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  1. You hit the nail on this one. Like I said before, online cons are kind of interesting, but it all depends on what they are streaming. As you can see below, I've been attending cons for a very long time. The apeal that I get from cons is that I can get the chance to finally meet some of the people that I know only online face to face. I get to meet and greet some of the "Industry" people, which wouldn't be possible in any other way (unless they're local). I go to the Dealer's Room so I can personally check all the anime merchandise (I stll buy CD's of anime soundtracks and Blu-Ray discs and some other nick-nacks). I also feel it's more fun to watch some of your favorite anime in a video room with a screen that is more than twice the size of your living room wall with a bunch of other fellow fans. One time, I had as many as 3 industry reps in my hotel room along with my nephew. We were playing a mean game of Bomber-Man against each other. That was pure fun! We bearly had any sleep that night, but it was sure worth it! Those are a few things I'm not going to get from an "online" con.
  2. It looks like "Liberty City Anime Con" here in NYC is done. They sent a twitter out about 19 days ago: Honestly, I don't think they're going through with it. Here in NYC, we're still dealing with the "social distancing" because of Covid-19.
  3. There were times when I expected a phone number to appear at the bottom of the screen: "Please call and make a pledge of support to provide a contained con space free of foreign viruses (and other type of con-funk), for all the wondering otakus out there".
  4. Hi All! We just had 4 "online cons" just this past weekend. They were "Anime Expo Lite" (July 3rd - 4th), "Aniplex Fest Online" (July 4th - 5th), "FunimationCon" (July 3rd - 4th), and "KuroCon" (July 4th - 5th). FunimationCon seem to be running their con on their own page while also simucasting Aniplex Fest Online on one of their channel until the 4th. Everyone else was using Twitch and Youtube. The cons were basically streaming Panels that were live but most were prerecorded. I honestly missed most of Friday beccause my car was being worked on the entire day, and I couldn't get a stable enough connection on my phone to access the cons while I waited. But I stuck around at home for Saturday and Sunday for what I can get. The Good Like I said before, most of the programming were Panels. Some were live, but most were prerecorded. for FunimationCon, you had to preregister before you can get access to them (they will assign you a badge number to your email address). Everything else was on Twitch and YouTube. You can get on for free, but you have to register for both of these services if you wanted to intereact (chat) with the rest of the crowd. Aniplex had a DJ to do a virtual "Dance" and play some music videos and concert clips. Anime Expo Lite also had concert clips playing, too. Before I forget, Aniplex panels were mostly in Japanese but had english subs on them. I basically stayed with Aniplex until the very end. Some had vurtual "Dealer's Room" that you can click on a vendor's name and it will take you a page of some of their exclusive items that they're selling just for the online cons. You can still go back to Aniplex Youtube channel and watch some of the panels that you missed. It will only stay for a week. The Bad There were just too much going on at the same time. I had to have multiple windows open on 3 computers. I used my tv to watch the panels and music that I really cared the most with, while my other 2 computers were tuned to the other cons. It looks like that they were only using twitter for their main Q&As instead of using the chat window, instead. The Ugly Nothing really. But there were times when I wanted to go watch a panel , I would get a "connection time-out". I had to refresh the page a few times. Overall It felt more like I was watching a "Telethon" more than anything. Reading the chats was fun most of the time (there were a few trolls, unfortunatly). Will I do it, again? Why not? As long as it's free, it's still an interesting experience, but it doesn't replace the feeling of actually being there in person.
  5. This is going to be interesting. I already registered for the FUNImation one.
  6. This is my question: Since backward campatibility for PS4 games seems like a given, what will happen to the games that you've bought digitally? Will Sony create a utility that you can transfer all your digital PS4 games to the PS5?
  7. It's going to be intresting which version of the console will sell better. Personally, I will go with the Blu-Ray drive. I always want to have physical copies of my games.
  8. You just had to say it: https://mikuexpo.com/usaca2020/
  9. Another con cancelled: https://expo.crunchyroll.com/
  10. I believe I recieved the same email, too. I took advantage and reserved a room to the hotel of my choice while I still can.
  11. I think you mean 2021? I also went to the page. The page says that it will be open on June 8th, 2020, a Monday, too. Some of us are going to be working and will not be able to go on the website on our work computers, and at least where I work, not allowed to use our personal electronics during our working hours. What I'm really saying is personally, most if not all the most desirable hotels would already be sold out by the time I get the chance to make my reservation. I guess it can't be helped.
  12. Yes. I've already bought my badge some time ago. But I also told them if they do have to cancel, just roll it over for next year.
  13. Still no word locally (from my area), about Liberty Anime Con. Meanwile, ReedPop, who does New York Comic Con has yet to mention anything new, but they were having a series of "virtual" panels from time to time. Also, just to mention, it was sometime earlier last May when they had their first "pre-sale" for their 4 day badges. This year, nothing so far. I did hear from Anime-NYC. They said that it still a go so far, but they are keeping aware and will let us know if something drastically changes.
  14. New York International Auto Show Cancelled. It originally was supposed to be held around April, but then it was posponed for August. It may not be an "anime" con, but it's still a major show: https://www.autoshowny.com/
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