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  1. I don’t think so. There are just people who would like to read into them things that are obviously not there, because there’s a case they want to make that is not supported by what is public. Here’s a post from Samantha Inoue-Harte reflecting on the internal probe, including evidence of Vic’s behavior around a Japanese guest at a con:
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    Thursday orientation

    Good enough for me. Thanks.
  3. Without naming names, I'm going to paraphrase a voice actor I've heard from. Not speaking specifically about the Vic situation, if you speak up about something, you run the risk of directors and higher-ups getting antsy about casting you in the future. Suddenly, there goes your health insurance. But after the spreadsheet and the ANN piece, people like Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi must have judged that the cost of speaking up was now far less. I'm not staff at Otakon or anywhere else, but I'd put money on question screeners being more common.
  4. Whatever he does, it won’t be in anime or video games. There are not a lot of companies that dub anime, and these people all talk to one another. Whether it’s New Generation or Bang Zoom or Studiopolis or NYAV Post and no matter who’s directing, it’s a small enough community that everybody knows who he is, that many of these people have had experiences or heard the stories. And many of these people, if they weren’t looking for an excuse to distance themselves already, likely find him too toxic to work with now. So he would have to relocate, since there’s not voiceover work for him in Texas. And he’d have to find his way into a union project, get Taft-Hartley’d and all that, and then hope to find a truly daft casting director.
  5. If we were talking about a few incidents of getting too handsy, it would have been possible to take his apology seriously. But we're talking about a pattern of behavior a lot of people knew about, coupled with the alleged sexual assaults we're now learning about. There's a long list of bad men in the entertainment industry who haven't been convicted of anything, but will never work again, like John Kricfalusi and Matt Lauer. There are things people won't forget.
  6. I mean, there are multiple credible allegations of sexual assault, including by industry peers. That's plenty reason to make him persona non grata. It's a shame, but he's only got himself to blame.
  7. What does a middle ground entail? Either he did these things or he didn’t. Either he works again or he doesn’t. I don’t think there’s a halfway.
  8. Yeah, while Monica Rial likely told them what happened to her, neither she nor Funi (nor any of the other three victims also alleging conduct more serious) owe us a damn thing. Unless there’s a court date involved, we may not hear further detail than we’ve got. At least not any time soon.
  9. Funimation has severed ties. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-02-11/funimation-will-not-engage-vic-mignogna-on-future-productions/.143291
  10. Monica Rial has stopped tweeting at the advice of her lawyer and authorities and she and Vic separately called for an end to the hostilities by Internet tough guys, including death threats. Death threats! I know some of the anger against the accusers is driven by interlopers, not people in fandom, but I worry about the ramifications of this cleansing beyond Vic.
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    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    Juuuuuuust barely.
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    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    Yes. Rez HD was also put out some years back on 360, that was my first hands-on exposure to the series.
  13. No video that uses “SJW” unironically should be taken seriously.
  14. There's a big honking gap between a credible account and an indictment. He doesn't need to be in handcuffs for people to conclude he did these things or for him to suffer consequences like being disinvited from cons and recast in RWBY and at least one other show. There have been whispers about him for years. Even Monica Rial, a fellow voice actor, says she was on the receiving end. The difference is that now, people are listening. If I catch wind he's going to be in the dub of something I'd like to buy, I don't know about you, but I won't buy it. Or I won't go to a con that would invite him from now on. And I can't possibly be alone.
  15. I don't think there's a gradient available to those who would employ him. Funimation can't be like "OK, we'll recast his parts in this but not this." His co-stars won't be happy with that, and fans won't be happy with that.
  16. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Jim. It echoes what D.C. Douglas said the other day about reevaluating his own behavior, and what Adam Sheehan reflected on regarding what happened with Todd Haberkorn and his own responsibility. I think for me, I've come to my conclusions based on the specificity of the claims, the pattern revealed, Vic's own response and the reactions of his peers. You're not seeing these people coalesce around him. Rather, it's quite the opposite. I've seen the spreadsheet, and I'm ambivalent. It was used to go after Justin Sevakis based on somebody's grudge. However, it also allowed people to see Vic's name and a prominent fan's name and realize they weren't alone. If not for the spreadsheet, the whispers on him may still have been whispers. But I don't think ANN should take custody of the spreadsheet or anything like that because that's not the role of a news outlet. They would risk opening themselves up to liability. I think that however this all came to light, it's high time there was this kind of reckoning in the fandom, and time for a conversation about this behavior. It goes further than just saying the words "cosplay is not consent."
  17. Inasmuch as his niche celebrity gives him power, he has allegedly abused it. I've also heard from con staffers--not necessarily at Otakon--that he's a bit of a pain to work with. Not going to go into details, since I don't want people to work backwards to figure out where these things happened.
  18. In the last few days, he's been canceled by Anime NYC, Kameha Con UK, Raleigh Supercon, Florida Supercon, Rangerstop & Pop Con, Kameha Con, Kawaii Kon and Kami-Kon. Ancient City Con and Anime Milwaukee mutually agreed with Vic to cancel. He was at Bak-Anime over the weekend and it was super awkward. He made a crocodile-tear statement in his Edward Elric register. Anime Matsuri is the only upcoming con that hasn't canceled him, but the person running that con has his own problems, let's say.
  19. The unnamed actor in Pridemore's story named himself on Twitter--nobody asked him to do that--and an industry insider came forward with what he knew about that night. (I'd name both individuals, but I don't want to run afoul of the mods or something.) The public sphere is a terrible place to have complex discussions about consent and propriety, but it may be the only place where it'll happen in these cases. It's high time that we as congoers (broadly, not just Ota) talk about and expose bad behavior in our community. Vic has an army of sycophants. They've even taken the step of limiting access to his convention schedule... which anybody can see on animecons.com anyway. I think the onus on the rest of us to be the adults in the room. And speaking of adults, consensual or not, anybody who acts the way Vic does around girls and women young enough to be his daughter ought to raise red flags no matter what other stories are out there.
  20. Long as it's reasonably priced and they play ball with some of those Asian offerings in the downtown area or whatever that was called, I'm down with it.
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    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    Tetris Effect, Rez Infinite, more Shenmue I/II after I re-conquer the 70 Man Battle. 21st century games have ruined me.