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  1. 10 hours ago, Fadamor said:

    So Maryland is going to spend $50 million just to plan and design renovations? When the planning and designing are finished, I wonder what the price tag of actual construction would be and will Maryland taxpayers approve coughing up that kind of expenditure when there are many other issues that need to be addressed.

    Yeah, like I said, it feels like Groundhog Day. Ultimately, whether the state helps or not, the convention center is owned and operated by the city, and the city has other problems.

  2. Please bring Vic Mignogna to otakon this year.

    People have brought this up over and over. Many many people, including myself, don’t want him there. Inviting him would show a lack of concern for what he’s done to fans over the last 16-some years and what he’s alleged to have done to peers and others.

    Considering Mignogna is not in anything anymore, and likely never will be, there’s no reason to invite him anyway.
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  3. 6 hours ago, Krabstarr said:

    For a little sample, here is "Flyers", used as the opening to anime Death Parade, from their 2015 album Power of Life.

    Also, they will be releasing a new single called 『O・TE・A・GE・DA!』 on April 24th, 2019, so keep an eye out for that, all you FUNKY PARTY PEOPLE!

    They remind me of Scoobie Do, who they've apparently worked with. For those who think of the talking dog, I'm actually thinking of the band that did the Gungrave ED.

    HOMETOWN: I tell people in Maryland, Towson. I tell people outside the area, Baltimore.
    # OF OTAKONS ATTENDED: 14 (the Sunday of 04 and everyone since, except 2016, when I had a schedule conflict)
    The BONUS ? for 2019:  I'm no good at cosplay--I did a budget Green Ranger twice. But the best I've seen at Ota... man, I'd have to think a while on that.

  5. id say the same thing with Brett Kavanaugh and Johnny Depp But we never know Honestly it’s just my opinion on the situation some might be true some might be false people want us to believe the victims to be honest as much as I want to yeah some may be true but it’s two sides to every story people lie 

    A convention or a studio can’t take that risk when this is a pattern of reputed behavior going back 30 years—before he ever did anime. Knowing what they can’t deny knowing now, if he touches or kisses a fan without consent, if he sexually assaults a peer, that’s a lawsuit. Or regardless, there are fans who will choose not to support an event or release that would include him. Funimation and Rooster Teeth clearly decided he’s too much of a liability to have around anymore.

  6. Like I said before Innocent Until Proven Guilty not the other way around it’s like that in the amendments I certainly don’t believe he did those things honestly but I don’t know because these are just accusations some can be true some can be false people can have opinions on this situation just like the fans Vic fans threaten people behind his back and he wants people to spread positivity and he cant keep up with every fan just like Monica and Jamie 

    The presumption of innocence applies to legal proceedings. Notwithstanding existing agreements, conventions and companies are free to decide they shouldn’t associate with him.

    Was Mignogna spreading positivity with that former student of his in 1989? To believe that every single one of these allegations is untrue is to believe in a massive conspiracy stretching back years. And cui bono?

  7. You may want to get Vic's autograph, but he has a pattern of behavior that for years and years was protected by the whisper network. I'm not accusing Otakon specifically of having a part in this, but he was a known problem among staff at the conventions he frequented, as has been referenced in the io9 and ANN stories and elsewhere. While some of the more serious allegations like those made by Monica Rial and others did not come forward until only recently, that Mignogna is a creep is generally not news.

    With the public airing of the claims against him, there is no longer plausible deniability for the events that would invite him and the studios that would employ him. If he were to come to an event and further engage in the kind of behavior that has been documented--I'm not a lawyer, but there could be liability on the part of the event for having invited him despite having known his history.

  8. 10 hours ago, PiraticalJack said:

    Okay. So.

    Let's think about this for a moment.

    What's actually more likely?

    That a 56 year old actor with a pattern of boundary issues (who considers silence to be consent) with women and girls to whom he is much, much older who cheated on his long-term fiancee of twelve years and has a nearly two decade long reputation of being a diva, difficult to work with both in the industry and at conventions to the point that he's been frequently blacklisted and banned for bad behavior (reminder: he wasn't banned for just being a d*ck, but it's been documented a number of times that he's screamed at staffers to the point of making them break down into tears) who leans on his religiosity with a "methinks he dost protest too much" fervor as a handwaving excuse for his worst behavior just happens to be a creep who has exactly zero industry colleagues who are backing him...


