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  1. Oof. Always something with Metro.
  2. Congoers and especially cosplayers of a certain age may remember him and his camera from various cons in the late 90s and aughts. He was everywhere. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-11-15/cosplay-photographer-kevin-lillard-passes-away/.191951
  3. I don't think I've seen staff pool represented at any orientation that I'd been to prior, that's why I mentioned it as something I appreciated. But it's good to learn there's more coordination than I was aware of.
  4. Music: Yuki Kajiura, m-flo, Granrodeo, renewing my request for MONKEY MAJIK Voice: Yuri Lowenthal, Johnny Yong Bosch, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi Other: Toshiki Inoue (who hasn't done a con to my knowledge), Yasuhiro Nightow
  5. According to Otakon's policies, if it has wheels and isn't a mobility device, it's not allowed in. They indicate that that rule is from the venue but they probably wouldn't let them in anyway, IMO, because of liability.
  6. Aresef

    Vic Loses

    To add context, an appellate judge denied his appeals and remanded the case to trial court to figure out exactly how much more he owes Monica Rial and Ron Toye in legal fees, since the cost of their representation exceeded the amount they were awarded in the case. Yeah, for those who forget, he and his lawyers bungled this lawsuit so hard that he ended up owing them, Jamie Marchi and Funimation. https://kotaku.com/vic-mignogna-lawsuit-dragon-ball-z-funimation-court-1849435479 I hope we never have to hear from him again but I know we're not going to be that lucky.
  7. I was a close contact with somebody but came up negative on multiple rapid tests.
  8. I've said versions of parts of this already elsewhere. Good: Excellent diversity of guests and panels. When I wasn't gofering (and boy oh boy did I gofer a lot this year), I was seldom bored. This con was jam packed. Observance of masking rules was excellent. While gofering reg, I noticed and appreciated the change from laptops to tablets and easier QR scanners. I was also pleased to learn about the satellite registration areas at the hotels. Please make that a thing going forward and explore options for later in the con as well. Speaking of gofering, that's always spo
  9. Reiterating what I said at feedback, I appreciated that someone from staff pool was at gofer orientation to recruit potential staffers. As far as I'm aware, out of the orientations I've attended, that was a first and it really should have been done sooner. It's difficult to join Otakon staff because, if you don't come up as a gofer, it's hard to get the two recommendations unless you know somebody. A comment that came up multiple times was that staff was short-handed. Has Otakorp looked into (or will Otakorp look into) easing that requirement and posting a public-facing application on the
  10. Maybe at least in part because they don't have the roles they used to. Sue is no longer running Gofer Ops (though she remains part of Gofer Ops and a member of the Otakorp board) and Jim is more behind the scenes in GR AFAIK. The board isn't as active as it used to be probably because people didn't use it that much the year there ended up not being a con. And Otakon itself has tried to reach out more on various social platforms, including Instagram and Twitch. I go back far enough to remember the mailing list. Other cons still have message boards and I think there's a place for Otakon's a
  11. You can also put your SmarTrip on your Apple Watch or iPhone now: https://www.wmata.com/fares/MobilePay/ApplePay.cfm I stayed in a Westin for Tekko and they had the usual accoutrements in the room and, after our luggage failed to follow us from Baltimore (we got it the next day), they had toothbrushes and toothpaste available for us at the front. I couldn't really avail myself of that because of an allergy but I appreciated the thought.
  12. I’m not staff but I believe I saw a reply to something on social after the ACen mess saying that Otakon wasn’t relaxing its rules.
  13. I don't go back far enough to have anime on VHS or LD. I bought Boogiepop Phantom as a DVD set back in the day and now I own it on Blu-ray. I'm probably going to do the same with Project A-ko and Otaku no Video at some point, maybe Bebop.
  14. I’m glad that he got a sense these last few years of how loved he was.
  15. Dovetailing on the feedback panel comment about keepsake programs and T-shirts, one thing that's in the program that I kinda missed was the staff list. Let us, you know, know who was responsible for putting all this together so they can take a virtual bow. Also, though I wasn't interested in autographs this year, a fun feature of the program book was the autograph page you could have a guest sign, no questions asked. I don't know if any kind of alternative was provided but it would have been nice if that were the case.
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