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  1. I had a great time last year and I'll be there this year. I was ambivalent at first (because of one of their guests, and I'll leave it there), but then they announced the concert and I was all in.
  2. Indeed. I was only $15, so I'm peeved, but still just out $15. Other people were taken for way, way more and it sure seems like that money's long since been spent. On what? Anybody's guess.
  3. All indications are the money is gone. https://www.otakujournalist.com/future-hazy-for-crisis-heart-brawlers-clash-at-otakon/ I should disclose I am quoted in this story.
  4. Even if it's a different team, I think those who backed the other project may still be bitter from getting tooken.
  5. Yeah, what I was told in the thread for this year was that they've tried to get Monkey Majik in the past, but the scheduling hasn't worked. Sidebar: It's super weird when an Avex act performs stateside now because literally none of their newer CDs are available even in dealer's rooms now due to the baffling export ban. I wanted to get something signed by Verbal and Taku Takuhashi at ACen, but found nothing physical in the dealers room for them to sign. And then there's the absurd way autograph tickets were handled at ACen, so even if I found something... but that's another story.
  6. I've made earlier requests like Monkey Majik and m-flo known. Besides them, Konomi Suzuki, fhána, GRANRODEO, the seiyuu Aoi Yuuki, director Shingo Natsume, Monica Rial, Cristina Vee
  7. I'm inclined to agree with not charging for concerts when you don't need to. A badge is a badge is a badge and one of the great things about Otakon has always been the populism of it. There are no velvet ropes. I ponied up for VIP for JAM Project and TMR because I love JAM Project. I was at the same panel--think about a family going to Otakon and how much it costs for parking, hotel, food. Everything adds up and you don't want them to introduce this (apparently successful) $50 badge for kids 9-12 and offset it with $20 concert tickets. I think of the Baltimore Orioles--what they did last year
  8. I think there should have been consistent messaging and enforcement of the food and drink policy, whatever it actually was. I wasn't about to pay $40 for the mug, even if my debit card hadn't been compromised on Friday (whoops!). I would have liked having the old mug deal back, given that stations to refill those were more plentiful than Wild Bill's. The lighting in the photoshoot spaces was a bit drab. It was like holding photoshoots in a shopping mall. I know there are a lot of moving pieces to consider, but I wonder if there's a chance the shoots could be moved back inside WEWCC,
  9. The autograph sessions are in the schedule on their own. They may not necessarily be after the panels. Look at the schedule again.
  10. No, a panel is a Q&A session. There are not autographs there. Only the things at the autograph tables are autograph sessions. As noted in the rules, you should generally expect one autograph per person unless there's a specific limit posted for the guest in question. They have to keep the line moving. Again, check with a staffer in autographs to figure out if that limit or other restrictions are in force for the signing session you want to attend. Chances are you might have to do another swing through the line or go to a later autograph session. Epcar is doing two signings and Wahlgre
  11. Autographs organized by Otakon are free, governed by the rules under "Guests and Autographs" on Otakon's website. You can have guests sign your program book or any officially licensed and properly credited products. They may choose to sign handmade or other weird stuff. In terms of selfies, they forbid flash photography or photo ops during official signings unless otherwise noted. Your best bet might be to visit the autographs section when you can and ask a staffer about policies for those two sessions. Some passes may be handed out during a guest's panel, but that's no guarantee. Richard
  12. So it's looking like the rain is going to be out of the way. Still pack your umbrella, though.
  13. --not staff-- They are literally only in town for a day.
  14. --not staff-- Guests have their own schedules, and when signings are set--especially for Japanese guests--can be subject to everything from contracts to flight itineraries. And if somebody's morning is panel, panel, panel, they're gonna want lunch, they're gonna want to go check out the National Portrait Gallery or something. The bulk of the schedule was put online waaaay earlier than usual. I think it's fair to give them a few more days to figure out who's signing when. and where. I mean, even today, they're still announcing guests.
  15. That's a good question. Comiket serves the doujinshi creators, while AnimeJapan (nee TAF) is a trade show. JumpFesta is run by Shueisha. Anime conventions as we know them are more of a western concept--not just in the US, but events like Anime Friends and Japan Expo. That's perhaps a byproduct of how anime cons here were outgrowths of comic and sci-fi cons. For Japanese guests, it's something novel and, for musical acts, a feather in their cap.
  16. It's great to see alumni turning out. Since it's not a gameday, we're trying to find some unique ways to work in some elements of school spirit... and that's all I have to say about that. We asked Paws (first floor cybercafe, the only place to eat in the building that day) to carry sushi for the day, and they're hooking us up. Though when I told the manager how many people to expect, I think I may have given him a bit of a heart attack.
  17. Wasn't exactly a secret, since we put it online like a couple months ago.
  18. I'm not sure what kind of inside news you heard, but I don't know a Mac McGraw. Must have been somebody else on the team. Working on the schedule... definitely register for a shot at some Eureka Seven tickets.
  19. Though now that you mention it we do have Legends penciled in as a dealer.
  20. Props to everybody who dropped by the table. We had a ton of fun in the alley. A lot of people are listing this thread as where they heard about the con, which does my heart good. Just announced a couple more guests: Rare Candy (who played in Club Otaku... their keyboarder ran the room so yeah) and Ten Elevenths, a local chiptune act. Working on a few more... being up against NYAF and SPX isn't helping us much in that department. And if you want to be a panelist, masquerade participant, volunteer... by all means, go through the site and let us know. We need the warm bodies!
  21. Look for us at table B09 in the Artist Alley (we'll have the Towson Anime banner). We'll have one of our artists doing commissions and we'll be distributing flyers about the con.
  22. Registration is UP. You don't have to register, per se, but it gives us an idea of the people we'll have coming. And we're working on getting something special for those who do. http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl...ZndmQjMtaVE6MA..
  23. Towson is directly accessible via the 3 and 8 routes on the York Road side and 11 on the Towsontown Boulevard side. If you're coming from Penn Station, the 11 will get you there. I'll work in an MTA Trip planner link on the website when I get the chance.
  24. We're working on just that.
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