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  1. Looks like someone's got something to be crowing about all year long.

  2. Where did 2005-style websites go to?

  3. I'll be there, greeting people by the front gates, scanning cosplayers, and seeing if I can still recognize anything any more. (The most recent animated series I watched... probably the fansubbed opening to "Monster" back in '05/'06.)
  4. Didn't they rename their anime division to Geneon? (Which was then acquired by some other movie company... which was acquired by a media company... which I searched for just now... is being acquired by NBC Universal?!)
  5. I remember one Katsucon by the river/lakeside a few years back. I think it was the one before Snow-con. ...Graffitti almost EVERYwhere (stalls, walls, halls). I just don't know why that happened.
  6. Damnation and Four Weeks of Winter. Boxing Day was a little better.
  7. Holy crap! When did that happen?? Whatever happened to the Otakon swap meets; nothing official, but I do remember seeing people on the first day outside trading VHS/DVD/manga. If you can find your old shows on DVD, you can always convert them to DVD.
  8. Sharing a birthday with legendary puro-resu monster-heel Aja Kong (38) is no easy task, but then again this seiyū/singer has a few surprises of her own. Her resume boasts goddess Belldandy, homemaker Kasumi Tendo and princess Rune Venus as well as biker Ayuko Haramizu, the sadistic Queen of Hearts and lush Sonsaku Goei. Truely one of the most prolific icons in the anime industry!
  9. Heh. I forget if we ever had an Otaku no Video badge. (Pretty sure there was one back in the day.)
  10. The Patlabor TV series. A signed print from Jo Chen. And an Omar Dogan autograph'd sketch of DAN. YA-HOO-IE!
  11. Staff?? You're a honest-to-goodness red-shirt'd TCG! Somebody else said it best: in Soviet boards, Otakon Staff thanks YOU. The Gofer room was practically empty for most of the 'con because all the volunteers literally ran (wait, no running in the BCC) jumped up to help out at doors, at registration, or at the lines.
  12. It beats tossing my trash into my backpack. I've seen those tri-recycling (paper/plastic-glass/cans) trash bins on various city streets. The only negative aspect is that because it's a regular can that's been split in three, it holds less. The BCC would need 1.. 2.. a whole bunch of 'em on the floors.
  13. That reminds me. One spring afternoon, I recall a showing of EVANGELION: Death/Rebirth, Samurai X (Kenshin OAV1), ending with Grave of the Fireflies. It was pure coincidence, I swear! -=PakoPako=-
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