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  1. Daniel Perales

    How was your hotel?

    I stayed at the Westin Washington D.C. City Center which was about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the convention center. I got a great deal on the rate per night that was actually cheaper than most of the other hotels that Experient offered within close vicinity of the convention center. Check-in was quick. Got a decent sized room with a queen sized bed, with a fridge, a 50 inch tv (I was able to hook up my PlayStation 4 Pro with no problem), and in-room complimentary Wi-Fi. The room was very clean and quiet, the bed comfortable. The bathroom was of average size with a tub/shower combination (the shower head was the "rain" type). Besides the distance to the convention center, the only other negative thing about the hotel was the price of food and drinks within the place. Breakfast buffet was like $30 (!!!) for one, a bottle of water $7 (!). It was much cheaper to get food from the outside. Anyway, will I stay there again? Probably, if the price is right.
  2. Daniel Perales

    Otakon 2018: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good Having to see friends again like CocoFaerie, Gaspar (watching how he played Project DIVA Arcade in the video games room, only confirms that he will slaughter me with that game), and a reporter from Fandom Post that his name escapes me at this moment. Seeing some old friends from the industry. Able to make most panels and screening that I wanted to attend. Able to actually make it to my 25th consecutive year. The Bad Seems that some of my peers who has been attending cons almost as long as I have are dwindling in great numbers over the years. VIZ, Crunchyroll, Pony Canyon, Good Smiles were notably absent this year. For this being the 25th Otakon, it felt kind of plain considering this mildstone. Guidebook was crashing from time to time when it does an update. The Ugly I got sick for the very first time because of some food that I bought and ate at the convention center that Friday. My stomach kind of settled by late Saturday morning. Didn't eat anything again from the convention center for the remainder of the con.
  3. Daniel Perales

    'Prepping' for Otakon

    Which con is that? I might go to Liberty Anime Con here in New York City the very next weekend.
  4. Daniel Perales

    Mailed Badges

    I received mine last night.
  5. Daniel Perales

    So yet another anime con comes to New York City

    I've been attending NYCC since it's inception. ReedPOP, the company behind NYCC also had a con called "New York Anime Fest" that was held from 2007 to 2009. Then at 2010, it became a con within a con (NYCC), just to be completely absorbed by NYCC by 2012. It was a good financial move for them. Why have 2 cons if you can combine both into one? Anyway, anime fans always felt that ever since after they absorbed NYAF, the presence of anime programing and events has become a lot less prominence as years went by. Basically, NYCC has become the "San Diego Comic Con" of the east coast (and might probably out do it sooner or later). I still enjoy attending NYCC since I like about all the other stuff they have including anime, but I can understand how the anime fandom seems to be overwhelmed with all the other stuff that's going around. Anime fans in New York still wanted a con that they can call their own like NYAF once were. Well, there's Liberty Anime Con at Times Square in NYC, but it's kind of small. It doesn't help that it's held the weekend right after Otakon. I think by then most anime fans has already attended Otakon and already are feeling both physically and financially wiped out. This is when "Anime-NYC" start to shine. There's enough gap in time between a major anime con and them, that a fan can recuperate and give it one last shot before the end of the year or before the holiday season. Also, it's put together by people who already knows how to put an event together and are anime fans, themselves. The anime fans of NYC and the metro area has greeted Anime-NYC with open arms. With attendance of 20,000 right off the gate is astonishing for a first year con. Now, after having said all this, to answer your question: I think it's a little naïve to think that the timing to all of this is just a coincidence. What Anime-NYC showed that it was ReedPOP that made a huge mistake in completely absorbing NYAF, instead of letting it continue as a separate entity. Also, this is not AX first time to come to New York City. They tried to combine with another anime con in NYC called "Big Apple Anime Fest" back in 2002 with disastrous results. They combined but were charging people like it was separate events (sounds familiar). I don't ever want a con to fail, but if this was done just so they can cripple another con? I just hope that the anime fandom of New York has the emotional, physical, and financial stamina to be able to support both.
  6. Daniel Perales

