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  1. Contact the help desk at Help.Otakon.com. We'll work with you for a solution.
  2. Actually all metal keyblades we saw were escorted off premises. And we will not be able to answer your question until we have all had a chance to recover and reevaulate the weapons policy. However since we did not allow metal bats last year, I don't think it will be allowed. But I would wait for the answer from whoever the Next year's head of Spec Ops or their designated rep gives you the answer.
  3. I can answer this one. The Staff received a call from one of the people in the panel/video rooms near that area that it could be heard in the rooms. And at the time of the break up people were playing duck-duck-goose and running - which also not a good idea to do in a convention with over 26,000 people. Typically we let you guys have fun until it becomes too loud or dangerous. Otherwise I am pleased that you had a good time.
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