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  1. So what you're implying is we don't have to worry too much about Otakon being affected, that Otakon, Lantis etc. do do their jobs.
  2. "Katana Music said the performers it handles are usually cleared to enter the U.S. if they have proper invitation letters but that immigration officials requested visas this time."
  3. -not staff- There are things in the Verizon Center, even if Otakon had the money.
  4. Your Google-fu is impressive.
  5. I asked this in response to the news post, but I realized people might not necessarily see that--I noticed the changes to the AWM page. Do those changes mean ticket sales are near? Also, by no means do I intend this as looking a gift horse in the mouth, but are there going to be more guests announced for AWM? Say, one making its US debut? I always love to see newer faces.
  6. Cool! Are there more guests to come? Like anybody making their US debut? Also, I noticed the changes to the AWM page, and the not-really-active Anisong Tickets button at the top of that page. Any ETA on that?
  7. The National Portrait Gallery is a short walk from the convention center and opens at 11:30. The Matsuri might be happening too, hasn't been announced when or where. As for the other Smithsonian museums, most open at 10 a.m. The National Zoo opens at 9. Know that if you wanna check out Freer/Sackler, the Freer side is closed. If you want to visit the African American History and Culture Museum, good luck with that. As for the International Spy Museum, it's been ages since I've gone but I recall it being a fun time. More interesting, though, is the Newseum.
  8. That weekend's free, though they would have to fly from one show in Nagoya then to another show in Kobe.
  9. Even if it shuts down at 1 instead of midnight, you're gonna be rushing out after your thing to make it to your station of choice. I wouldn't even recommend using Metro into and out of the con every day anyway. From National and Union Station, sure. From Dulles, eh, the WMATA bus is cheaper than a cab. Commuting to the con from Baltimore is a bad idea, plain and simple.
  10. In regards to my earlier post, Anisama is at the tail end of August, so GRANRODEO, Aquors, angela, fhana, they're all free...or at least they're not doing that.
  11. Right, but that didn't stop films from getting shown at the NPG, unless that wasn't with Otakon's involvement?
  12. It'll be at their free Millennium Stage, 6 p.m., part of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Besides singing, she also hosts J-Melo, and it's entirely possible NHK World will be there to shoot, but I have no idea.
  13. I can't seem to find anything on the Freer-Sackler or NCBF site.
  14. Almost and kinda in that order. Sasaki Isao and Micchi have done Sentai songs but they're not Project.R. Imajo from Psychic Lover (which is in Project.R) is in the house band on Anipara Ongakukan with JAM collaborators/backing band members. Kageyama and Endoh are hosts of that show. Those two have done Sentai songs, but they're not part of Project.R. It's like being one degree from Kevin Bacon.
  15. Speaking as an outsider, I think Otakon's ins with JAM Project and Lantis might help them flex a surprise, kind of like the people Maruyama-san seems to hook Otakon up with.