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  1. Yo. Gotta get a ticket to the other AWM (the one without Dani/Kage).
  2. Aresef

    Any other cons...?

    I don't do as many cons as I used to, but the ones I usually go to are MAGFest and Power Morphicon. I'm doing Anime NYC this year for the first time. I used to habitually attend AUSA, staffed it once, but something had to give. I used to do Katsu, too, but there's nothing to do at Katsucon anymore. I've also made trips to Anime Central, Anime Boston, T-Mode (volunteered), Anime Mid-Atlantic and Anime Expo, but those were all ages ago. I'd recommend MAGFest. Aside from the Colossus roar, there's really nothing to complain about. They get some really neat guests, too, like Jun Senoue's Sonic Adventure Music Experience and Saori Kobayashi and Yumiko Takahashi and Yuzo Koshiro. There are also plenty of video game cover acts like Rare Candy.
  3. Aresef

    Otakon 2020 / Tokyo Olympics

    Yeah, I don't know why it was posted here. Anywho, I'm also not staff and don't speak for Otakon. That being said, the weekend of the second full week in August, when Otakon has typically been held in recent years, is not during the Olympics, which run July 24 to Aug 9. However, just because something's typical doesn't mean it can't change. For example, while AX's dates are generally inflexible, Otakon tries not to clash with SDCC for obvious reasons.
  4. https://nichegamer.com/2018/09/19/nobuo-uematsu-confirms-leave-from-work-will-return-once-his-health-improves/
  5. Right, I was recalling that when noticing the new weapons policy was stricter.
  6. Aresef

    The autograph line was a disaster.

    Lining up for Matsukaze-san was like going to the DMV in that there was one line for multiple signings, and then they'd pluck you from there for the line you want.
  7. Aresef

    How was your hotel?

    I was over at the Embassy Suites. I barely interacted with hotel staff, so I can't reliably say much on that front, but the breakfast and the omelette stand in particular went a long way, and didn't take a very long wait.
  8. Aresef

    USPS is back (!)

    Well, according to the USPS monthly bulletin (which I looked up), there's no special postmark, I know that.
  9. Aresef

    'Prepping' for Otakon

    Power Morphicon. The Sunday night, I'm going up to a hotel by BWI and flying west the next morning.
  10. Aresef

    USPS is back (!)

    On the website. Or it, uh, was anyway.
  11. Aresef

    USPS is back (!)

    Noticed this on the map. This is a tremendous help to me, personally, and probably other folks attending. Will they have a unique postmark like they used to?
  12. Aresef

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    Street closures for the rally: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/unite-the-right-rally-street-closures-in-dc-announced
  13. Aresef

    'Prepping' for Otakon

    I'm packing for two consecutive cons, so that's an adventure. Almost there. Just gotta figure out how to pack all the stuff I want signed at the second of those events.
  14. Aresef

    Discounts for Otakon attendees

  15. Aresef

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    Still, I think it would put folks at ease to know as specifically as Otakon can tell us what measures will be in place, while also telling us specific things we can/should do to avoid encounters. I'm fine. I don't plan on engaging these looney tunes. I plan on staying in the AC and enjoying the con. But some people may want to start stuff with these cowards and should be advised otherwise.