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  1. A few people asked me as well. From the cab driver who picked me up at Union Square, an old man at McDonalds in the Chinatown area and a young couple I met along my way to the convention center.
  2. My Otakon 2017 Vlog

    Nice vlog. I was hoping I would have run into you this past weekend. Now I'm getting ready to go to a local anime con this coming weekend.
  3. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    They only gave me s small sleeve to put the card key in. The only thing written on it was the room number. About the tv, you get to the HDMI connections by pulling the bottom of tv out. The connections are located in the middle inner right side of the set. I had a 6 foot HDMI cable and it was perfect.
  4. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    My thing with hotels was always about price and proximity from the convention. When the talk came around about moving to DC, I mostly heard that hotels were few and far between from the convention center, and how expensive they were. Don't get me wrong, the Renaissance was a bit pricier than I would rather pay for, especially if I'm using the room only to sleep and shower. But it was still cheaper than the Marriott and it wasn't too far of a walk (5 minutes).
  5. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I guess I was confused. Once I arrived, I checked and it said you have to pay about $16 a day if you want it. I don't remember the other option.
  6. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I stayed at the Renaissance from Friday to Monday on the 4th floor at the south end of the building. Pros: Very friendly staff Quiet floor Refrigerator Room was very clean with comfortable king sized bed. Bathroom was very clean, too with a walk-in shower with "rain-styled" showerhead. Was able to hook up my Sony PlayStation 4 to the room's tv with ease. Short walk to the convention center (one block north). Nice of VIZ to set up some of the welcoming d├ęcor for us. Con: No microwave oven Expensive Wi-Fi Overall, most likely to come back here again, next year.
  7. Schedule's up!

    I'm using an iPad 3 with iOS 9 and I haven't lost anything.
  8. What are you playing now? 2017 ed.

    I already have the PS4 hooked up on my room's tv. Going to start playing tonight.
  9. Schedule's up!

    Which I think after so many years, they can get this right. I mean, are they going to use the same excuse if the Masquerade and Concert (if they use separate rooms), happens to conflict each other?
  10. Pro Tip: Parking

    All the more reasons why I'm leaving my car home for this year.
  11. Schedule's up!

    Finally finding the time looking at the schedule, I'm already kind of disappointed. How can you schedule major industry panels that conflicts with each other? I mean, "Sentai Filmworks conflicting with "Aniplex of America" on Friday?! "Crunchyroll" and Pony Canyon" conflicting with each other on Saturday?! And finally, "Discotek Media" conflicting with "Media Blasters" on Sunday?! Whoever did this schedule should have known better! . I'm being forced to miss half of them. Let me mention it again, I'm very disappointed.
  12. Con-related phone apps; what are you using?

    I use GuideBook on my old iPad 3 and I mostly use email, Google and Google Maps on my Android smart phone.
  13. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    You know, the bottom line is: DON'T BRING ANYTHING UNNECESSARY IN THE CONVENTION CENTER THAT YOU KNOW YOU DO NOT NEED! Don't mean to shout at you personally.
  14. Badge Mailing

    Got mine, too.
  15. What are you playing now? 2017 ed.

    Try 50s-ish.