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  1. 1 hour ago, alabaster said:

    *Nods*  Just to clarify, there really isn't any new information, so the old statement stands.   As I understand it, It's on Studio Nasu and Kickstarter, legally and ethically, to deal with any remaining fallout.  That's just a risk of crowdfunding, really.

    Indeed. I was only $15, so I'm peeved, but still just out $15. Other people were taken for way, way more and it sure seems like that money's long since been spent. On what? Anybody's guess.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Konacha said:

    As someone who lost $200 from the game back when it was done (and I only paid that much money because Otakon was supporting it). I would first like to have my money back before any other project was announced as this would be a kick in the teeth for me. Or at least have the people who backed the game have our original ideas and tiers done. Having another game would feel as if Otakon is trying to sweep it under the rug, which they seem to have done already.

    All indications are the money is gone.


    I should disclose I am quoted in this story.

  3. Yeah, what I was told in the thread for this year was that they've tried to get Monkey Majik in the past, but the scheduling hasn't worked.

    Sidebar: It's super weird when an Avex act performs stateside now because literally none of their newer CDs are available even in dealer's rooms now due to the baffling export ban. I wanted to get something signed by Verbal and Taku Takuhashi at ACen, but found nothing physical in the dealers room for them to sign. And then there's the absurd way autograph tickets were handled at ACen, so even if I found something... but that's another story.

  4. 1 hour ago, WorldisYours said:

    I think the concert in 2017, the first year in DC, was Anisong World Matsuri and did cost extra. I didn't go that year so I'm not entirely sure, but I remember hearing that there was a massive backlash from the fans on having to pay extra for a concert, which probably had a strong effect on Otakon's opinion on the subject.

    I asked one of the Board of Directors members about this topic specifically- paying extra for concerts and other special events- at the Otakorp Financials panel on Sunday. He basically said that while they're comfortable charging extra for VIP and preferred seating (as they did this year), they aren't comfortable with required separate admission charges. So in another words, they probably will keep the VIP and Preferred options around going forward, but as that's not a requirement to attend the event (you can still choose to line up ahead of time and attend the concert or event for free, as long as there's still enough space) it will be limited on how much extra revenue it can bring in versus straight up charging an admission fee to everyone to attend the event.

    Personally speaking as an adult with disposable income I would prefer to see them charge separate admissions for concerts if that's what it will take to start bringing in bigger name and higher profile musical guests again. I was not thrilled with the musical guest options in the last two years. However, I understand the resistance to this idea from Otakon's perspective, as well as why more cash-strapped attendees would obviously be against it.

    I'm inclined to agree with not charging for concerts when you don't need to. A badge is a badge is a badge and one of the great things about Otakon has always been the populism of it. There are no velvet ropes. I ponied up for VIP for JAM Project and TMR because I love JAM Project. I was at the same panel--think about a family going to Otakon and how much it costs for parking, hotel, food. Everything adds up and you don't want them to introduce this (apparently successful) $50 badge for kids 9-12 and offset it with $20 concert tickets. I think of the Baltimore Orioles--what they did last year to goose attendance, they let parents bring in kids free to the upper deck and slashed concession prices. They weren't about to then jack up parking to compensate.

    From what I understand, Anisong World Matsuri was run like a matryoshka doll within the rest of the con. There may have been extraordinary costs associated with bringing the 21 musicians and all the support staff from Japan. It's possible that there were demands placed on Otakon by AWM (a JV of Bandai Namco Arts, Amuse and Sony Music Entertainment) that weren't placed on Otakon when working with Lantis in the past. This is all conjecture.

    I don't think keeping concerts included with your badge has kept Otakon from getting bigger name musical guests. Think of all the guests Otakon has brought without asking members to cough up extra. I think there's room for VIP and preferred passes, but unless it's a hard-bargain sort of thing ("we want $X per butt in the seats"), I think they should avoid charging everyone who wants to go to this or that concert/

  5. I think there should have been consistent messaging and enforcement of the food and drink policy, whatever it actually was.

    I wasn't about to pay $40 for the mug, even if my debit card hadn't been compromised on Friday (whoops!). I would have liked having the old mug deal back, given that stations to refill those were more plentiful than Wild Bill's.

