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  1. oh man, i'm checking out how to put on how to tie an obi belt....they look so difficult!

  2. I know right! That song is so catchy but yet its hard to sing!

  3. Awww hehe its Usagi!

  4. Holy crap! Haku's outfit is awesome!

  5. I think I might check some outfits on ebay to see if they have any good one on there.

  6. hmm yeah...i now in the drawn picture she has that short dress with the long back to it like how gackpo's does...

  7. I have no clue....i'd kind of want to wear an outfit that would cover my legs a bit...who's outfit do you like?

  8. Cool, haha we'll have to put some pictures up once you get your wig!

  9. Hey! I finally figured out how this comment stuff works.

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