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  1. They're listed on the guest dropdown but not on the main guest page
  2. Changing consumer habits, neglectful ownership and now the economic slowdown really put Harborplace in a tough spot. It's lost a lot of its personality and got really chainy. Like I'm going to go downtown and go to Ripley's or eat at Bubba Gump. Nah.
  3. He is a massive clown and got exactly what he deserved.
  4. It's a bummer, that store was great to visit. I'll miss their magazine rack.
  5. That can be force majeure but it's any extraordinary event out of the control of both parties.
  6. The mods were rockstars. The presentation was slick. It was really easy to move from "room to room," so to speak, on Twitch. The volume was, yeah, all over the place. This was a huge problem with MAT3K, where I had to turn my TV way up to hear things clearly. And I wish some of the panels had had more time. I'm not sure if this was necessarily communicated to a couple of the presenters who mentioned things like "oh I only have 30 minutes."
  7. I'd be down for Genie High as a musical guest, but given the nature of that group and everyone's obligations (particularly Ikkyu Nakajima's work with tricot), it might not be workable. I'd say "just bring tricot instead" but I worry that people might look at them and think they're similar to Spark Speaker even though they're not.
  8. I mean how so? It's already covered under force majeure language.
  9. I'm not sure if the "bigger and better claim" is necessarily accurate, and this goes for a lot of cons that were scuttled this year. Though force majeure saves them from massive payouts to the venue, contractors and such, there are still costs associated with not having an event, to say nothing of the refunds to those who ask for them and the merch they can't sell. And the people who do roll over their memberships at ANYC, Ota and other cons, they're not paying twice to go, by definition. And the big unknowns are how many people will want to go to cons next year, whether the vaccine will be ou
  10. And Anime NYC was called off today. I mean, you could see that one from a mile off.
  11. Yeah, I see pretty quickly how it would've been... not great.
  12. Yeah, all good points. And also I'm thinking registration opened in November, what if the WEWCC came back around and said we're sorry, you gotta cap at X number of people. I see how the finances would collapse in a hurry.
  13. Yeah, I just wish they weren't legally obliged to keep people in the lurch so long. Heck, even having a con, what would that look like? Something I asked in the feedback session of the Twitch event that didn't get answered was what kind of restrictions was Otakon prepared to put in place if the con were to have gone on (assuming planning was at that stage at the time the plug was pulled).
  14. Maybe I just expected it to run later than it apparently will. But I see myself hanging in the HQ room for the most part until mid-afternoon, maybe ducking out for my friend Daryl Surat's panel on the dark ages of 1990 then later checking out either the Toho panel or Spider-Man Has A Giant WHAT? before wrapping things up with the music panel. And then, I guess, I'll have the rest of the night to myself.
  15. Having two conventions at the same time in real life is nbd. On the internet, it makes zero sense. And Funimation knows when AX weekend is. Why did they have to counter-program? And you also had issues where I know the AX stream on YouTube got copyright struck. They should've thought that through.
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