    So yet another anime con comes to New York City

    You don't have to attend NYCC to attend this one. You can buy the badges for this event only if you want too. It would come out to $90 for all 4 days plus tax. The $210 is the price for NYCC itself.
  7. Hi All! I guess you all heard the news by now: http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/Explore/Anime-Fest-At-NYCC-x-Anime-Expo/ But I just can't help that it's kind of suspicious that it's happening a month before Anime-NYC.....
  8. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Well, Miku Expo NYC has came and left. My Thoughts: The Good The venue have gave people a chance to buy their merchandise/souvenirs by letting us enter, look then buy then going back out in our place in line. Some fans were providing us water while we were standing on line outside. Thank goodness the day wasn't as hot and humid like last week. The set list was like a 50/50 mix of old vocaloids songs with some new ones. The audience was just as energetic as ever. Got to meet Gaspar at the end of the concert. The "Not so Good" Why do tall people always seems to manage to get to the front most of the time? My view wasn't so bad, since the person in front of me was kind enough to provide a gap for me to view through. The projected image of the Vocaliod characters was a bit too soft or slightly out of focus compared to the last concert I've attended. Kind of spoiled the "realism" look to them. While the supporting band was pretty good, they were overpowering sometimes. In other words, you can barely hear Miku and the rest sing. Overall: I did have fun at the concert, but not as much fun that it was worth the $170 VIP for. I mean, why pay good money only to mostly watch the back of people's heads? Next time, I'll wait for reserved seating when it becomes available. The VIP swag they gave us is as follows: A plastic Miku hand-fan, Miku Expo Guide book, and insert advertisement of a game called "Unison League", a cloth VIP sticker, a Miku Expo Neck towel, and a VIP badge with a 3D picture of Miku hooked on a lanyard, all inside a black cloth bag. That's it! Hopefully everyone else had a great time! Too bad Gaspar and some others that I met couldn't stick around long enough and at least get something to eat and talk about stuff. Take care!
  9. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    I'll be going in the next 2 hours.
  10. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    When I had the VIP in my first concert (back in 2014), they let us in 15 minutes before the main crowd. They gave us this swag bag (containing a vinyl record of the single "Sharing Your World", glow sticks, backstage pass, and a coupon to get a paint program for free). I skipped the merchandise line, and went right to the already crowded floor area. I manage to be around 3 or 4 rows away from the stage, so my views of the show was mostly decent (until some tall person gets in your way). I have the VIP again this year. My goal is to be right in the front row this time around.
  11. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Weather report at this moment is predicting partly cloudy in the hi 80's. I'll try and wear something light and breathable.
  12. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Talk about having energy!
  13. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    Ok Washington DC people! What did you think of it? Going early tomorrow for the NYC concert. I might see some of you there.
  14. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    My concern is that people will bring in their good umbrellas only to have to toss them aside because you're not allowed to bring them in. I always go by the center every night when I'm walking home from work, and I sometimes see a sizable mound of umbrellas outside during an event on a rainy night.
  15. Daniel Perales

    Hatsune Miku concert is just a few days away!

    People who are going to the NYC concert should read the faq of the venue: https://mc34.com/faqs/ PROHIBITED ITEMS Please arrive early and travel light and you may be subject to search. Manhattan Center may utilize metal detecting hand wands, walk-through metal detectors or other devices. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to): Laser pens Large signs (10" x 14.5"/only soft cardboards or construction paper) Oversize bags Lighters Gum Umbrellas Magic markers & permanent markers Drugs *(prescriptions must be in original labeled bottle and must have a valid state ID) Weapons of any kind (exceptions may be costume weapons in a soft cardboard or Styrofoam. No large items, decision at discretion of Security Supervisor) No metal items No hard plastic items No wooden items Outside food and/or beverage (including water, cans and bottles) Alcohol Professional cameras Video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices and SLR cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses You may bring in a disposable, 35mm or digital point-and-shoot camera (with no zoom or telephoto lens) however, for some events, cameras of any type and/or flash photography may be prohibited