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  1. A few years ago I went into a D.C. coffee shop for a cup. Place my order and dug out my cash and they told me they don't take it. Had to cancel the order. I suspect you will find fewer places down there who will accept it. The Safeway in D.C. is probably one of the few places that will be cash all the time. Even the home centers are starting to make it difficult to use cash. 1 register takes cash, the rest use credit card or electronic payment, so I wave people through until I can get to it.

    I picked up a pre-paid card and used that where cash was a no-go around the convention last year. Plan to do that again.

  2. On 1/1/2024 at 12:39 PM, Zelkova said:

    This was probably me and yes I had literally just been informed of what to do and you caught me at the start of me doing it. I was replacing someone so they could go on break for a bit. You just happen to get the luck of the draw to be one of the first I assisted.

    Thank you for volunteering to assist. I don't think people appreciate all the hard work people do for Otakon.

  3. @Daniel Perales - Thought about this yesterday. Assuming you did the same thing I did and moved the little slide which says shipping and billing addresses are the same. Try filling in both separately and see if that lets it push through. Am going on the assumption that filling in the 2nd one manually overrides any saved information.

    Someone else registered me in the mean time, so I haven't been able to try this myself.

  4. On 11/21/2023 at 8:32 AM, MattTheMinion said:

    In most cases declines come from address mismatches with what the card issuer has on file. In particular, Amex is a real stickler for everything matching exactly.  Although a similar thing can happen if you are using a disposable card/gift card, and you haven't registered an address with it. 


    Funny thing about addresses. When you go to get certain documents renewed, they want to see 2 forms of ID. If the names are different (middle name, middle initial, etc.), they will reject the renewal. Go to the local government office to update one of the IDs and they say "Oh, looks like the Post Office changed the city name on your address." Depending in which database you look, the town name is one or the other. The Zip Code is 5 digits or 9 digits. Really annoying. I tried all combinations, but none of them worked. Not sure how you can reach someone to just get the information they have removed all together.


    On 11/20/2023 at 3:30 PM, Daniel Perales said:


    I've been getting that with the exception that It showed how many $70 badges were left. Then, it declined my first credit card (which I know that there's more than enough funds on it), then I went for another. Still rejected my next card. Then the next one. Then I had a notification that the badge was no longer around. 

    I got the "Sold Out" of the $70 after I made a refresh, so I tried the $75 instead. Still rejecting my cards. :(


    Did someone else register you before? I was wondering if I was being blocked because someone else added me when they registered in the past. My credit card is not from a regular bank, which made me wonder if they only accept the big name cards.

  5. 1 hour ago, KyoKyo said:

    It's funny, back in 1994 Otakon was probably viewed by the locals as some fringe gathering of geeks and weirdos. Now, when I walk into my local Five Below they have Miku posters and my local Target has Spy x Family manga right on the "featured" front shelf.  By 2007, Best Buy had an entire aisle devoted to anime DVDs. It's crazy to think how quickly anime has become popular. 

    I think anime/manga peaked and is on the downward side of the curve. F.Y.E., Spencer's, Hot Topic, etc. started carrying anime related material when it became hot, but the selection is going down slowly. Now it is just one genre out of other popular ones.

  6. On 10/23/2023 at 8:53 AM, Daniel Perales said:

    I have an idea: Otakon should bring back these life-sized anime character boards and display them throughout the convention center.


    They had Bean Bandit, Lum, and Ranma-chan, if I recall. Maybe if they made them into sign posts it would be worth it. Otherwise, those have limited novelty to today's anime crowd. You would also have to pay licensing fees for their use today. Back in 1994, Otakon was flying under the radar and could get away with using the character boards.

  7. I tell Revan to check the guest list for any new convention. There have been a few that looked like vaporware, with no guests 4 Months before the date. Thought there was one convention which shut down the week before it was supposed to start. If you prepaid for admission, you take your chances. At some point, you saturate the market for anime/comic book/horror/sci-fi conventions.

  8. 9 hours ago, TomDent said:

    I think it would be pretty cool to bring back some guests from the first few years of Otakon. Not sure how many are still active in the industry or con scene, but it would be a nice throwback. And maybe industry guests from anime that debuted or was super popular in '94.

    They will have to break out the Bean Bandit, Lum, and Ranma standees again, and set up the Dealer's Closet.

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  9. 10 hours ago, TnAdct1 said:


    • Even with the line control, trying to get in on Saturday is still a mess for those who are carrying bags. While I understand the safety reasons for it, bag checks are sadly still slowing things down and creating long lines.

    Not disagreeing with your statement, however, there were many attendees who did not have their bags opened and ready for inspection. The security personnel doing bag inspection in the Marriott had to keep stating to have their bags open and ready. Otakon should probably have signs posted earlier in the lines stating that fact to help the line flow, but they can't control people not being ready.

    One a side note, repeat instructions may be good to have on sign boards to save the staff from shouting as much. A sign with an arrow pointing left (held high enough to see further away) would be a visual clue to herd the crowd for the Dealer's Hall. Another sign near the escalators would help with that control, in my opinion. Signs can be re-used (like the map boards) to be a lower cost expense. I also thought the staff having glow sticks or wands to point people in the correct direction may be useful, maybe fun. I could imagine someone doing a little dance move with the glow sticks pointing someone to the left (Move to the left. Move to the left. Uh hah...). My point being that in large crowds you can see things before hearing them over the din.

  10. I think that all the guests charge now, and it comes down to how much you are willing to pay. Bruce Campbell was the featured guest at Wizard World some time ago, and they had tiered pricing on pictures, autographs, and even a special luncheon or something. I remember one price being $80 and that was for one of the small things, like an autograph. Not sure that anyone's autograph is worth that much to me. I'm ancient though, just look at my signature.

    Only ever obtained 2 autographs. One was from Colin Baker [the Sixth Doctor] that was mailed to me after he had to cancel a convention appearance. Who knows if he really signed it, but it was a nice gesture. The other was the late Douglas Adams who signed a copy of Mostly Harmless at a local book store (which is long gone 😟). The poor man had serious jet lag and swirled a marker on the inside of my copy of his book. In the grand scheme of things, the autographs are nice to have, but not worth much to anyone else. I would feel foolish after looking at an autograph and saying "I paid $80 for that! What was I thinking?", but to each their own.

    Peace. 😀

  11. One thing that was a little confusing was my Friday visit to the Dealer's Hall. The staff were moving everyone to the left going to the entrance. When I exited the room, I was walking on the opposite side of the hallway, because everyone was being shunted to the left when going in. A staffer with a big fan told me I was on the wrong side of the barrier. So they must have switched sides of the long hallway where people were going to enter the Dealer's Hall between the time I entered and the time I left. My intention was to exit on the opposing side of the way I was directed to enter.

  12. You can check https://www.animemusicvideos.org for some of them. You will probably have to use their super search to narrow down the results. In the early days, the same song would be used for a bunch of videos for different anime.

    Times have changed, and the contents which were viewed one way at the time may now be considered offensive when judged by today's standards. They are a product of their time. Same with fan parody videos.

  13. I rarely attend panels, but did go to Animation Cels at Work: The Life and Death of Cel Animation. I think the presenter's laptop went to sleep about 3/4 of the way through. It is easy to imagine presenters running on battery instead of plugging in, and laptops do funny things on battery when deciding to save power.

    That made me curious if there is a staff person assigned to panels to nudge the panelists along during set-up to avoid technical glitches. The presenter should be doing a connection check and microphone level check, before getting started.

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