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  1. So Toshiyuki-san isn't one of my FAVORITE seiyuu but I do adore him a lot so I'm pleased. Thanks for getting him and I'll be sure to get in line for his autograph. Are there two more seiyuu to be announced yet (going by Jim's one post on the last page) or just Toshiyuki-san after all?
  2. As a rabid seiyuu fangirl... oh my god. I can't wait for this announcement!
  3. Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi Miyuki Sawashiro Jun Fukuyama Tsubasa Yonaga Ryotaro Okiayu Junichi Suwabe Yuuichi Nakamura Akira Ishida Hiroshi Kamiya Daisuke Ono Daisuke Namikawa Takehito Koyasu Takahiro Sakurai Kazuya Nakai Mamiko Noto Kaito Ishikawa Musical artists: NU'EST Sphere OLDCODEX GRANRODEO
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