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  1. Hi folks!

               It's been a week after the con. I been quite busy going back to work that I couldn't type my impression of the con.

    Anyway, Here's a quick review:


    The Good:


                    The con was well run compared to last year. The Exhibitors, Artist Ally, and Autograph Area was all in one Level with enough room to move around.

                     Most of the major Industry people had their huge booths and displays like the ones from New York Comic Con a month before.

                    Attendees was pretty well behaved as far as I can tell. Fascinating cosplays  the whole weekend.

                    Got reacquainted with a few people that I haven't seen for years (attendees and industry alike).  


    The Bad:


                   The Industry panels on Friday. Most of them had their schedule overlapping each other that I was only able to attend to one.


    The Ugly:


                   In one of the panels, there was a guy with a really annoying "Jerry Lewis" sounding voice that kept talking over the panelist. He was also the only one waving a glowstick during one of the presentation that had music in it. Someone in the audience even said "Will You Shut The F**k up!" to him at least once.





                  I really did enjoyed this con. I don't know the numbers yet, but if they keep doing things right, they may become the "Anime-Expo" to the east like New York Comic Con is becoming the "San Diego Comic Con" of the east.



    I just got the numbers as I was typing this: 46,000 unique estimate for 2019.  Way To Go!!!!

  2. Hi All!


             NYCC has come and gone. I did enjoy myself on what they had on this year, but I also felt a bit off this year. I thought it was con-fatigue at first, but I realized that I was also doing things for others, and was waiting for others that actually impeded some of the things I really wanted to do.

             Oh well, live and learn...  :mellow:


    Anyway, I manage to attend most of the panels that I wanted to attend. I went to the Crunchyroll, FUNImation, and VIZ Media panel and it did what I expected them to do. But I also went to the "Steven Universe" panel which was the first and best panel I had attended at the con.


    There were some decent costumes that I've seen from both anime and movies/comics, but the one that caught my eye was this woman who cosplayed as Eclipsa from "Star vs The Forces of Evil". It's like she stepped out of the screen right into reality.:o Too bad I couldn't take a decent picture of her.


    The Anime Fest @ NYCC side was a huge disappointment for me. With the NYCC badge, you were only allowed to stay at the ground floor which was like a big open room. It has somewhat decent display of things but nothing more. Everything else I think was on the second floor and you do need an Ax@NYCC  badge which you have to pay extra, to participate.

    Anime Expo should just stop at this point. I recommend people  to save their major anime appetite for Anime-NYC coming at the Javis the very next month.


    I did manage to have a good time overall. Now I'm just waiting patiently for Anime-NYC and that will be it for cons this year.





  3. Hi All!

              I just got my NYCC badge in the mail last night, so I'm going to assume that others are beginning to get their's as well. Also, it's the return of their offshoot "Anime Fest @ NYCC X Anime Expo". I think that part is going to be worst than last year.

    Last year, you had to buy a separate badge to attend that part and travel via shuttle bus or walk to it's location (was about a little more than a half a mile away from the Javis). This year, it's a lot closer, but it seems like you have to buy a badge for each individual event for Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo :blink:

    Who's bright idea this was? Last year it was almost a disaster. This year it might probably crash and burn!

    Anyway, it's a good thing that I do enjoy everything else that NYCC has to offer, but I would hold off my anime appetite for Anime NYC that will go on the following month.




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