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  1. My friends and I plan on attending this. Its the perfect weekend as its just after my b-day!!! (which is why we are going) Best b-day present ever!
  2. Ah man I really want to see Riley from pokemon diamond and pearl My group actually does a photo scavenger hunt every year and I added Play Pokemon Snap as one of the numbers. As there were so many pokemon cosplayers last year I thought it would be a good one but I'm glad that its become its own thing out there on the board haha. I'm really excited to see how many different Pokemon and pokemon characters show up!!
  3. Although I most likely won't join the army. If I saw you and recognized you I'd give you candy. Well and I wouldn't be adverse to a conversation. Anyway this looked like fun I really enjoyed reading all the responses before mine. A lot of you this seems to be your first or second convention I hope you have lots of fun! -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: McKenzie (yep there legit is a capital in the middle of my first name) Age:: 23 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? generally as the years have gone on so has my sleeping time. Drink or smoke:: I g
  4. hahaa my first Otakon I decided to go as the girl Otakon mascot.... yeah I don't think anyone even knew I was cosplaying. But it did inspire me to make costumes out of paper for the rest of the weekend... I've also cosplayed as characters from Kashi Masi (only one person recognized us) and as the Plant Pretear which only appears in the manga version of the series (but the outfit is super cool)
  5. I totally want the Soundwave Mp3 player... why because I heart transformers.
  6. As we failed this year. My friend and I are going for round two of going as Skuld from Oh My Goddess and one of the Bunny Viruses from the TV series. Mainly because we want to run around and bash me on the head (I'm going to be the virus). also we plan on doing a Magic Knight Rayearth group in the future. Maybe not next year but maybe the year after... can't wait to dye my hair pink again! and we really want to get someone to dress up as Zagoto because the giant shoulder pads were giving us the giggles the entire time we were watching the show.
  7. I'm more annoyed with how the main market doesn't sell the whole range of bra sizes. Bra sizes go from A to K (I'm pretty sure it might be J). Best shopping day in my life. The day my older sister took me to a specialty bra store and had me professionally fitted. There is nothing more comfortable then a bra that actually fits because it does what it is supposed too. Supports the weight of your breasts on your lower back and not your shoulders.
  8. Character: Card Captor Sakura (the blue dress with yellow stars from the Sealed Card movie) Anime: from Card Captor Sakura (that was a little redundant haha) Number of Props: 2 the star wand (50%) I have most of the pieces (just missing the central star) I just need to put it together and paint it. And Kero who is 100% complete as I made him the other week. Although haven't decided if I am going to wire him to my costume or not. So that he looks like he is flying. Percent Complete: 70% I have a good start. The dress and boots are sewn just need to put the yellow and white detai
  9. Sadly my plans changed... instead of going as the bunny virus with my friend going as Skuld from Ah My Goddess! (She didn't think she was going to be able to come thus we didn't make the costumes then when she decided to come We didn't think we had enough time to pull together her costume) We're doing it next year for sure! So instead I am going as Cardcaptor Sakura in her blue costume with stars. (I believe its in the 2nd movie, The Sealed Card) Which is about 80% done I'd say. as well as wearing our KasiMasi uniforms from last year!
  10. I have Pearl and will be bringing it with me!
  11. and then there was international GUTS... where did they get those international kids? That show was awesome I love catching episodes of it on the Nickolodean Games & Sports channel. Although I think my fave was Wild and Crazy Kids
  12. This will be year two of our photo scavenger hunt which has everything from specific characters to obvious chaperons. Its really fun and also allows us to take pictures of people that we normally wouldn't (you get strange looks when you ask for some pictures esp. the chaperons.)
  13. I suggest sewing the stuffed toy to a hair accessory as sometimes glue does not hold up. And you can remove the stuffed toy more easily later so that it doesn't get glue gunk on it.
  14. Yes! that's awesome I was super depressed about not getting to see the end of Shonen Onmyouji among other things.
  15. This Otakon will be a happy reunion of myself and hopefully 2 of my good friends from home, A couple of others that I will be picking up on the way down and meeting the Canadian Contingent that shares the room with us. The more the more fun. Never quite know how many people are going to be in my room until they all get there haha. and I love making new friends from all over so don't be shy and say hi.
  16. heya, my fave otakon story def the first year we drove ourselves. We drove home sunday afternoon after getting stuck in Jersey traffic (inevitable) we stopped at a burger king on the Jersey turnpike. Didn't really notice anything weird. We all really had to go to the bathroom. As we're walking to the bathroom our friend Sam looks at us and says OMG is that the guy from the Wiggles and proceeds to pulll out a trading card of him from her purse we were like OMG you have a Wiggles trading cards in your purse what!? then we are like OMG bathroom we can't even think about this. So After w
  17. Hiya! I'm doing a project for a class in which we have to pull together thematic elements in movies. I have chosen a shot that is used in a lot of movies. The panicked child in the street. example: Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) when the pirates are attacking Port Royale at the beginning of the movie there's a small blond boy crying in the street then he is scooped up by a woman. My question is can you think of any other movies with this scene. I have a few but I need more for the project to work. Thanks for looking, (and helping if you can)!
  18. I look forward to Cosplaying, but also seeing friends that I only see in person when we meet up for Otakon, As well as the road trip itself to Otakon always ends up being entertaining to the max. One year we ran into the Wiggles on the way home at a Burger King in NJ. Not even kidding have pictorial evidence. Hilarious. Generally the whole experience can pump me up all year.
  19. The plan at the moment is to be one of the bunny viruses from Ah My Goddess. One of my friends is supposed to go as Skuld with her hammer. Therefore Amusing! also probably wear are KasiMasi uniforms from last year again as they were pretty awesome.
  20. I always start with an idea of how much its going to cost...then it seems like I always forget a detail such as last year, purchasing gasoline for the intense roadtrip. That was like a bonus $300 that I had forgotten about. Damn you gasoline! So I ended up spending more then I thought. I suggest a checklist. with an approximation of how much everything is going to cost. That way you don't end up in debt. or overdrawing your account. Or waiting in line at the Bank of America. Always have a buffer of at least a $100 that way if you need to buy a extra tank of gas, a meal, the sweetest p
  21. And everybody had thousands of them anyway. Nobody actually played with them either.
  22. I love to make the costumes myself. It allows me a whole year to think of the patterns and accessories and kinds of fabrics that I want to make them out of so that they are as accurate as possible. Even when I make them out of paper. Although I have made costumes for my friends before as well. My mother is also an accomplished costumer and streamstess so whenever I get stuck I have an expert to ask. Which is awesome.
  23. My Little Pony all of my sisters were into them we had like everything for them the Estate, the Castle and the Nursery. (my mom is a little psycho); NES and SNES; my brother's Ghostbuster toys especially the power pack water gun. that thing was amazing. and the Littlest Pet Shop back before they went weird and bobble-heady (they are so freaky now)
  24. I'm going to be one of the bunny things from Ah! My Goddess and my friend is going to be Skuld and it is going to be hilarious! I'm excited that and we'll probably pull out our KashiMashi outfits for Sunday.
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