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  1. I highly recommend diving into the Live Arcade for choice picks. Lumines Live and Every Extend Extreme Extra are fun. So is Street Fighter II. The Genesis ports are also fun. And remember, there's a fairly huge selection of Anime in the XBL Video Marketplace, and even a few movies (remember the HD Akira that Geneon was promoting at their booth?).
  2. #8 bus to Lutherville light rail, then to a hotel. Yes, I live that close and I still stay in a hotel. And? Though last year I did a lot of Thursday back-and-forth because I had to take the train all the way down to BWI to intercept a friend.
  3. Ah but here's the catch. He and Tails are only unlockable by 20 Fighting Wireframes in Cruel Melee. If you don't unlock them, it's because you're doing it wrong. Repeat ad infinitum. (I'd love to see that happen just as a nod to EGM.)
  4. Aresef360. Too many games to list, but yeah, Halo and Gears.
  5. (Baltimore Comic-Con yesterday) *I take $20 from the ATM in Charles Street Lobby* Dude behind me to dude with him: 200 bucks sound okay? Me: Wow. I do all my big spending at Otakon. Him: What's that? Me: It's a gigantic anime con here? Him: Never heard of it....do they have comics? Me: Kinda. But the dealer's room is awesome. Him: And it's here?... They seemed to be relative locals unaware of Otakon's presence. I kind of wondered after that, though I know the staff is burnt out, why doesn't Otakon have an Otastore table or something there to remind people to come back to
  6. And speaking of money, when can 07 panelists expect their reimbursement checks?
  7. I reserved a hotel room for Otakon 06 and checked in and everything despite being underage. But hey, that was then.
  8. Some are genuinely curious. Others don't get it. Thursday afternoon a friend and I were headed over to Light Street Pavilion to grab some food. These two men asked what the heck was going on, and I explained. Last year, while I was in costume as a Power Ranger I passed by this family on the sidewalk, who seemed intrigued by this "costume party."
  9. Though it's a great film, I don't think a subbed print of KR The First even exists. Media Blasters basically sent it straight to DVD.
  10. Speaking from experience, don't try to organize a room yourself. Find a friend and hop aboard or something. Oh the horror stories I have.
  11. I can think of some good reasons. For example, the Light Rail shuts down just as the late night fun is beginning. That, and staying in a skywalked hotel (Hyatt, Sheraton, eventually the Hilton) and being so conveniently close to con stuff is priceless.
  12. I'll second Kung Fu Hustle and Paprika. Paprika was amazing when I saw it at the Smithsonian.
  13. Limiting it to two reimbursements a panel is also not cool. I know for the Tokusatsu panel, which I coordinated, we had two podcasters, one guy who actually lived in Japan for a while, and one guy who was just really really knowledgeable. Who do we pick? Or what about the people who end up doing multiple panels (*raises hand*) and end up not getting reimbursed for either?
  14. I would be against a deposit for panelists. Money is tight enough leading up to Otakon for me as it is.
  15. Actually IIRC Sheraton City Center's rates were $140.
  16. It would also be nice to have some more wireless mics on hand just in case for accidentally huge panels like Podcaster's Roundtable, where we had five mics for about eight of us panelists.
  17. What I did was I printed out the updated online schedule before I went out the door. It had many of the errata and later schedule changes accounted for.
  18. I could whine about the time and place we ended up with (10 AM Sunday Panel 2, instead of piling lots of people into Panel 3 11 AM Saturday like we did last year). It really affected our attendance, I think--that and the fact we were an errata panel, and fewer people noticed we were there. Though all of this really springs from the same issue, way back when the switchover was made, and we've been over that already. :-p Also, it would be nice if water was provided for us fan panelists. Even just one bottle would be a big help, instead of having to remember to yank and fill several cups
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