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  1. 3 hours ago, lightningneko said:

    Attendance wise, Anime North looks like a major convention, so it can be added to the list of cancelled or postponed conventions until next year.  

    (Anime Frontier, a convention that was going to debut this year will also have to wait until next year.  Both conventions would have been scheduled for May).


         You're right. Anime North falls under the "Major conventions" category, but it's in Canada, and I was leaning more on conventions in the US.  Anyway, it seems like May is the outer fringe of dates when the cancellations or postponements of cons and events are taking place.

          I haven't seen or heard of any cons cancelling or postponing from June on yet.





  2. 12 minutes ago, lightningneko said:

    Well..... it wasn't shelter in place for NYC, but it's close enough.  If it's not an essential business, it's either close or work at home.  And the order (Starting Sunday) was from the governor rather than the mayor.

    At least I have plenty of DVD's, Blue Rays, online streaming to watch since I've been falling behind alot or too busy.

    Index and Railgun series alone should keep me occupied when not working.


    Well, it's a good thing that there's a supermarket right across the street from me. I was just there a few minutes ago and I'm already seeing people buying whatever food and toiletries they can get their hands on (wearing latex gloves of course).

    It also seems like I'm the only one who in my department that lives almost at the heart of Manhattan (Chelsea), I'm getting phone calls from friends and former coworkers as far away as Florida asking me what's going on.



  3. Well people, my job actually gave me a "furlough" until March 30th technically. I had to take my job's phone with my own phone so I can be reached if I have to come back sooner.  Meanwhile, our mayor is considering having a "shelter in place" policy for the entire city.

    Anyway, I'm going to take this time to finish up certain things and also, I've been watching "Chaika The Coffin Princess" Blu-Ray from time to time. Now I can finish it.



  4. Hi All!

         While this is a very "touchy" subject (quick, sanitize the keyboard), it's coming to the point that a lot of major venues are closed and events are either being postponed or cancel because of this Corona virus. The New York International Auto Show at the Javis was already postponed until August, for example. Also, some companies are already forcing some of their staff to work at home or forcing staff to "take an early vacation". Used up your vacation and/or sick time? Take an unpaid furlough. I already seen a noticeable reduction in crowds here in NYC Times Square area this past Friday.  

          Anyway, I'm just curious, if it comes to the point that this will happen wherever you work, besides having extra stocks of food, medicine and toiletries, what anime you've been meaning to binge-watch once you have the time?  





  5. I think I'm one of the few left here remember when Otakon used to go from hotel to hotel before it settled at a convention center. Honestly, I kind of miss the old days when taking a break from the con was just a simple elevator ride to the floor where my room was. The con had that intimate feel to it for both guests and attendees alike.

    All that changed dramatically when the con started to get stuffed  to the seams when it still used only the hotels.

    I had my doubts when it moved to the BCC, but having all that extra elbow room was real nice, until the attendance numbers started to explode, especially from the "not so nice" new generation of attendees.

    Anyway, I';m going off topic here, so let me just say that the BCC haven't changed, but the rest of the Inner Harbor area did, and not exactly for the better.  I also had my doubts about the WEWCC the same way I did when the con settled at the BCC, but now I'm getting used to the surrounding area.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't think Otakon will get any better if it did move back.




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