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  1. I was already in touch with somebody (Jaclyn, I think her name was) about that. We're working on it.
  2. If you're flying ANA and codeshare to book a United flight from, say, O'Hare to Baltimore, you will not be charged for your luggage, since the itinerary includes an international flight.
  3. Circumstances are calling me to Anime Expo, so my budget just got smaller.
  4. Hate to bump, but the switch on the website has been flipped (see my signature) and the first flyers are out at Balticon. Registration, volunteering, cosplay and other information will be up in short order.
  5. Yeah, you're not the first person to be absolutely bummed over missing the fun last year. But we'll make it up to you. We just had a staff meeting the other day. We have a few guest prospects I can't talk about except to say they're the result of some thinking outside the box. We're also planning a pretty awesome masquerade. We've secured the whole University Union building, which is really going to give us some breathing room. The photo suit will be in an actual room, etc. Oh, speaking of which, Towson's director of photographic services (also a Japanese professor, hehe) sent me thi
  6. It's on the other side of the Baltimore Beltway. Takes me about an hour to get to DC from my house near the campus, for reference.
  7. I doubt that's going to happen just for logistical and cost reasons. People are usually doing something with the Union on Friday (not to mention some rooms are unavailable) and half the campus is hung over on Sunday. And if we did it, we would need to pay for equipment rentals twice. However, we are looking at getting better late-night programming and then putting up the money to keep the building open a few extra hours. Also, I'm working on redoing the website right now, so hang tight.
  8. Look for Towson Anime Club and our army at Sakura Matsuri, in J-Pop Land. Also, go to Akiba Fest in College Park afterwards.
  9. Much of what I *learned* either evaporated the moment I landed due to nervousness or just wasn't very useful in real-world situations. But by the end of a week in Tokyo (not enough), I really gained a feel for what people and signs were saying. The one day I had a professor's friend as my guide, my Japanese was far better than his English, so we met halfway.
  10. I'm in my second year of Japanese class at Towson. Probably hanging on for a third year. Heck, why not? And you don't need that much Japanese to find your way around Japan, it turns out.
  11. Rockstar Juiced and Rockstar Energy Shot are where it's at. Oh, and Bawls.
  12. Board without a ticket, and you may find out--to the tune of a hefty ticket (I think it's $100 or so). They're checked by roving teams of uniformed inspectors, usually backed by transit police with arrest powers.
  13. The light rail runs from around 5 AM to 11 PM on weekdays. Fare is $1.60. No turnstiles, but keep your ticket on you in case an MTA cop/fare inspector hops on. The Penn Station line runs between Penn Station and Camden Yards. The Convention Center stop is on that route. Yes, the Holiday Inn is very close. It's on the other side of Pratt Street from the Hilton. It's like a block tops from the Light Rail. Can't miss it.
  14. It depends. What else would the ballroom space be used for? If there is other programming that could go there, then no. The lobbies are pretty good for the dance, far as I can tell.
  15. Work finally kicked me the vacation/personal pay they forgot to give me for my Japan trip. My bank account isn't double digits now. It's nice. Side note: If I did that trip now instead of January, I would have saved several hundred dollars in airfare and exchange rate stuff. Darn it. That said, you can get from DC to Tokyo for $900 now, which is awesome.
  16. I have 10% off coupons good Friday and a stack of gift cards. Friday's an off day for me, so the Inner Harbor store beckons.
  17. Yes, we are free. Believe it. 2008's event was sponsored by us (an SGA-budgeted group), the Campus Activities Board and Asian Arts and Culture Center. We're working on securing 2009 sponsors. That said, there's a donate button on the site. If you'd like to use it, it'd be much appreciated. There are some things we can't get money for from the SGA. Guests... I can't really say quite yet, but we may be reaching outside the box for some stuff. We're open to suggestions, of course.
  18. Making a new thread after a mod's recommendation. But anyway, Tigercon was Towson Anime Club's first stab at doing a con of our own. We did better than anybody could have anticipated. 400 or so people. No major complaints. Nothing blew up. And everybody had fun. So we're doing it again. And oh yeah, like last year, it's FREE. Saturday, September 26, 2009 Towson University University Union I'm working on getting the guests together. It's going to be a heck of a time. http://www.tigercon.org The website will be updated over the next week or so (my laptop is in the sh
  19. 10% discounts plus my Burrito Elito card equals a happier wallet.
  20. I concur with SnappleLlama. Caltort and Five Guys are *the* places to go.
  21. And I just noticed that new policy about two panelists. This does kind of throw a wrench into things. I'm sure a lot of experienced panelists (including me) have their dream team as it were set to go. Only being able to bring two people is kind of discouraging.
  22. I was about to post that! But yeah, Towson Anime is *very* active. We volunteer at Sakura Matsuri, we hold some screenings and performances and other events and our new tradition: Tigercon. 2008 was our first year doing it and we got 350 people for a one day thing. But anyway, if you'd like to drop by for a meeting sometime, feel free. Technically, you can't be a *member* unless you're a fee-paying full time student, but you can still show up. We meet Thursdays at 7 PM in University Union, Room 305. Parking is free on Cross Campus Drive in the evenings.
  23. Here's hoping I don't end up having to dump my ticket like I did for PLAY.
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