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  1. I thought they are released for booking pretty early. Is there something holding it up?
  2. It has been slow for at least a week. Pages take 30 seconds or longer to load. Did a quick F12 trace on the page and the slowness is coming from board.otakon.com.
  3. I have a refill card and mug from them, but figured COVID-19 was too big a risk to partake this year. Maybe next year if conditions improve.
  4. Let’s be completely honest. This whole pandemic thing was turning around until certain groups actively campaigned against masks and vaccines. Their efforts caused COVID-19 to blow up again and Otakon got caught in that wave. Not their fault at all. I cannot speak for OTAKORP, but suspect certain financial obligations had to be met due to contracts. Convention versus no convention was a tough call for them, I’m sure.
  5. Most of the "bad" and "ugly" I experienced this year were outside Otakon's control, so I won't ding them for it. Personally, I was glad they wrapped up at Midnight. There is nothing worse than con goers returning to their hotel to continue partying while guests are trying to sleep. Shouting when they go down the halls, doors slamming, drama, etc. At least with the early end to the convention you can get a little more sleep. This year I was next to a "frat room" in the hotel and it was not a pleasant experience. People banging on the door to get in, and shouting over the music which was bleedin
  6. Clutch

    Legit DVDs?

    One of the tables in the Dealers Hall has a lot of old series for sale on DVD and Bluray. At least one series I thought was out of print for at least 10 years. Are these legitimate? I don’t want to support bootlegs.
  7. I am following current CDC guidance and wearing a mask indoors, even though I am fully vaccinated. Better to not take chances. Keeping a pack of alcohol wipes to use as needed too.
  8. I ate there once. Once! Not a fan of spicy food. Ordered something mild and some vegetables. The blasted vegetables were torching my mouth. 🤢
  9. I am a big fan of the grid because it makes planning the whole day easier.
  10. Send them to Reddit or some other place where people post stories about those deep into COVID-19 begging a doctor to give them the vaccine, only to be told it is too late. There are dozens of stories like this out there, and just maybe it will convince a few to take action now while they still can.
  11. I swear that earlier this year one of the major Summer conventions in Philadelphia was bumped until November and moved to the suburbs, but I can't find any mention of that now.
  12. I would say "Mom, I need you to book me, and pay for, a hotel to stay in for 2 weeks after the convention. Love you!". If she is that adamant about it, she can pony up the expense of a hotel for 14 days.
  13. Which email is this? I did not receive any and elected to roll over from last year.
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