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  1. "Who are you? What is that? Oh what's that thing? Hey, you're that lady from the test! What's wrong with your legs? Where are we going? Is that a gun? Who are--YAAAHH!"
  2. Did you know you can donate one or all of your vital organs to the Aperture Science Self-Esteem Fund for Girls? It's true!
  3. Budget? What budget? People go to Otakon with a budget?
  4. That's the sort of thing I was thinking. Our ability to do something like that would depend on cost, availability of location, and availability of staffers to run it. But the murderous Baltimore heat and the reasonable likelihood of a rain-out adds to the risk.
  5. Having a small Thursday concert from a locally-based relevant group down in say, Harborplace, would probably bring some good attention to the con. Groups like, say, Nen Daiko, Washington Toho Koto Society, as well as more, uh, noticeable acts like Peelander-Z. Of course, ultimately, if cost is a problem, then no dice.
  6. For 2007, it started early when I went up to the light rail and down to BWI to intercept a friend coming in from Milwaukee. Then we headed up to my house so he could drop his stuff (though we'd be hauling it all to the Hyatt Friday morning). Then we went up to the light rail again, and down to the BCC. We covered the wonderful events of the line for our respective podcasts, then my buddy decided to go sightseeing. We hit the Top of the World exhibit then chilled out around Harborplace. After picking up badges and press passes, we had dinner with some friends at Tir Na Nog, this cool bar in Pra
  7. Thing about Chipotle is it's always reasonably near almost every con I go to. And hallelujah for that, cause it's usually the best vegetarian stuff around. You get a lot of food for the money. And yeah, burrito bowls for the win.
  8. Ah damn. That really sucks. But at this point, CalTort is serving most of my Otakon needs anyway.
  9. Yeah, Forza did come with it, however I'm not much for racing games, so I'm pretty much ignoring it.
  10. You're going to hate season 2 from the second episode until the eighth one, just letting you know. But it's worth it for the payoff.
  11. AUSA tomorrow. But before that, I have to pack, write my Towerlight column, work on my podcast...being busy sucks sometimes.
  12. During the Gettysburg show, at one point Hayashi softly tapped the head of one of the security dudes in front of the stage. With his earplugs on and back to the stage, it took him a few seconds to realize what just happened.
  13. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=21288519 Polysics is win. I saw them in Gettysburg the other day.
  14. Anyway, I'm considering doing another panel. It's a lot of fun. Of course, whatever podcasting panel there is next year I'm there. But 06 I did a Sentai panel, 07 it was general toku, 08 is...?
  15. My 360 gave me the Red Ring of Death the other day. What really sucks is that I just got the HDDVD player (Free Heroes Season 1 at Best Buy) and I was still working on some H3 achievements. MS will fix it for free though, so I should be getting the coffin shortly, and I may have a 1 month live card when I get it back.
  16. Here's a tip. http://www.iace-usa.com/ These guys do awesome student discount programs. If you're going during Golden week though, say bye-bye to your wallet.
  17. Checking the Best Buy circular. Power Rangers Super Legends (which I'd like to have played for my podcast), right there on the cover on sale for $22.49. Further inside, I see the XB360 HDDVD drive I've been wanting, and if you buy it, you get Heroes Season 1 HD free, which I was already prepared to drop $70 on. It's like they know me.
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