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  1. How apt that this came out https://www-xataka-com.translate.goog/servicios/foros-internet-estan-desapareciendo-porque-ahora-todo-reddit-discord-eso-preocupante?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp https://old.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/1disezt/internet_forums_are_disappearing_because_now_its/
  2. @MattTheMinion - Can you set up a RSS feed or bring back the mailing list for announcements?
  3. No thanks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discord#Criticisms_and_controversies Since you are killing a vital source of information for us, I request that all major announcements be posted on the front page of the Otakon site in their own banner 2 weeks in advance of any date. e.g. Hotel block, registration opening, contest deadlines, etc. I don't want to go to some skanky social media site to find information. Will at least visit the Otakon home page to look for changes. Is RSS still a thing?
  4. There is no ice cold water for only one dollar.
  5. Barnes and Noble. They had tons of great magazines (all gone now). When the convention hit some dead spots in my schedule, I could go there to look around. They closed that B&N store too. Don't think DC has any book shops, last time I looked. I also liked walking by the big fountain. You would see all the photographers and cosplayers there, also the idiots jumping among the concrete pedestals. Wonder how many of them got injured? Funny enough, one of my former coworkers lived in Baltimore during Otakon's early years. He worked at the Days Inn and I am pretty sure he was th
  6. 05/26/2024 17:21 1 minute 37 seconds to load this page. What is sad is that in just over 8 weeks, it will be peak time for this board and nobody will be able to use it. 😟 Almost forgot that it was unusable during the convention last year. Spinning circles the entire weekend. Don't have high hopes that anyone will care enough to fix it.
  7. 8.19 minutes to load the new posts page. 9.56 minutes to load this page. Wonder how many minutes it will take for this to post?
  8. I used the help form on the regular Otakon page to report the problems here.
  9. I second that suggestion, because it is a restriction which will affect those who are unaware of it at an inopportune moment. Someone will be pretty upset waiting in a line for a long time only to find out the food they have been wanting can't be purchased. Funny thing is that using card only forces higher prices because the extra charges are passed down.
  10. I don't recall any parking discounts when we were in Baltimore. More that you were guaranteed a space in the lot, and they would fold the daily parking charges into your bill.
  11. I would think you get into liability issues if you start putting down cigarettes or adult magazines in a place where kids could get to them. The other stuff seems safe.
  12. Just saw a blurb on this. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/akira-toriyama-dies-dragon-ball-creator-anime-dead-age-68/
  13. Another thing I have noticed is that some places are charging extra for credit versus debit. Had that happen at the car repair shop the other day. You get some safeguards with credit cards which are not available in debit cards.
  14. Before you purchase a pre-paid card, read the fine print on the back. The one I bought could not be recharged, but it did say the funds would never expire. Not all cards had that last bit. Also, the one I had did not have a chip in it, and only the stripe on the back. Some sale terminals which only have a chip/tap method, so the cashier has to swipe the stripe on their register instead. Going to keep the used card around to use as a dummy.
  15. A few years ago I went into a D.C. coffee shop for a cup. Place my order and dug out my cash and they told me they don't take it. Had to cancel the order. I suspect you will find fewer places down there who will accept it. The Safeway in D.C. is probably one of the few places that will be cash all the time. Even the home centers are starting to make it difficult to use cash. 1 register takes cash, the rest use credit card or electronic payment, so I wave people through until I can get to it. I picked up a pre-paid card and used that where cash was a no-go around the convention last year.
  16. Thank you for volunteering to assist. I don't think people appreciate all the hard work people do for Otakon.
  17. @Daniel Perales - Thought about this yesterday. Assuming you did the same thing I did and moved the little slide which says shipping and billing addresses are the same. Try filling in both separately and see if that lets it push through. Am going on the assumption that filling in the 2nd one manually overrides any saved information. Someone else registered me in the mean time, so I haven't been able to try this myself.
  18. Funny thing about addresses. When you go to get certain documents renewed, they want to see 2 forms of ID. If the names are different (middle name, middle initial, etc.), they will reject the renewal. Go to the local government office to update one of the IDs and they say "Oh, looks like the Post Office changed the city name on your address." Depending in which database you look, the town name is one or the other. The Zip Code is 5 digits or 9 digits. Really annoying. I tried all combinations, but none of them worked. Not sure how you can reach someone to just get the information they have rem
  19. I keep getting a message "payment failed" when trying to submit it. Tried 2 separate browsers at least 4 times each. Guessing the $70 rate is gone, but it won't display the $75 rate. Disappointing.
  20. Isn't Otakon the original one for the East Coast? Where do the attendance numbers land for those other conventions compared to Otakon?
  21. I think anime/manga peaked and is on the downward side of the curve. F.Y.E., Spencer's, Hot Topic, etc. started carrying anime related material when it became hot, but the selection is going down slowly. Now it is just one genre out of other popular ones.
  22. They had Bean Bandit, Lum, and Ranma-chan, if I recall. Maybe if they made them into sign posts it would be worth it. Otherwise, those have limited novelty to today's anime crowd. You would also have to pay licensing fees for their use today. Back in 1994, Otakon was flying under the radar and could get away with using the character boards.
  23. We were the 300. 😀 Wasn't there a comic book store near the Days Inn where we were looking for a Ranma book?
  24. I tell Revan to check the guest list for any new convention. There have been a few that looked like vaporware, with no guests 4 Months before the date. Thought there was one convention which shut down the week before it was supposed to start. If you prepaid for admission, you take your chances. At some point, you saturate the market for anime/comic book/horror/sci-fi conventions.
  25. I don't hold hope for this board being up much longer, let alone new galleries being added. 😟 Been on these boards since they opened, but they seem to be abandoned.
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