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  1. For all we know, the people who tested positive were exposed prior to the convention. I waited a few days and did a rapid test, then did another one on the weekend after before visiting people. Otakon had pretty strict policies in place (COVID bands had to be visible when entering the convention), and the crowd was more likely to be vaccinated.
  2. @MattTheMinion - Are you the person to review this?
  3. I received a notice that the Let's Encrypt certificate on this site expired on 8/4. Someone please verify it. Thank you.
  4. Out of all the years I have been to Otakon, only one time was there a white noise machine in the room. I don't know if it was left by a guest, in the room for a specific reason (e.g. close to the elevator, vending room, etc.), or supplied by the hotel for the previous guest. For a while I needed one to sleep and brought my own unit. The coffee machines are usually just ones to make a single cup of coffee from a disposable packet (giant tea bag equivalent). Not really top tier coffee, but a basic cup. My roommate complains about the water coming out tasting like coffee, but in all fairness
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what defines slapping? Ranma 1/2 had some very catchy opening and closing themes. Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. Just Think of Tomorrow from Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Card Captor Sakura had some good opening themes.
  6. The staffers in that morass on Saturday were shouting, but getting muffled out in the throng of people. Great way to burn out their voices too. Megaphones might help, but more electronic message boards throughout would be better. If you could read a sign instead of shouting the information you could get a better response. quick edit: Better signage at the security check-in would help get people through more quickly. Put up 3-4 static signs in the line path saying to put your electronics on a specific side, to make a gap when approaching the scanner, to hold your arms apart at the scan, an
  7. Unfortunately, we are all at the mercy of the other guests in the hotels. I think it was pre-pandemic where the couple in the next room decided to have a fight. Screaming and throwing things at 2 in the morning. Another time, I was stuck next to a party room where they were making noise until about 3 AM. Other times you have people talking full volume, or yelling in the hallways. The doors and walls don't muffle that much. The Marriott Marquis has a couch and table located in a space near the elevators. A few years back some group decided to have a party there and you could hear the
  8. I can't knock Otakon for some of the crowd control issues. They are a group of volunteers. So unless a lot more people volunteer to steer crowds, their choices are limited. Then you have the selfish people who cut lines, which leads others to follow.
  9. The Good: The red jacket guy and Otakon Staff handling the lined to the Marriott Connector. They were doing the best they could in a bad situation. The Bad: Overcrowding. I waited in a line to get to the Dealer's Hall, only to not get much of a look at any of the merchandise. There were a solid wall of people near any table. The top of the escalator's near the Game Hall was a mad mess, as was the bottom end of the escalators. The stairs had been closed off to go down to the Connector level and a giant mass was trying to fill 2 elevators to go down. That was when the police had thing
  10. The Marriott Marquis was sold out of two bed rooms within 3 minutes. I tried to book one, and they were already gone by the time I hit the Book Rooms button. Refreshed a minute later and everything was sold out for any room configuration.
  11. I have said this before, but I will not be joining any social media sites for Otakon content. They will need to post all updates on Otakon.com for me to see them. Otakon does not promote the forum that I have seen, so there is no new blood. Kids now are all Tik Tok. The old/popular posters are not posting any more. Nothing from Alabaster, Cousin Sue, Fadamoore (apologies for any misspellings)?
  12. Please reboot the server or something. It is still taking a while to load pages.
  13. I almost thought about taking a Raspberry Pi, but did not want to pack the keyboard. Staples had a folding keyboard on clearance, but it was still priced pretty high. Who remembers WebTV?
  14. There is (or at least was) a grocery store near the convention center. Rather than pack food for the trip, we just stop in there and take things back to the hotel. The rooms usually have a refrigerator so we are golden.
  15. I don't remember if it was last year or the year before, but I went into one of the local coffee shops and placed and order. When I pulled out cash they said "we don't accept cash". I told them to cancel the order. However, I wondered if this is a trend down there. Was thinking about getting one of those pre-paid Visa cards to take with me for the trip.
  16. Last year's Metro card I saw an article a while back which said hotels are dropping the free lotion, shampoo, etc., so I would not count on them being there. If you call the desk for them they may charge a premium. Those little tooth care bags my dentist provides come in handy. Usually bring an extra day's clothes in case of spill or something.
  17. Yearly reminder on things to bring with you. An umbrella Cell phone charger Your medications Your vaccine card (if not using the applet) Masks 2 pairs of shoes (let one pair air out between days 🤣) small water bottle ear plugs (personal preference based on volume levels these days) hoodie and/or pants (if you are prone to getting cold in air conditioning) [can't tell you how many ladies in their light Summer dresses folding their arms over tightly to try and keep warm in the grocery store] No spelling or grammar errors this time, I hope
  18. Back in the day, there would be pages of posts on the forum this close to Otakon. Only a few of us still use it. Won't be surprised if it just disappears one day. I'm not joining any Zuckerbook, et al, just to get information on the convention. If it is not posted on the Otakon web side, I will miss out. 😢
  19. It is best to use a bag with as few pockets as possible. The bag checks take much longer if you have to go through a dozen pockets. Also let the security person know if your bag has a magnetic catch, because it affects the wand.
  20. Didn't Otakon Vegas have a mascot with long blonde hair? https://vegas.otakon.com/
  21. If the venue is skimping on the air conditioning, they are just asking for problems. My office cuts off the AC at night and it it always hot when you arrive in the office. My guess is that it would cost less to maintain the temperature than having to kick into high gear to cool the room again. One of the reasons I am avoiding the office in the Summer.
  22. Here is the web page for the policy: https://www.otakon.com/info/covid/
  23. Video Girl Ai Bastard! All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl: Nuku-Nuku (original, not Dash)
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