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  1. 100 pages, but before pages were 20 posts each. Now they're 50. So yeah. And some good samaritans Youtubed all of JAM Project's Brazil show.
  2. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bal-are...0,2163487.story What do you guys think about this? I think the location works great, but finding a location for the circus, the Blast, the concerts, and more importantly, Otakon in the meantime will be a challenge. At least we'll have the Hilton.
  3. At Acen, Media Blasters decided to do everybody a favor and break the street date. A friend bought it and brought it up to our suite. And it was good. REALLY good. Late night material, methinks.
  4. CPK's lease reportedly came up and they decided not to renew.
  5. However, if the O's game goes late, as per MTA policy, you're in luck for about an hour after the final out.
  6. Bonus points to any Char cosplayer who heads over there.
  7. According to the panel video at ANN, the stuff they're holding back (new titles, new Japanese partners) is going to be announced at Otakon. They're "waiting for the blood to dry," they said.
  8. Not to mention Virgin Festival, which drags in 60,000+. So basically, Baltimore that weekend will be packed. And the ATM's will run out of money twice as fast. Hold onto your wallets, kiddies.
  9. Also, if your hotel is out in Harbor East (looooong walk but hey) you have a completely different set of options open. Really expensive stuff in the immediate vicinity, along with Whole Foods, a sushi joint, Starbucks, Haagen Dazs, and the stuff in Little Italy or near Power Plant.
  10. I put in for vacation for the week of 8/2, because the weekend before is a family reunion. So I figure I'll request off a couple days on each end and I'm cool. Though imagine my surprise when I see two paychecks hit my bank account a couple weeks back. They messed up. So I called in and made sure I was on the schedule for the following week. I then put the vacation pay in savings to save me from myself.
  11. I was planning to, but didn't have the time. Crap.
  12. I hit Potbelly once. Not very remarkable to me, but it's fast, effective, and cheap. Then again, Chipotle is next door, and that's all your food groups right there.
  13. Actually, last year they had somebody outside the Pratt entrance handing buy one get one free burrito coupons. If you're with a friend, that's great.
  14. Actually, from what I've read, they're pretty much good to go. The Penn LR trains will start back up this Sunday. No worries.
  15. I saw the ADV table at Acen. They didn't have anybody around who could do a panel, so theirs was canceled. No worries, though. If they hit any cons with panels, they're hitting Otakon and AX without a doubt.
  16. My air conditioner in my room isn't working right. It spilled water all over my carpet, so I guess that's a roundabout way of saving energy by not using it. -__- I pay $39 a month to get an MTA monthly pass through Towson U. Sure, it's not the most reliable thing in the world, but for $39, I could care less about that. Other than that, I don't really drive that much, so it works out.
  17. Or not. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-...-yoshiki-health
  18. http://www.play-symphony.com/ Got my ticket today. Last time they came to the area, it was Otakon's Friday, so having it on a different weekend and actually in Baltimore and not DC is nice. For those familiar with Video Games Live, this is similar, but with a different program, and less insanity. You won't see Tommy Tallarico ducking under a cardboard box, but you do get a metric ton of Squeenix tunes (Uematsu even composed the PLAY fanfare) and stuff from games games like Shenmue (WOOT), Battlefield 1942, Apidya (2D shooter, had to Google that), Prey, and Daytona USA (really). So yeah,
  19. Look, at least the service is running, unlike a few years ago when everything was shut down for a much needed overhaul. I think they'll be done in time. They're probably pretty much working around the clock to avoid the passenger drop that happened after the double tracking was done.
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