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  1. I didn't consider the actual cost and fairness of giving anybody any kind of break, those are good points. And to your point about the organizers, there are people suggesting something other than mere incompetence was at play. Either way, there were all sorts of options available weeks or months ago when it seemed like the con was going to be in a financial squeeze. It seemed like they were trying to show up and be a big deal overnight, but there was no promotion and, on the guests side, little communication. Some people, like the Magicians and Killjoys actors coming to town anyway, had their travel arrangements squared away, while many others didn't. When I had my online training just last week, some things struck me as way more fuzzy than they should be. Whatever Otakon can or can't, should or shouldn't do, I'd hope that Otakon continues to address with programming and within the confines of their mission the communities that were counting on UFC to work out.
  2. Universal FanCon purported to serve fans and creators who were POC, LGBTQIA, people with disabilities. Now, for what could most charitably be described as inexperience and over-ambition, there's no con. A lot of these people paid for tables and were left hanging. The Great Philly Comic Con and Balticon are trying to help make things right for these artists. I know there's probably no room left in the artist alley, but has there been any thought given on Otakorp's end to helping make things right for those artists in the region who are smarting for the event's cancellation? These are communities statistically least able to afford this kind of hit. I should disclose that I would have staffed the event, but knew nothing about its troubles. I'll cop to maybe not doing enough googling before I agreed to my friend's request for help. I was even able to un-take my vacation days for next week, but I know a number of people are waaaaaaaaay worse off.
  3. NEVER MIND. It's been canceled.
  4. https://kotaku.com/grave-of-the-fireflies-director-isao-takahata-dies-at-8-1825028531
  5. Finally PreRegged for Ota 2018!!

    Cool beans!
  6. Cool! Better yet, volunteer! I'm a talent guide (guest liaison) for the event, and in our section alone, we still need plenty of warm bodies. If you can treat Billy Dee Williams (or somebody else) like a normal human person, let me know and I'll put in a word.
  7. Insurance For Non-Refundable Tickets?

    I'm not staff and don't speak for Otakon, but I think it might be tough for them to do one of these things themselves since they offer legally distinct memberships and not tickets (unlike Awesomecon, where they are tickets and some is paid to the tax man). Consider getting travel insurance. If you have to bug out for a covered reason (beyond "I can't afford to go anymore"). Per Allianz (a major provider), they'll cover non-refundable expenses for things like sudden medical emergencies, airliner bankruptcy, your layoff, terrorist incidents and jury duty. I had several seizures in a row during a convention out in LA a few years ago and missed basically all of it. If I had had travel insurance then, my badge may or may not have been covered (since I did technically enter the event), but my hospital bill certainly would have been. BUT if I had known I were epileptic going in and simply didn't take my meds that day and did have travel insurance, the insurer would theoretically be within their rights to say "Well, what did you expect to happen?" I am not an actuary, an insurance agent or a travel agent. Talk to one.
  8. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    You can have 2 of 3. One will demand veto power to keep another from coming. Frank has been to Otakon before, but I'd personally rather Otakon stuck closer to its mission. But St. John is a personal hero of mine (and not in the just-on-TV way).
  9. Yes, Gundam SEED. https://www.facebook.com/events/2006091596085936/ I have fond memories of seeing Satoshi Kon speak before an Otakorp-sponsored screening of Paprika many years ago. He is so missed.
  10. Oh OK, disregard my question in the other thread, then.
  11. I know it's on a different platform, apparently, (but the same one AWM was on) but could we get a live counter on the registration page like there's been in the past?
  12. Ohhh ok. So that gives me some time between paying the tax man and getting my badge. Thanks!
  13. I know from experience, obviously, the answer is "it won't be Tuesday." But for the folks out there who can't scrounge together the $95 or whatever it is with the mailing fee this year, how many weeks did it take last year to cross that threshold? For me, I'll have to hold off at least a week, maybe a month-plus, but other people out there newer to the con may be wondering how much fire they're playing with if they don't register by, say, late June.
  14. Hate to ask again

    And even when it opens, they're not going to issue 10,000 registrations in five minutes. So if you need to wait for your next paycheck, you should still be able to get the discount.
  15. The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    If anything, it's a reminder that it's really nice to have a hotel. I'm getting on the red after the con, but the other way to Union station, from where I'm catching a train to BWI...where I'll stay a night ahead of a crack-of-dawn flight to *another con.*