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  1. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Polysics hasn't been in the states, I don't think, since Kayo graduated. They've also never done a con before that I'm aware of, and they are fantastic live.
  2. Anime NYC Nov 17-19, 2017. Anyone here going?

    Probably not, but this piqued my interest...
  3. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    Otakon is structured as the annual meeting of Otakorp. Otakorp does call them tickets for Otakon Vegas, and therefore can do single-day tickets and probably does pay Las Vegas and Nevada taxes as such. I'd add that being a member also got one early access (and the only access to VIP admission, as I recall) to the Otakon Music Festival in 2012. That didn't keep being a thing probably because a) not a lot of people went to it, in part because of the hurricane around that time, but mostly b, that Lantis decided to set up their own thing. That became the Anisong World Tour (which dropped by Otakon Vegas), which became Anisong World Matsuri.
  4. Hey look I see the back of my head
  5. Number of attendees?

    Let's not make too big a deal out of this. the con will bounce back, especially now they're in a venue with more room and a city without *sigh* the baggage Baltimore has post-riot.
  6. To your point, I noted that Lantis was using their own interpreter during the JAM panel. Very careful indeed.
  7. He canceled a Thursday show in Tokyo. http://solidvox.jp/cgi/information/index.cgi?plugin=Tagging&tag=きただに What sudden deafness is: https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/sudden-deafness
  8. Anisong

    --not staff-- Knowing how Lantis et al operate, probably not. Lantis and such did have cameras around, but not professionals and to archive the event for their own purposes. The feed that went to the screens, too, will likely be archived by both AWM and Otakon. To the extent the concert is going to be put out on home media, you may see bits of it punctuating larger featurettes on the next JAM Project concert Blu-ray etc. A few of my friends were interviewed for those, and a camera crew got the whole lot of us to scream "ANISONG WORLD MATSURI SAIKYOU!" Putting what the professionals shot out on DVD is a whole other endeavor. When Tofu Records put the L'arc show on DVD, they had to go back to the Chicken Box and negotiate additional fees with the unions and such. Otakon has at least once shown archive concerts in a video room at the con. But given the fact AWM was a matryoshka doll within the rest of Otakon, Otakon may not be able to do that with these shows.
  9. Oh yeah, she had a killer time (though we all would have liked to get a longer set with more of the standards like The Guardian and SOULTAKER). The plan after the show was we would all do multilingual karaoke at Muzette in Adams-Morgan. But all of us were wiped and our voices were shot (MOTTO! MOTTO!!), so we eventually settled on pizza in a hotel lobby. Because she'd been to concerts in Japan and such, she schooled us on proper penlight usage--red for nekketsu (most hot-blooded songs), blue for ballads, gold for Garo. A lot of the time, I went with what the stage lighting was doing.
  10. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I thought Vine star was the lowest.
  11. Swag!

    After opening, I and my friends made a beeline for the AWM stand. I dropped $180 there and would have gotten more had they not already been out of stock of the JUST DO MOTTO shirt and JAM wristbands. I got the AWM bundle, I got an Area-Z shirt, I got a keychain, I got Garo Soul, I got the Strong Best Album. That, I had to re-buy, because I was going through all my stuff at my new place and couldn't find it. I wanted to (and did) get it signed. I was in line at the Bluefin booth after that, where I went on to talk myself out of getting the SOC Megazord. Retail plus DC tax plus a credit surcharge? Nah. Con delirium-induced FOMO sent me back to Bluefin on Sunday, but they had already sold out of it. I also did VIP for the JAM/TMR show, so I got the VIP stuff from that, which I'm not yet sure where I'll display.
  12. Anisong World Matsuri Set Lists

    This looks about right to me: http://selective-hearing.com/jam-project-and-t-m-revolution-bring-anisong-world-matsuri-to-washington-d-c/ Victory, Gong and Rocks were a medley.
  13. I was in the front row for both and it felt like the time an earthquake hit the mid-Atlantic, especially during JAM. But the building has certainly hosted concerts before, and will again.
  14. I'm sorry to say I missed the Sunday concert. I had other stuff to get out of the way and it took me until Sunday morning for my knee to heal from JAM Project. I was in the front row. The concerts were basically a mission for me and a group of friends. We worked together to bring a fellow JAM Project fan and friend of ours up from Brazil. It was her first time in the US--if you were at the panel, she referenced that. She had an amazing, amazing time and someone at Lantis caught wind of it and interviewed her and a couple of my friends after. We did good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk