  5. I All! I was looking at some of my video collection last night and I started to observe that I have quite a few anime series that I have in multiple formats. I still have all my Laser Discs, most of my VHS tapes, DVDs and Blu-Rays. One title that I think was the only one that I quadruple dipped was "Gunsmiths Cats". I bought it on LDs first, but the OVA series was never finished in that format (the 3rd episode was never released). So, I finished it on VHS when it came out. Then, I bought it again on DVD when it came out. I recently just got the Blu-Ray version from AnimEigo, and
  6. I think the place is now called "The Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center". That was also the time (1995), when I saw the Sony Playstation in action for the first time in the Video Game Room.
  7. I think there was also a Priss from Bubblegum Crisis, too. Too bad I was never a picture taker. The Dealer's Closet, I still have the CDs that I bought from there.
  8. Hi All! I just read this on Anime News Network. Days Inn Penn State — Home to Inaugural Otakon, Setsucon Conventions — to be Demolished - News - Anime News Network Kind of sad. Only a few of us here remembers this place.
  9. Ok. I stand corrected. Anyway, even with that, Otakon didn't become a "super-spreader" event as far as I know. Meanwhile it seems like all the hoopla about Anime-NYC has finally died down.
  10. Hi people! I thought of revisiting this thread since the end of the year is upon us. I've already attended all the cons that I was going to attend this year. Every "live" con I attended, which were Otakon, New York Comic Con, and Anime-NYC all had their Covid-19 rules: Be vaccinated, wear a mask (with the exception when you're eating and drinking in designated areas), and do your best at scocial distancing. Otakon relied on the "honor system" that every attendee had to be vaccinated, since they were not asking for anyone to present proof of vaccination.
  11. Too bad I missed you that time. I did see that line from the inside. Guess I was extremely lucky that I didn't have to deal with them all weekend long.
  12. I got myself tested as soon as I got off from work last night. The results of the test was "Negative". When I was at the Javis (been there since Thursday to help someone set-up), I made sure that I kept my mask on and always wash my hands when leaving the bathroom.
  13. It looks like it's better now. Pages and everything is now loading at a reasonable speed.
  14. Hi All! Like the subject says. When I get to this site (including the forums), it would take me about at least a full minute to load/refresh to 2 1/2 minutes at the most. This been going on since this past month. Seems this is only site that takes a while for me to load.
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