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  1. I'm thinking the same as well. I mean, AnimeNEXT already announced they're going to have an "Online" convention this year because the Atlantic City Convention Center is going to be used as a vaccination "mega-site" at the time the con supposed to be held. I speculate that this can also happen to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as well.
  2. I not sure if you can blame Sony for that. They did gave a date, but some retailers decided to jump the gun. Also, imagine how many "bots" was just waiting for midnight to start their pre-ordering? At least some people managed to get their preorders in before the mad rush.
  3. Hi All! Like the subject says. Any of you were lucky enough to get your PS5 preorder in? I didn't. But Sony said more will be available soon. Just took a quick look at eBay. People would have to be very desperate or just plain morons to start bidding for those prices. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PlayStation-5-Digital-Edition-CONFIRMED-Pre-Order/114414986848?hash=item1aa3aa2660:g:MC8AAOSwkt9fZCrX
  4. I've been meaning to post my view of the Otakon Online since now I can compare with the ones I logged into the beginning of July (FUNimation, Aniplex, and Anime-Expo). The Good: Otakon made a good effort to get this thing together. It didn't feel like a telethon like the other virtual cons. I did enjoy some of the panels. Navigating from one virtual room to another was not difficult. The "Carole and Tuesday" Screening/Panel was really great. The Twitch Chat was great to ask questions and to chat with fellow virtual attendees. The Bad: First this is n
  5. I still have all my badges (1994 - 2019). I'm tempted to print and laminate the 2020 Otakon's Online badges and add it to the collection.
  6. I started to notice the slow decline at around 2010. It was getting harder to find other people and shops that I regularly frequent (including the Food Courts) has started to shut down. After that I started to questioned myself is it even worth it to stay an extra night, until exhaustion starts to set. Believe me, I don't want to drive back home felling exhausted.
  7. I used to just go home when Otakon was over in the early days. Once it came to Baltimore I started to stay an extra night (until Monday), just to hang around there with some friends or by myself. I would head over there to eat and do some last minute shopping right after the Con's Feedback panel, then I settle in my room for the rest of the night. Then I would head over there again the next morning to get something to eat and meet up with people from the con who were still around before I drive back home to New York.
  8. Hi All! I just found this video on YouTube about the shopping area where all of us used to hang around during Otakon. This makes me really sad. I remember how crowded this place used to be.
  9. I was first surprised that a convention was going on, until I saw where it was. 🙄
  10. I honestly never bought an Otakon shirt for myself, but I did for my niece and nephews when I used to take the whole family in the early days (the 1990s). I don't think they still have them, but I do have a friend that still has his 1994 shirt.
  11. I convinced some of my coworkers to attend this con earlier this year. Only one of them said he will request a refund while the others decided to roll it over for next year. I think that things will still be shot for the first half of the year, but I'm hopeful that things will go back to some sort of normality by the 3rd quarter next year. Well, I can finally say that all the cons that I was planning to staff or attend has been wiped off the board this year.
  12. I sort of got the news about it the night before. I was waiting for the official announcement to hit first.
  13. I wonder if NYCC will take advantage of taking more space at the Javis once the expansion is completed next year? https://javitscenter.com/media/119020/8666_javits_factsheet_121418.pdf I forgot to add even more NYC event cancellations : New York City Marathon Radio City City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
  14. Well, New York Comic Con has finally cancelled their "physical" con this year. They doing an "online" one, instead. https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/About/A-Statement-From-ReedPop-NYCC-2020/ Anyway, I expected as much. Anime-NYC most likely be the next to go.
  15. So Liberty City Anime Con finally made the announcment: ----------------- We regret to announce that Liberty City Anime Convention 2020 has been cancelled in light of the Covid Pandemic. We respect the guidelines put forward by the CDC and want to act in the best interest of our attendees and our guests to maintain your health and safety. We apologize for keeping you waiting on this announcement, as is the case with many other conventions, we have to work with the hotel to determine how cancellation will work and unfortunately that communication takes time. All those
  16. You hit the nail on this one. Like I said before, online cons are kind of interesting, but it all depends on what they are streaming. As you can see below, I've been attending cons for a very long time. The apeal that I get from cons is that I can get the chance to finally meet some of the people that I know only online face to face. I get to meet and greet some of the "Industry" people, which wouldn't be possible in any other way (unless they're local). I go to the Dealer's Room so I can personally check all the anime merchandise (I stll buy CD's of anime soundtracks and Blu-Ray discs an
  17. It looks like "Liberty City Anime Con" here in NYC is done. They sent a twitter out about 19 days ago: Honestly, I don't think they're going through with it. Here in NYC, we're still dealing with the "social distancing" because of Covid-19.
  18. There were times when I expected a phone number to appear at the bottom of the screen: "Please call and make a pledge of support to provide a contained con space free of foreign viruses (and other type of con-funk), for all the wondering otakus out there".
  19. Hi All! We just had 4 "online cons" just this past weekend. They were "Anime Expo Lite" (July 3rd - 4th), "Aniplex Fest Online" (July 4th - 5th), "FunimationCon" (July 3rd - 4th), and "KuroCon" (July 4th - 5th). FunimationCon seem to be running their con on their own page while also simucasting Aniplex Fest Online on one of their channel until the 4th. Everyone else was using Twitch and Youtube. The cons were basically streaming Panels that were live but most were prerecorded. I honestly missed most of Friday beccause my car was being worked on the entire day, and I
  20. This is going to be interesting. I already registered for the FUNImation one.
  21. This is my question: Since backward campatibility for PS4 games seems like a given, what will happen to the games that you've bought digitally? Will Sony create a utility that you can transfer all your digital PS4 games to the PS5?
  22. It's going to be intresting which version of the console will sell better. Personally, I will go with the Blu-Ray drive. I always want to have physical copies of my games.
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