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  1. @Daniel Perales - Thought about this yesterday. Assuming you did the same thing I did and moved the little slide which says shipping and billing addresses are the same. Try filling in both separately and see if that lets it push through. Am going on the assumption that filling in the 2nd one manually overrides any saved information. Someone else registered me in the mean time, so I haven't been able to try this myself.
  2. Funny thing about addresses. When you go to get certain documents renewed, they want to see 2 forms of ID. If the names are different (middle name, middle initial, etc.), they will reject the renewal. Go to the local government office to update one of the IDs and they say "Oh, looks like the Post Office changed the city name on your address." Depending in which database you look, the town name is one or the other. The Zip Code is 5 digits or 9 digits. Really annoying. I tried all combinations, but none of them worked. Not sure how you can reach someone to just get the information they have rem
  3. I keep getting a message "payment failed" when trying to submit it. Tried 2 separate browsers at least 4 times each. Guessing the $70 rate is gone, but it won't display the $75 rate. Disappointing.
  4. Isn't Otakon the original one for the East Coast? Where do the attendance numbers land for those other conventions compared to Otakon?
  5. I think anime/manga peaked and is on the downward side of the curve. F.Y.E., Spencer's, Hot Topic, etc. started carrying anime related material when it became hot, but the selection is going down slowly. Now it is just one genre out of other popular ones.
  6. They had Bean Bandit, Lum, and Ranma-chan, if I recall. Maybe if they made them into sign posts it would be worth it. Otherwise, those have limited novelty to today's anime crowd. You would also have to pay licensing fees for their use today. Back in 1994, Otakon was flying under the radar and could get away with using the character boards.
  7. We were the 300. 😀 Wasn't there a comic book store near the Days Inn where we were looking for a Ranma book?
  8. I tell Revan to check the guest list for any new convention. There have been a few that looked like vaporware, with no guests 4 Months before the date. Thought there was one convention which shut down the week before it was supposed to start. If you prepaid for admission, you take your chances. At some point, you saturate the market for anime/comic book/horror/sci-fi conventions.
  9. I don't hold hope for this board being up much longer, let alone new galleries being added. 😟 Been on these boards since they opened, but they seem to be abandoned.
  10. There is no Post Otakon 2023 forum so far. In the past one was made within a few weeks after the latest Otakon. Asking because I don't want to miss Registration when it opens. There was no announcement about hotels going active and I stumbled upon that by accident.
  11. I would have to look, but don't think I took any pictures that year. If I did, they were on film and I was not very good with the camera.
  12. They will have to break out the Bean Bandit, Lum, and Ranma standees again, and set up the Dealer's Closet.
  13. I was curious about the Cambria Suites. Has anyone stayed there in the past who can provide their feedback?
  14. Unless Otakon is releasing further blocks, I don't see the Hampton Inn on the list any more. Managed to get one there after the Marriott Marquis errors. As I said at work today, "Now I know how Swifties feel."
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