    The lighting in the photoshoot spaces was a bit drab. It was like holding photoshoots in a shopping mall. I know there are a lot of moving pieces to consider, but I wonder if there's a chance the shoots could be moved back inside WEWCC, like by the staircase near reg, that area where the tables were on the walkway to the dance hall or downstairs near Rainbow Road. I'll grant that that last one may be complicated because of the lactation station, and I completely understand if that's not doable.

  6. Thank you, I am 100% going to Kari's panel then. I guess the only question I have left is that the schedule only lists the panel time and not the autograph session time, is it within that time or immediately following?

    The autograph sessions are in the schedule on their own. They may not necessarily be after the panels. Look at the schedule again.

  7. 55 minutes ago, Jonathan Seitz said:

    So there is still a possibility you could take a selfie if it is noted for the specific guest guess I'll have to wait until I get there to see. By guest panel it is just a typical convention autograph session, correct? This autograph system is strange and foreign to me,  are autographs unless noted are free, is there a limit to how many you can get? I am talking no more than 3. Sorry to be asking 20 questions this is my first time.

    No, a panel is a Q&A session. There are not autographs there. Only the things at the autograph tables are autograph sessions.

    As noted in the rules, you should generally expect one autograph per person unless there's a specific limit posted for the guest in question. They have to keep the line moving. Again, check with a staffer in autographs to figure out if that limit or other restrictions are in force for the signing session you want to attend. Chances are you might have to do another swing through the line or go to a later autograph session. Epcar is doing two signings and Wahlgren is doing three, according to the schedule as it stands.

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  8. Autographs organized by Otakon are free, governed by the rules under "Guests and Autographs" on Otakon's website. You can have guests sign your program book or any officially licensed and properly credited products. They may choose to sign handmade or other weird stuff. In terms of selfies, they forbid flash photography or photo ops during official signings unless otherwise noted. Your best bet might be to visit the autographs section when you can and ask a staffer about policies for those two sessions.

    Some passes may be handed out during a guest's panel, but that's no guarantee. Richard Epcar does a few cons every year and Kari Wahlgren does a bunch, so I don't foresee much of a problem.

    However, autograph sessions at industry booths or whatever are governed by whatever rules their management wants.

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  9. 3 hours ago, sulkyselkie said:

    I'm surprised that the autograph sessions haven't been added to the schedule yet! We're only two weeks away, what could be happening? 

    I can't plan out my schedule until I know what autographs are being offered when...Otakon, please hurry!

    --not staff--

    Guests have their own schedules, and when signings are set--especially for Japanese guests--can be subject to everything from contracts to flight itineraries. And if somebody's morning is panel, panel, panel, they're gonna want lunch, they're gonna want to go check out the National Portrait Gallery or something. The bulk of the schedule was put online waaaay earlier than usual. I think it's fair to give them a few more days to figure out who's signing when. and where. I mean, even today, they're still announcing guests.

  10. That's a good question. Comiket serves the doujinshi creators, while AnimeJapan (nee TAF) is a trade show. JumpFesta is run by Shueisha.

    Anime conventions as we know them are more of a western concept--not just in the US, but events like Anime Friends and Japan Expo. That's perhaps a byproduct of how anime cons here were outgrowths of comic and sci-fi cons. For Japanese guests, it's something novel and, for musical acts, a feather in their cap.

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  11. Also, Otaquest. I juuuuust missed seeing m-flo during their thing at Anime Central (it turns out they were the third act up... at midnight, after I started making my way back to the Airbnb). Gets me thinking I want to try to be at the dance at Ota, especially since Ota is going to be waaay clearer about who's playing when.

    (For those who don't know, m-flo's DJ Taku co-founded Otaquest to bring Japanese acts to big international audiences.)

  12. Please bring Vic Mignogna to otakon this year.

    People have brought this up over and over. Many many people, including myself, don’t want him there. Inviting him would show a lack of concern for what he’s done to fans over the last 16-some years and what he’s alleged to have done to peers and others.

    Considering Mignogna is not in anything anymore, and likely never will be, there’s no reason to invite him anyway.
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    HOMETOWN: I tell people in Maryland, Towson. I tell people outside the area, Baltimore.
    # OF OTAKONS ATTENDED: 14 (the Sunday of 04 and everyone since, except 2016, when I had a schedule conflict)
    The BONUS ? for 2019:  I'm no good at cosplay--I did a budget Green Ranger twice. But the best I've seen at Ota... man, I'd have to think a while on that.

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