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  1. Back in the day, there would be pages of posts on the forum this close to Otakon. Only a few of us still use it. Won't be surprised if it just disappears one day. I'm not joining any Zuckerbook, et al, just to get information on the convention. If it is not posted on the Otakon web side, I will miss out.  😢

  2. 23 hours ago, Revan said:

    Got mine yesterday as well. I like holograph(?) effect as you move the badge - the mascots go from normal appearance to more of an... isekai(?) look. (One dresses in a fuku with a Crabby topped wand. Who's the blond character on the badge? I don't recall seeing that one before.

    I also like how you have the hours* listed for the Convention Center as a whole, Dealer's Hall, Artist Alley, and Gaming Hall. I still wouldn't bet against multiple people asking what time the Dealer's Hall closes on Saturday.

    * Interesting that the WEWCC will close at 1:30 AM Friday and Saturday. I guess the overnight cleaning may not be as stringent as last year when they closed at midnight. Also interesting is that Artist's Alley closes at 10 on Friday and 9 on Saturday. To the best of my recollection they were open pretty much all night previously, but then again I'm sure the artists would like to have time to do things besides sit there with their wares.

    Didn't Otakon Vegas have a mascot with long blonde hair? https://vegas.otakon.com/

  3. 19 hours ago, Daniel Perales said:

    Have anyone read this article at ANN?


    The Irresponsible Management of This Year's Artist Alley - Anime Expo 2022 - Anime News Network


    Hopefully, Otakon will not be that bad.

    If the venue is skimping on the air conditioning, they are just asking for problems. My office cuts off the AC at night and it it always hot when you arrive in the office. My guess is that it would cost less to maintain the temperature than having to kick into high gear to cool the room again. One of the reasons I am avoiding the office in the Summer.

  4. 2 hours ago, texside said:

    The Ugly

    • I'm glad Wild Bill's Soda is there... in other years. Having a way for people to regularly pull their mask down for a drink -- and congregate in one area -- made me a little nervous. 

    I have a refill card and mug from them, but figured COVID-19 was too big a risk to partake this year. Maybe next year if conditions improve.

  5. Let’s be completely honest. This whole pandemic thing was turning around until certain groups actively campaigned against masks and vaccines. Their efforts caused COVID-19 to blow up again and Otakon got caught in that wave. Not their fault at all.

    I cannot speak for OTAKORP, but suspect certain financial obligations had to be met due to contracts. Convention versus no convention was a tough call for them, I’m sure.

  6. Most of the "bad" and "ugly" I experienced this year were outside Otakon's control, so I won't ding them for it. Personally, I was glad they wrapped up at Midnight. There is nothing worse than con goers returning to their hotel to continue partying while guests are trying to sleep. Shouting when they go down the halls, doors slamming, drama, etc. At least with the early end to the convention you can get a little more sleep. This year I was next to a "frat room" in the hotel and it was not a pleasant experience. People banging on the door to get in, and shouting over the music which was bleeding through the walls. I think hotel management had them tone it down the 2nd night.

    The only complaint I had was that a lot of adult content moved to 6 PM. I don't know the median age of the convention attendees, but having limited under 18 video content so early in the evening may put a quicker end to the day for some. I come to the convention to watch anime, and this was the first time in a long time that I had to get an over 18 band.

    Did they announce dates/location for next year?

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  7. One of the tables in the Dealers Hall has a lot of old series for sale on DVD and Bluray. At least one series I thought was out of print for at least 10 years. Are these legitimate? I don’t want to support bootlegs.

  8. 15 hours ago, DeskLaser said:

    Everyone flips their ---- over Nando’s way too much for it to be a viable option. You’re going to be waiting for a very long time.

    I ate there once. Once! Not a fan of spicy food. Ordered something mild and some vegetables. The blasted vegetables were torching my mouth.  🤢

  9. 8 hours ago, wolfy2005 said:

    Asking again, since I got a like, but no answer. I'll be able to make do without, but visually it is a great help to me to see everything laid out and see what is up against what and where.

    I am a big fan of the grid because it makes planning the whole day easier.

  10. On 7/22/2021 at 8:17 AM, Daniel Perales said:

    Talking to a few people here at work and around where I live, people just don't want to take the vaccine uses one or more of the 4 reasons: Political, Religion, Fear and Apathy.  The Apathy group just want to "wait it out" until this almost mythical goal of"herd immunity" is reached.


    Send them to Reddit or some other place where people post stories about those deep into COVID-19 begging a doctor to give them the vaccine, only to be told it is too late. There are dozens of stories like this out there, and just maybe it will convince a few to take action now while they still can.

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