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  1. I saw one of your posts that said you were cosplaying as Misaki, and I legit screamed. I loooove JR. It's my all time favorite anime.

  2. DUDE!

    So I just visited someone's page and it was all Last Visitors: Cafe+ARIA

    and I was like WWWWOOOAAAH!

  3. :3 yeaaaah. <3


    I just watched the first episode over again.

    I-I can't song venomania...

  4. Yeah. I've still never seen the video for it...

    I'm trying to decide on a quote for my signature. I think I found one. :)

  5. I don't know...cause you can't see Miku's or Kaito's that well...

  6. Yeah! Speaking of which, who are we being if we do Sandplay Singing of the Dragon?

  7. Haha! I think I need to update my profile now....

    well, whatever.