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  1. It just goes to show you that it's not so easy to put up a con. Especially when there's so many around now.
  2. Well, over 70 views and yet no opinions. Anyway, they just updated their web page and now it shows how much the badges cost for each individual day. Like I said before, it's expensive. Last year if I remember correctly, a 4-day badge cost around $115. Now, if I want to attend all 4 days, it's going to cost me $195 this time around. At least it will still be cheaper in the long run for me compared to the out of state cons I attend.
  3. Hi everyone! The organisers of NYCC has announced this past Friday that they will not sell any 3 or 4 day badges this year. As quoted: "We're going to be real with you, this is a very bittersweet announcement – we are eliminating three-day and four-day tickets. We will only be selling single-day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Sunday Kids tickets to NYCC 2017," the convention's website said. "You may or may not know that the Javits Center is going to be under construction. This means we'll be working with some space limitations and we want to make sure as many people have the opportunity to buy a ticket and come to the show as possible. Selling only single-day tickets will give more fans the chance to buy a ticket for at least a day to experience the fun of NYCC." Personally, I find that this news is very disappointing to put it mildly. Everything else what they said like having the badges go on initially on sale over the weekend instead of a weekday like before was great news (for most of us who do work during the week), and I am ok about the "Fan Verification" thing. But now not having an option to buy a multi-day pass? That really stinks! Of course people will say that we could still buy one individual badges for each day, but do you know how much that's going to cost? Anyway, any opinions out there?
  4. I will probably take Amtrak instead of driving to Washington DC for this year's Otakon.
  5. Hi guys! It was announced that the circus will shut down after 146 years of existence this coming May. I see comments in other boards putting the blame from the animal activists to the ticket prices. Personally, I never did care about the "animal" part of the show. My attraction for the circus was always the acrobats, clowns, and stunts. I am curious about other people thought here? Guess it's time to re-watch "Kaleido Star" for this occasion.
  6. That was quick. I might attend the New Jersey one.
  7. Funny that you mention the Omni Shoreham. Katsucon's attendees behavior were at it's worst when they were at that hotel. I can tell you stories, but we've already going off-topic. Katsucon was once in the Baltimore area just blocks away from the BCC some years ago, but that's another story.
  8. The post didn't gave me an impression that you're attacking the con but only saying what you heard from others who had attended. Besides, we can all have either good or bad experience at any particular con no matter it's size. It can either be because of certain staff individuals or from our fellow attendees. I never been to Anime Boston, but I see that you started to go to Otakon in 2009. Personally, I believe that you have just missed the period when Otakon had some of the rudest, obnoxious attendees ever to attend a convention. It was from around 2002 (peeked at around 2006), to 2008. I was attending Katsucon around that time, too (stop going after 2009 for financial reasons). At that period in time, I've encountered so many rude attendees from both cons that I was going to quit attending all together because of it. Katsucon was the worst out of the two.
  9. Who's attacking Liberty City Anime Con? All I did was post my honest observation of the event. Anyway, cons are going to be compared to whatever other cons that people have been to. There is no way to get around that. It's going to be the same for AnimeNYC when it happens. You make it sound like we don't have any idea what it takes to organise and run a con. Believe me, some of use here been there, done that. I've been attending Otakon since the very beginning, and what a small con it was back then. Also, being one of the founding members of AnimeNEXT, I can relate how hard the first few years of a con can be. But like everyone, we persevered. As long as the organisers of Liberty City Anime Con play smart, keep their heads and act together, learn from their and other con's mistakes, and a bit of luck, I'm sure they're be just fine.
  10. But look at the perks that you get for it. It may be worth it to some individuals. I already bought the weekend ticket, but I might upgrade to the VIP one if things become more favorable to me.
  11. Tickets for AnimeNYC just went on sale noon today. No mad dash and delays like NYCC so far. I already got mine. Danny
  12. I went to LCAC right after Otakon, but as one of the vendor's helper in the Dealer's Room. I did venture outside the Dealer's room a few times, then I was on my own once the Dealer's room closed for the evening. I found that most of the staff that I've encountered were pretty friendly. But honestly, their version of the Manga Library was nowhere as good as AnimeNEXT (the originator of the concept), and their only Video Room was pitifully small (maybe about 25 seats set at an angle at the most), and ill-equipped (the projector was ok, but they used a laptop right next to it as a disk player and a board with a white sheet over it as the screen). The Video Game room was just a bit bigger than the video room with about 7 or 8 consoles being used at once, including one that was hooked on a projector for tournaments. I've already preregistered for LCAC, here's hoping that they will get their act together by the time they get to the Marriott Marquis (where Big Apple Anime Fest used to be). I'm also excited about AnimeNYC as well.
  13. Hi all! You probably know this by now, but anyway, there's going to be 2 anime cons in New York City next year! The first one, Liberty Anime Con http://libertycityanimecon.com/ , will take place the very weekend right after Otakon. The second one, Anime NYC http://animenyc.com/ , is a band new one that was just announced. Probably about a month after next year's New York Comic Con. The best part for me is that both are within walking distance where I live (BIG WOOP!). 2017 is looking to be a very interesting year.