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  1. I saw that. I thought I was looking at the web page through my Commodore Amiga 2000.
  2. Well, PAX East was on the first week of June (like AnimeNEXT was on the second week of June), so I'm surprised that it took this long to announce it's cancellation of their live con. Otakon falls on the first weekend of August this year, so we still have time. Otakon announced their 2020 cancellation somewhere on the last week of April last year, so I'm kind of hoping it will happen. I already made a train reservation for the date (Amtrak had a great deal that just expired last Friday), so here's hoping.
  3. Patience. It's always quiet before the storm. Don't worry. Someone will soon reply.
  4. Well, Otakon can begin by limiting the number of attendees, for one (people who rolled their pre-reg from the year before should have priority). Much wider aisles in the Dealer's Room. Having chairs spread further apart in the Videos and Panel rooms. Skip the Concerts, Dance, and Cosplay shows this year (Hall cosplays can still go on). Have "Arcade-style" controllers in the Video Game room that can be wiped down with disinfectant after every use.
  5. Hi guys! Last year, a lot of the cons (major and some smaller ones), went "virtual" instead of "in-person" because of the pandemic. While it was a nice and novel idea at first, it quickly started to occur much more frequently. There were virtual cons that was either happening once a week, to a few of them happening all at the same time. A person can get overwhelmed on which con to participate in when there is so many going on. Talk about "Con fatigue" (yes, there is such a thing). My question is to all is: Do you think that a con is much better off not having a "vi
  6. Hi Guys! Like the subject says. Using last year as reference, we're only a little over a month away to find out if Otakon is going to happen or not. I still haven't made any travel arrangements yet (either taking train or bus), but I did put my days aside at work. But the biggest question remains: Will Otakon survive another year of cancelation?
  7. Well, just got word about it. Here we go again. I'm beginning to feel a lot less confident that Otakon is going to happen for this year.
  8. How could I forget Jim "Alabaster" Vowles. I ran into him in one of the New York Comic Cons a few years earlier. I remember telling him "Welcome to my neighborhood!".
  9. Comic-Con Front Page | Comic-Con International: San Diego (comic-con.org) The thing is that the date is dangerously close to Otakon's date.
  10. I did ran into Gaspar at a Hatsune Miku 2018 concert here in NYC.
  11. I remember when we both used to talk to people about Otakon's past at the Otamuseum. The looks we used to get from them. He will be missed greatly.
  12. Yep. I expect any major con held before July will be cancelled.
  13. Hi All! I'm just curious what everyone thinks about this. I mean, there are already cons that are either being canceled, postponed, or going virtual again at least for the first half of the year. I would like to assume that they may be a chance that enough people will be vaccinated for Covid-19 by the second half of the year. Then maybe, the powers to be will give the ok to resume large gatherings, again. The big question is: Will you be comfortable to attend? The cons that I attend, AnimeNEXT already announced they're going "virtual" this year. I give Ota
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