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  1. -not staff- But the typical staff response is that they don't really invite flash in the pan internet celebrities or one trick ponies. There was a time when people were clamoring for Hard Gay and Jim had to explain why that wasn't happening.
  2. Yeah, but they Paulie and Narvy don't exactly tie into Otakorp's mission. Then again, Jason Frank's ties to that mission were also rather tenuous. I'd rather they spend the money on other guests. Fun fact, Narvy is now a theater professor. He also once pied me in the face.
  3. It's been said that panels are in the cards, but they'd be part of Otakon proper, so there surely wouldn't be any charge. Not staff, so maybe Matt or somebody might want to clear this up.
  4. There's apprehension over the fact that the last time they did something for the BCC, it was the Hilton, which opened right before a recession. You're right that there was a plan, but the money wasn't there and one of the key players (Sheraton owner Willard Hackerman) passed a few years ago.
  5. I mean aside from Anisong World Matsuri.
  6. Story mentions Otakon move as an impetus.
  7. -Not staff, but former gofer- No. You're a warm body doing easy tasks on behalf of staff when staff time is better used doing other things. Like I helped direct a line at reg, made snowballs at the Matsuri, that sort of thing. Otakon has staff doing Con Coverage and such. If you want to be on staff, gofering is a great way to get noticed.
  8. They'll let us know and do a contest, maybe, before they announce. That's up to the staff. The sense I get, though, is that there will be other musical stuff going on.
  9. I'm looking for one you'd recommend is all.
  10. Somebody with Otakon might wanna reach out to the DC food truck community, tell them what's up. So we in the JAM Project fan community might have a friend coming up from Rio. We're thinking of having a little post-concert get-together at a bar near the con. Where would be a good place to go that strikes a balance between proximity and enough space to handle a group of ~8 of us? Like I see High Velocity in the Marriott, Rocket Bar by the Phone Booth, are those places good?
  11. Man, I've seen JAM at Ota, at Boston, at Rams Head, I've been to an Anime Japan Fes, but I try to go to as many of their shows as I can. There's a particularly fanatical bunch of American JAM fans, we get together on FB and a number of us are in and around the front row for this show.
  12. It was a bit frustrating, but I still managed a front row seat, house left, for JAM Project. I've been *close* (second row in Boston) but never that close to what's basically a religious experience. I got a reasonably close GA seat for the other show.
  13. It's like how the first year Jamspace was a thing, they had to call it something else so it wouldn't be confused with JAM Project, who was there.
  14. So, non-staffy question. I'm definitely doing VIP for JAM/TMR. I'm not quite as sure about FLOW/Yousei. Should I? I have no idea, really, what to expect from them. Maybe the fact I'm wondering is answer enough that I want to leave that slot (assuming there are only so many VIP spots) for someone who wants it more. Either way, I'll see them.