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  1. Right, but that didn't stop films from getting shown at the NPG, unless that wasn't with Otakon's involvement?
  2. It'll be at their free Millennium Stage, 6 p.m., part of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Besides singing, she also hosts J-Melo, and it's entirely possible NHK World will be there to shoot, but I have no idea.
  3. I can't seem to find anything on the Freer-Sackler or NCBF site.
  4. Almost and kinda in that order. Sasaki Isao and Micchi have done Sentai songs but they're not Project.R. Imajo from Psychic Lover (which is in Project.R) is in the house band on Anipara Ongakukan with JAM collaborators/backing band members. Kageyama and Endoh are hosts of that show. Those two have done Sentai songs, but they're not part of Project.R. It's like being one degree from Kevin Bacon.
  5. Speaking as an outsider, I think Otakon's ins with JAM Project and Lantis might help them flex a surprise, kind of like the people Maruyama-san seems to hook Otakon up with.
  6. Thanks for being so forthcoming about why Otakon went this route to get Anisong World Matsuri. I'd say we all appreciate the transparency. Would you say Otakon Music Festival and Lantis Festival were trial balloons between 2008 and today?
  7. Y'know, I don't think Avex has ever taken Monkey Majik to a single con, which is weird when you think about it, since at least Blaise and Maynard (obviously) speak English.
  8. Some of these may well be in the works for AWM, but if it's gonna be a mini-Anisama, may as well bring in a few acts that would be at that too: -fhána -GRANRODEO -Minami -Oldcodex -Isao Sasaki -Mitsuko Horie -Maon Kurosaki (since Altima is on hiatus) -Nana Mizuki
  9. For AX last year, they sold separate tickets, yes, but all through the AX website. Otakon, says Jim, is working to have a reasonably priced, sensible process for doing all this.
  10. I've been, but like a decade ago and had an OK experience, once you strip away the act of god (rather, Peelander-Yellow) that ruined my coverage of the weekend. How big has it gotten by now?
  11. I don't live in DC, but I've been around Chinatown a bit. The walk is only a few blocks to the first place. Down 7th (or within a block of 7th), you'll find Nando's Peri-Peri, Hooters, Legal Sea Foods, La Tasca, Chipotle, Fuddruckers, McDonald's, ShopHouse, HipCityVeg, Chop't, Panera, Potbelly, Starbucks, CalTort. On the southeast corner of Verizon Center is a Greene Turtle. Asian: Daikaya, a ramen joint at 705 6th St. NW; Ming's (Chinese/sushi) at 617 H St. NW); Reren Lamen (Chinese ramen and ramen accessories) at 817 7th NW; contemporary veg-friendly Asian Spice (717 H NW); Momofuku CCDC (1090 I St NW) I can't vouch for a whole lot of these places, as I mostly just try to eat quick and cheap when I'm at the portrait gallery or something.
  12. Whenever an event organizer wants the trains to run late, that organizer has to put up money to guarantee Metro will be able to meet operating expenses for however many hours past the usual closing time.. With sporting events that aren't Nationals games, it's nbd. But the Nats are such cheapskates about this, even in the playoffs, that they've required benefactors like American University to pony up the $29,500-per-hour deposits. Now, this past October, it wasn't even an option because of the repairs others have alluded to. But even if that option were available, imagine what Otakon could do with that money that would be better for con-goers than letting Metro essentially borrow it. For reference, for $18,500, you can fly one person first class on ANA from Tokyo to Dulles around Otakon weekend.
  13. I'm told by Jim on another platform Otakon is working with Lantis on the ticket prices. I assume they aren't going to be as a la carte and exorbitant as they were for AX.
  14. If they couldn't survive without exploiting elephants (and other animals), then maybe the management should've done some introspection years ago.
  15. I may be more than a little hyped for this.