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  1. Aresef

    Japanese Voice Actors Autograph Session?

    --not staff-- They are literally only in town for a day.
  2. Aresef

    Schedule is Out!

    --not staff-- Guests have their own schedules, and when signings are set--especially for Japanese guests--can be subject to everything from contracts to flight itineraries. And if somebody's morning is panel, panel, panel, they're gonna want lunch, they're gonna want to go check out the National Portrait Gallery or something. The bulk of the schedule was put online waaaay earlier than usual. I think it's fair to give them a few more days to figure out who's signing when. and where. I mean, even today, they're still announcing guests.
  3. Kind of a two-part question--and, of course, assuming supplies of preferred tickets remain available. When, if at all, will sales via Showclix cease? And regardless, will there be a way to purchase these tickets on premises?
  4. Aresef

    Anime Convention Concept A Western One?

    That's a good question. Comiket serves the doujinshi creators, while AnimeJapan (nee TAF) is a trade show. JumpFesta is run by Shueisha. Anime conventions as we know them are more of a western concept--not just in the US, but events like Anime Friends and Japan Expo. That's perhaps a byproduct of how anime cons here were outgrowths of comic and sci-fi cons. For Japanese guests, it's something novel and, for musical acts, a feather in their cap.
  5. Aresef

    Law Enforcement

    --not staff-- https://www.otakon.com/info/general-policies/ It's pretty clear to me you can't bring your gun, even if you have a permit to do so in DC.
  6. Aresef

    Behold, our new overlords: DENPA

    Also, Otaquest. I juuuuust missed seeing m-flo during their thing at Anime Central (it turns out they were the third act up... at midnight, after I started making my way back to the Airbnb). Gets me thinking I want to try to be at the dance at Ota, especially since Ota is going to be waaay clearer about who's playing when. (For those who don't know, m-flo's DJ Taku co-founded Otaquest to bring Japanese acts to big international audiences.)
  7. Aresef

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Probably the concerts. I really like what Otakon is doing with those this year, though it’s a bad time for me to go in on VIP for them. If there’s anniversary merch, I’d like to get my paws on it. Really, I’m just looking forward to seeing the usual suspects, friends I see at every Otakon.
  8. She’s great. I saw her at Anime NYC.
  9. OK. In case you can't say, that works for me as an answer.
  10. My last Otakon concert experience was Anisong World Matsuri, which was very much its own special occasion, and was never that into FF, so I didn't check the seating deal last year. What I'm wondering is how many VIP passes will be available for each concert this go around?
  11. Aresef

    Would Otakon ever try this?

    There are lots of things Anime Matsuri does that most cons or con staffers shouldn't do. I'd rather not start another fight here, so I'll leave it there. But I know having a cafe would probably run afoul of convention center contracts. Like, that's why no vendor outside of the official food vendor sells Pocky or any other candy.
  12. Aresef

    Anime Central (ACen) 2019 Roll Call!

    Name: Tyler Cosplay: Nah Arriving: I'm getting into Chicago Thursday morning, but considering where my Airbnb is, I might not be anywhere near the con until Friday.
  13. Yeah, like I said, it feels like Groundhog Day. Ultimately, whether the state helps or not, the convention center is owned and operated by the city, and the city has other problems.
  14. This song reminds me a lot of the Bruno Mars song Runaway Baby.