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  1. I just found out that the show has been cancelled because of the Covid policy that New York City has just put in effect. The show was only 16 days away. Just goes to show you that things could change pretty quickly here.
  2. Can you believe someone actually made a YouTube video basically saying that he's not attending Otakon because of the mask policy? He claims that he has a medical reason not to wear a mask, but he's basically just griping that some of the events he looks forward to are cancelled.
  3. You know? After all these years that I've attended cons, I never did caught the "con plague". I did however did come to Otakon one year already with a slight cold which eventually turned into a full blown fever by mid-Saturday afternoon. I remember a friend of mine (who was part of the Manga Library staff that year), approached me early Saturday evening saying that I looked kind of "reddish". When she touched my forehead, she said, "How can you still stand? Go Back to your room!", which I did. As soon as I got into my room, I pealed off a bit of my clothes and hit the bed. I was immediat
  4. I already have my luggage ready with the exception of a few bear essentials. I'm fully vaccinated and I still wear a mask wherever I go (even though I don't want to, but I do my part), so I'm not really worried. I don't think the con will cancel unless the officials at Washington DC declares a state of emergency and resume the "stay at home" like we all had to go through earlier. I think the con may have to ask people for proof of vaccination if the convention center start to impose it (like the "bag-check), at worst. Let's just hope for the best.
  5. I second that. I used to bring several cans of Chef Boyardee pasta with me a long time ago (when I used to drive to the convention), to tie me over. Would heat them up on the microwave or on the coffee maker's heating plate.
  6. I can also add that one time, anime conventions were few and far between from each other. Anime companies were able to attend to most of them without spreading themselves too thin. Now it seems that there is at least 1 anime con going on like every 2 weeks in the USA. Anime companies can't send their reps to every one of them. Another thing that changed was the internet. Even though it's still a big deal when an anime company announce their new licenses and acquisitions at a con, it's much easier for them to announce such stuff online. I miss the time when I was able to interact wit
  7. I noticed the lack of industry panels on the schedules as well. Maybe it's still too soon?
  8. Talking to a few people here at work and around where I live, people just don't want to take the vaccine uses one or more of the 4 reasons: Political, Religion, Fear and Apathy. The Apathy group just want to "wait it out" until this almost mythical goal of"herd immunity" is reached.
  9. I feel kind of nostalgic in a way. I remember the latest I ever reserve a room for Otakon was when it was just a week away (that was back in the 1990s when Otakon was still held in a hotel).
  10. Well, it's just about 18 days to Otakon as I type this, I was just talking to a group of friends these past few days. I was asking them if they changed their minds about attending Otakon (and any other cons this year). All said that they're still uncomfortable in going to Otakon (too soon), and most they're still on the fence on attending other cons at least for the rest of this year. Another thing I heard is that if a con requires that everyone has to wear a mask is a complete turn-off for them. Honestly, I don't mind, but that's just me. Anyway, I do hope to see some of you when I
  11. That I know. My badge is already paid for (I had it rolled over like I did with Otakon).
  12. When it comes to "Liberty City Anime Con", their main competition for their weekend is the tail end of "The New York International Auto Show" that will be held at the Javis Convention Center. Also, when you go to the Liberty City Anime Con's webpage, all you get is a blank empty page (wasn't like that 2 weeks ago). I think this con is done. I don't know if it can survive being cancelled 2 years in a row. Also, there is a "not so nice" rumors going on with it's organizer floating around the internet, too.
  13. Hi people! Well, New York Comic Con 2021 is on. They started selling their first and second wave of badges just last week. I don't see any mention of their con within a con, AXNY@NYCC (their "anime" offshoot) so far this year. Meanwhile, Liberty City Anime Con which was going to be held around the end of August has cancelled.
  14. Hi people! As the subject says, this New York City con has been canceled, again. I don't know if this is it for this con since it hasn't really been getting the numbers, but that's just me speculating.
  15. Hi all! Well I just went through AnimeNEXT:Almost Home virtual con that happened just this past weekend. Here is my take of it: The Good Quite a few informative panels they had. Especially with the voice actors. The DJs were pretty good in playing their mix in music. A lot of good banter going on in their chat window. Their "Giveaway's" The Bad Not all panels were for everyone, but those were few and far between. With the exception of the voice actors, I didn't see any Industry presence (like Sentai, Aniplex, ect)
  16. Hi all! Just a reminder that AnimeNEXT are going to have a virtual con this week. Let's all cheer them on for their hard work. AnimeNEXT – The Next Evolution of Anime Convention
  17. I don't mind the line (as long as it's not too hot or it's raining). I've met some good people that way.
  18. I had my badge rolled over from last year, but I forgot to have it set to be mailed over to me.
  19. Unfortunately, I have no one who will do that favor for me. Also, I can't use my desktop computer at work for such things (they tend to block certain sites from time to time). Can't even use my smart-phone in the office for web browsing, too.
  20. I just joined the "vaccinated club", yesterday. I will still wearing a mask out of respect for the people around me.
  21. I think I have speculated this somewhere. People shouldn't expect international guest (since COVID is still strong in other parts of the world). I've also mentioned that there should be no "Dance", and I think the seating's in both Panels and Video rooms should be placed at least 6 feet apart. Dealer's room should have wider aisles to minimize congestion.
  22. Well, it's been 8 months since the pre-order date. Did anyone finally get their PS5? I want to get the disc version of the console, not interested in the "digital-only" version. Personally, I haven't been lucky to get one, much less able to place an order for it. I manage to at least get as far as having the system on my online "shopping cart" from some of the vendors (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart), only to lose it once I click "Check-out" in less than 2 minutes into it. Very frustrating, indeed.
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