    There's been an orchestrated conspiracy for the past two decades to slowly trickle lies about a perfectly upstanding 40-50+ year old man who somehow never learned personal space and is totally the nicest guy--I'm sure every staffer he's glared at, rolled his eyes toward, and called a "f*cking amateur" while shoulder checking and not apologizing was just exaggerating the emotional abuse someone they might have admired threw their way--on various internet boards, forums, and social media sites about disparate events and conventions, preparing for a film they would have no way of knowing would be releasing in theaters for a Dragon Ball series that wouldn't air until 2015, just so that they could take down this perfectly upstanding fellow all because he happened to be a conservative(?) Christian in the anime industry and replace all his parts with an actress, writer, and director who has a much broader but very different vocal range. Am I getting the brass tacks of this monumentally stupid conspiracy theory correct?

    I don't know about you, but Occam's razor would seem to suggest that a cheating, 56 year old man with a pattern of boundary and consent issues being a creep would be the most likely scenario.

    Precisely. Looking at who's coming out and the lack of defenders in the industry, looking at the understandable explanations Rial et al never told their story publicly and knowing the years of talk among fans and among convention staffers across the country, a reasonable person must conclude that, at bare minimum, he is too toxic to employ and certainly too much of a risk to invite to another convention.

  9. 30 minutes ago, Something Clever said:

    when have you posted something credible?

    All the videos are clearly biased to a laughable degree by people who have no credibility.  just because you claim something doesnt make it true and the least credible thing is and always be youtubers.  And due to the nature of this its easy for anyone to twist words and facts to fit there agenda.

    The last 3 were about sjws and all were done by schmucks on youtube.  This one follows the same pattern some guy who is probably a lawyer by the thinnest margin with no credibility what so ever.  There is such a thing as credible sources and some guy doing a lets play of law selling merch and patreon doesnt scream credible to me.  Heck i did a  google of his address just because i could.   Do you see anything that looks like a decent law office?  yeah post something that actually looks serious and ill admit im wrong.


    if you want a discussion post something credible to be discussed so we can stop flinging mud around and making this situation worse and more foggy.  listening to someone with a clear bias doesnthelp promote a discussion it helps promote problems

    The Minnesota lawyer is actually a practicing lawyer, according to an online database from the Minnesota judiciary. He just doesn't have a website.

    I'm not a mod, but I think we need to get this thread back on track.

    io9 report: https://io9.gizmodo.com/one-of-anime-s-biggest-voices-accused-of-sexual-harassm-1832390505

    Samantha Inoue-Harte had something happen at her home: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-20/police-report-dub-voice-actress-door-damaged-classified-criminal-mischief/.143617

    Monica Rial elaborates: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-20/bulma-voice-actress-monica-rial-shares-alleged-inappropriate-encounters-with-vic-mignogna/.143664

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  10. Jamie Marchi's Tweets were very disappointing. 


    I don’t think so. There are just people who would like to read into them things that are obviously not there, because there’s a case they want to make that is not supported by what is public.


    Here’s a post from Samantha Inoue-Harte reflecting on the internal probe, including evidence of Vic’s behavior around a Japanese guest at a con:

  11. 2 hours ago, KyoKyo said:

    What I don't understand is how this was going on for so long without anyone coming forward sooner or the issues being addressed. The anime dub industry is small and closely-knit and doesn't in any way resemble a large-scale Hollywood power structure that would protect someone like a Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein. I know there were rumblings for years about how his behavior was "misrepresented" at best and he seemed to have dropped off the con circuit for a number of years. I'm not sure if its a glowing recommendation of the industry if other VAs knew that innocent people, their fans, were experiencing this and did or said nothing about it to Mignonga's team. Maybe the corporate side of Funimation wanted this downplayed. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't and we just don't know.

    There are some socially/politically vocal VAs within the dub industry that were unusually quiet up until now. I'm surprised Jamie Marchi wasn't shouting this thing from the rooftops earlier judging by how outraged she is on Twitter. 

    Who knows. Maybe I need to "take his [Vic Mignonga's] d**k out of my ears so I can hear reality" as Marchi suggests.

    This whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth from both sides. I've unsubbed from Funimation and am going back to CR subs. As soon as I give western anime localization/adaptation a chance, this sort of thing happens.


     I'm curious if this will be brought up by attendees at various industry or VA panels during the upcoming convention season. 


    Without naming names, I'm going to paraphrase a voice actor I've heard from. Not speaking specifically about the Vic situation, if you speak up about something, you run the risk of directors and higher-ups getting antsy about casting you in the future. Suddenly, there goes your health insurance.

    But after the spreadsheet and the ANN piece, people like Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi must have judged that the cost of speaking up was now far less.

    I'm not staff at Otakon or anywhere else, but I'd put money on question screeners being more common.