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    god DAMN it greg why the ---- wouldn't I be in GUAM!!!!!!!!!!!????.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mmmm


  2. Jimm

    Michael McDonald is so smooth his coefficient of friction is negative

  3. So I know this thread is a bit outdated now but has anyone been playing this yet? My friends and I have been playing nonstop for a couple weeks now. We've unlocked every character with multiplayer matches (yes I know, it's a LOT of matches). It's incredible. perfect.
  4. but was she really trying to kill you or was it just a test?
  5. CUT EVERYBODY! Ya mo killed a lotta people out there. They're not people, James Ingram. They're Jimmy buffet fans.
  6. people who have played portal and watched space odyssey might enjoy this. http://xkcd.com/375/
  7. dark side 4 lyfe son.

  8. it is the end. please proceed to the aperture science enrichment center friendly single action departure vessel. Have a nice day.
  9. LAN parties refer to pc's usually and pc games (LAN being Local Area Network) such as counter strike, unreal, enemy territory quake wars. It'd be tough to set that up in a hotel, but good luck trying
  10. I think it might be harder to make an anime club in college. There is an anime and gaming club at my school, and I have not even really checked it out. I also lived with quite a few people in my dorms that were REALLY into anime and gaming, but none were involved with the club. I think it just may be in my case that studying and schoolwork take up so much time during the week that there would be no time for club meetings (or really watching a lot of anime either). I think people establish social groups outside of clubs and activities and don't necessarily have a need to be involved in a club.
  11. my video game systems, and I got a computer when I was really young and I used to play around with it a lot used to ride my skateboard all the time too.
  12. I ate at chipotle last night for the first time. I am almost regretting it right about now. Almost. The thing must have weighed 3 pounds.
  13. expensive shipping doesn't surprise me considering it's glass you are ordering, so I imagine there's extra costs for fragile stuff. Hope you get everything you want though, good luck
  14. I have yet to play it multiplayer as I just got it, but I'm in.
  15. I personally just don't have the time/skills/interest to cosplay really. I was trying to get an ichigo[bleach] costume together a few years ago, but I just didn't have the time to finish it up. I did make a pretty huge sword though lol. and:
  16. lolzers comments whut? win

  17. lol anime shot glasses? nice. personally, I have no idea sorry
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