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  1. The USPS is one of the slowest delivery places to update their data. I honestly think they scan for a whole day, upload the batch at the end. From my experience, it is not uncommon for updates to take forever. They lost a package for me once. I called the vendor and USPS to say I never received it. The vendor sent me a new one. After it arrived, the Post Office called to say they found the original packaged and were sending it to me. I had to get them to list it as "refused shipment" to get the first package back to the vendor. That package had been to more states that I have.
  2. To put things in perspective: July 24 - July 26, 2015 Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland, USA Today's date: 07/08/2015
  3. Not a great advertisement for Taptalk. Whe keeps in touch with their costumes? Sent from my eggbeater.
  4. If I don't get my badge the night before I leave for Baltimore, then I will be worried. It is still over two weeks away, so there is no stress at all.
  5. Well, to be fair I did have a couple of gadgets he probably didn't, like a teaspoon and an open mind.

  6. I would like to see more out-of-the-ordinary anime. Like these shown at Otakons past; Monster, Gilgamesh, Darker than Black, and Ergo Proxy.
  7. I get depressed every year after the con. It probably has to do with the dull, boring, dead-end job to which I have to go back.
  8. Video Girl Ai Space Pirate Captain Harlock Irresponsible Captain Tyler Bastard! All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Record of Lodoss War Sailor Moon Neon Genesis Evangelion Rahxephon Macross Grave of the Fireflies Gundam Dragon Ball Z Serial Experiments Lain Ah My Goddess Tenchi Muyo Ouran Host Club Project Ako Slayers X 1999 Vampire Princess Miyu Devil Hunter Yohko Silent M
  9. Someone beat me to it this year, but a big THANK YOU to the staff/gophers that ran the con this year.
  10. Credit card for the hotel. Cash for the rest, unless their is some high dollar item that would need the credit card again. Debit cards have a "feature" where the vendor takes extra money out of the account for a few days until the transaction goes through, and then credits it back. I heard that on the news the other day.
  11. I have mentioned this for several years, but now is a good time since the schedule is posted. It appears, from the schedule, that sub-titled shows are going to be mixed in rooms with dubbed shows. I had hoped my sub-only and dub-only rooms idea would have been used, but for whatever reason it couldn't be implemented. Please make sure that the video images are as close to the top of the screen as possible. The black letter-box bars at the top can be moved off screen to bring the sub-titles up higher. Otherwise we get the yearly head swaying from people trying to read them. One taller person sit
  12. I had never really heard of anime back in 1993. However, I had to stay home from work for a few days from the "Storm of the Century" when the governor closed the highways. With nothing to do, I asked my brother to borrow those Ranma 1/2 VCR tapes he had. I was hooked. Either searching through USENET, or looking at Protoculture Addicts, I stumbled upon a reference to Otakon. Drove up to State College in 1994 to the Days Inn, and have gone ever since. I still have my 1994 con shirt around somewhere, but am not sure that the program guide survived.
  13. I'm 41, but don't drink. Don't hang out in bars either, too smoky and noisy. Prefer my lungs cancer free.
  14. I remember walking around the area the day before it happened. I was commenting to the person with me that there was a horrible chemical smell coming out of the sewers. The next day all the streets were shut down and to get to Harbor Place, you had to go up and over, then back down a few blocks. Odd seeing no traffic on that 5 lane road. Never heard the explosion.
  15. Someone on here mentioned having their Jeep broken into a few years back in one of the public parking garages. I would offer these 2 comments from http://edition.cnn.com/2008/TRAVEL/travelt...tips/index.html
  16. There were 2 threads in rec.arts.anime.misc a while ago about making AMVs: On AMV On AMV... Continued The second thread has a link to a really great Princess Tutu video. However, you may also want to check out AnimeMusicVideos.org for tips.
  17. Devil Hunter Yohko. Vampire Princess Miyu. All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku.
  18. I support the throwbacks 100%! Since it is the 15th Otakon they ought to do some retro anime for the tags this year. Personally, I'd love to have the original GITS logo for my badge.
  19. Video Girl Ai But the bigger question for everyone is are they tears of sadness, or tears of joy?
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