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  1. Hotels

    Otakon has to hammer out contracts, which are legal documents. Those take time, and money. The hotels have to assess whether Otakon attendees should get a discount, based on their experienced this year. We were in Baltimore a long time, and arranging the next year was easy. D.C. is still new. Give it time.
  2. Anime Fidget Spinners

    I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but was having problem with my machine. I supposed many have seen it now, but I still get a chuckle each time I watch it.
  3. I went to the Smithsonian, and had to be wanded by the guards, because I did not take my flashlight out of my pocket. I forgot it was even there, but then they almost confiscated it. They took my metal pen, though. I don't want the hassle of emptying my pockets every time I go in and out of the building. Metal detectors will make things much worse for traffic getting into the convention center. If you buy a metal die from one of the gaming vendors in the Dealer's Hall, it will set off a detector. The bag check, as it was this year, is fine with me.
  4. Overheard at Otakon 2017

    Old man voice "You kids need to take the stairs. Escalators? Feh! In my day we walked up stairs. Barefoot! Both ways!" I do take the stairs when possible, to add to my step count. In my mind, every stair you climb is one second added to the end of your life.
  5. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    Movie theaters have some dedicated space among the rows for wheel chairs, under the newest layouts. Rather than moving chairs, I think the layout of the rooms should factor some empty spaces to accommodate them. It would be less disruptive to have the dedicated space when the rooms are set up. Just my suggestion.
  6. I think that the reason it was cold in the convention center is that most conventions are for business people. They usually wear suits, or long pants at a minimum. Most of the Otakon crowd is in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, and that combination does not hold a lot of heat. The video rooms were not packed to capacity for long periods, so there was never a chance for the quantity of bodies to heat up the room. I put my hat on at least one time, because I was starting to get too cold, and never took off my long-sleeved sun shirt. After the anime ended, I just went outside for a while to warm up. The cosplayers with the full outfits were probably happy it was not overly warm in the convention center.
  7. In the convention center there were some vending machines in a central lounge area, and a few tucked in the corners, that appeared to contain soda.
  8. Food Recommendation Thread!

    I posted this in the wrong thread, but will add it here:
  9. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    That depends. Some places have a mandatory tip based on the size of the group. Personally, I try to tip generously, because the employees are usually paid way under minimum wage.
  10. WEWCC screens

    There is no Guidebook for Windows Phone, so I had to use the local Wi-Fi to load the Schedule page for updates. One of the Information Booths did not know their screen had gone to sleep when someone closed the lid on the laptop. They had to take it out of hibernation.
  11. Future Request: Quiet Floors

    The third floor of the Marriott (near the elevators) was very loud on Friday and Saturday nights. I was close to calling the Front Desk a few times, because the lounge area on the floor was being used as an open party space. I try not to make a lot of noise when I am in a hotel, and hope the other guests are the same way, but there are always exceptions. Last year, the couple next door was having a screaming/throwing match, until one of them left. I need my rest!!!!
  12. Bag check line - bravo *slow clap*

    I walked straight in from the main convention center entrance, and had my bag opened for checking, but did not see any 'red coats' near by. I think the person that checked my badge, and let me in, did not see my camera bag on the opposite side, and just waived me through. Although I though the shoulder strap would have given it away?
  13. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I was in one of the video rooms, where someone came in using a wheel chair. There did not appear to be any areas carved out for the wheelchair, so they stopped right next to their friends' seats. This did make the row narrower in that one place. I was going to suggest removing the end chair and placing it against the wall, temporarily, if anyone made an issue of it. The room layouts may need to drop a few seats to make accessible spaces for wheelchairs or baby carriers.
  14. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I am a light sleeper, and the Marriott was really rough at night. Around Midnight Saturday, someone was yelling "It's Henry, it's Henry". The night before, there was a party in the small lounge area next to the elevators. The wall behind the couch is someone's room, so I am sure they were not very happy about it. I was pretty close to calling the Front Desk a few times. I did not have any T-Mobile signal from my room, and had to switch the phone over to Wi-Fi calling. Although that was not such a smart idea, because I got a ring-down page from work at 6 AM. The beds were great. My only real complaint about the room was that the glass door they have on the shower was not dampened, and a little push made an uncomfortable clanging of the glass.
  15. I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    The USPS is one of the slowest delivery places to update their data. I honestly think they scan for a whole day, upload the batch at the end. From my experience, it is not uncommon for updates to take forever. They lost a package for me once. I called the vendor and USPS to say I never received it. The vendor sent me a new one. After it arrived, the Post Office called to say they found the original packaged and were sending it to me. I had to get them to list it as "refused shipment" to get the first package back to the vendor. That package had been to more states that I have.