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  1. It was the same with the Day's Inn as well. But the Day's Inn was charging about $24 dollars a day for parking (not including tax) the last time I remember,, compared to only $16 a day at the garage across the street (it was slightly cheaper if you came in early enough). That eventuality became my decision, too. In fact, I started out with taking a bus when Katsucon was at the Omni Shorerum hotel in Washington DC some years ago. I would get on a bus that used to cost about $25 per trip. It would stop at Bethesda then I would take the subway from there. The first 2 years w
  2. Neither do I. When I used to drive to Otakon when it was in Baltimore, I used to park my car at the garage that was across the street from the Day's Inn. Even if I stayed at the Day's Inn, the cost of the garage was still cheaper than the hotel's own parking. The only advantage of staying in their garage (Day's Inn), was that once you parked, you had the privilege of taking your car in and out without losing a spot. Now I just take Amtrak and then take either the subway or a cab to the hotel, whichever is cheaper and/or convenient for me.
  3. Trolls will always be around no matter the fandom. I would kind of like it to happen, too.
  4. 😭 Even this new generation of anime and manga fans are feeling this incredible lost. RIP
  5. So Aresef, how was it? Did you dropped by the Video room (that was my personal set-up)?
  6. I've been getting that with the exception that It showed how many $70 badges were left. Then, it declined my first credit card (which I know that there's more than enough funds on it), then I went for another. Still rejected my next card. Then the next one. Then I had a notification that the badge was no longer around. I got the "Sold Out" of the $70 after I made a refresh, so I tried the $75 instead. Still rejecting my cards.
  7. I've been having some problems. All of my cards are being rejected!
  8. Let's use the attendance numbers for 2022 as a reference: Anime Expo 2022: Over 100,000 Otakon 2022: Over 40,000 Anime-NYC 2022: 55,000 Anime-NYC is the newest convention (started in 2017), and it took off like a rocket compared to Anime Expo and Otakon in their years of existence. If it wasn't for the COVID-19 pandemic interruption, it would have been probable that Anime-NYC attendance numbers would have caught up, or at least closed in on Anime Expo's numbers by now. They already surpassed Otakon numbers as you can see. According to the article, it look
  9. Hi All! Just got back from Anime-NYC. So far, it's ok. But this news caught my attention: Anime NYC Moves to August in 2024 With Expanded Javits Presence - News - Anime News Network With this change of date, this places Otakon right between two major industry anime cons, now. With these conventions barely a month apart now, I'm afraid that Otakon is going to be squeezed out of existence. Just to put things into perspective: Anime Expo: July 4-7, 2024 Otakon: August 2-4, 2024 Anime-NYC: August 23-25, 2024
  10. I think they also had Priss from Bubblegum Crisis" as well. I can picture Anya Forger from "Spy x Family" pointing the entrance of the "Otachan". Lawrence and Holo from "Spice & Wolf" leading everyone to the Dealer's Room.
  11. I have an idea: Otakon should bring back these life-sized anime character boards and display them throughout the convention center.
  12. Hi All! I think this is the newest anime con and probably the last one for the year. I'll be helping them along. Anyone thinking of going to this one as well?
  13. Hi All! I already have my badge for this con weeks ago. So, is anyone here going for this one?
  14. Hi All! As usual, I'll be attending this con later this week. Like the subject says, anyone here's going as well?
  15. There's only a few of us (probably less than a handful), left who were there at the time.
  16. That's what I've been doing for these past few years. There were times when I get a rate that was like up to $80 less a night for a room at the very same hotel that is on Otakon's block.
  17. I see the prices hasn't changed much (if at all). Still kind of high for what you're going to use the room mostly for.
  18. I saw this over the weekend. I thought people were already on it.
  19. It's all a matter of timing, if you think about it. There were many times that I just waltz into the Convention Center without encountering lines or at least not wait very long (5 minutes tops).
  20. I used to drive to Otakon most of the time when it was in Baltimore. I started to take Megabus once it moved to Washington DC at first but then decided on Amtrak because it was quicker and more convenient, and not much more expensive.
  21. I don't know if this even matters ,but I attended the "New York International Auto Show" at the Jacob Javis Center in NYC last week. They didn't have much of a COVID policy. There were no proof of vaccination required but they did encouraged people to wear masks (which very few people did). I haven't heard of any "outbreaks" so far.
  22. I just heard from a friend that he's skipping Otakon this year because of the hotel prices. He isn't a long time attendee like myself, but these hotel prices were already over his budget to begin with. I wonder how this is going to effect Otakon attendance wise? Will there be a lot more "locals" attending than the one's who's coming from out of state?
  23. I'm curious to see the type of programming this con will have. It's less than an hour's drive from home, so I probably check it out. Hopefully it will not be a carbon copy of "Big Apple Anime Fest" (CPM-Con what people like to call it), years ago.
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