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  1. Does anyone know if the DC chinatown buses pass through baltimore?/stop in baltimore?
  2. so I just got gears of war. it's pretty badass, definitely a fun game. I am being pulled toward buying assasin's creed, but I think i'm gonna wait a bit and save some $$
  3. Jimm

    lol greg you suck.


  4. sooo I may be moving to MD at some point next year :0 applying for job at NSA
  5. haha doo eet. though seriously it would be funny, but with the way your school is, you might risk getting shut down. crazy people.
  6. for lack of edit button, and for AMERICA, egg is also in veteran members , so I am not the only one... just those who are on the dark side of the force, except for the fly.
  7. and p.s. (edit is broken) suikoden 2 ftw, that would be the man.
  8. isn't using amtrak rather expensive? or is it really just not that bad. I guess though it would be your only option if you didn't drive, besides maybe chinatown bus somehow lol.
  9. damn your high school seems really friggin uptight. no glass bottles, tv16 and under? lol, I remember my moderator's face when walking in on things like elfen lied or ninja scroll. priceless. but anyway, it seems as you are doing a good jojb with that with plenty of organized events.
  10. Now here we go, old school michael mcdonald. oh so smooth.
  11. At Sanaelar: it's most likely due to my michael mcdonald avatar.
  12. well sweet sweet actually = spicy. because this is an AC circuit, the coupled signals crosstalk and it just gets spicy. And man it was spicy. Trust me I was there.
  13. I ran my high school's anime club for a couple of years. Some of the highlights of fun were me making a trip to maido once a week to pick up japanese snacks, and every other week we'd do like pop'n music for a bit. Other than that, mostly watched some short series and fun was had by all.
  14. A bit far for me, otherwise I'd say yea. I haven't been to a con in so long lol, always busy on those weekends.
  15. haha, did he also chug a beer during one of the songs? that was awesome lol.
  16. oh man I wish I had known they were on tour here, I soooo would have gone to AC to see them. I saw them a year or two ago at the troc, It was win.
  17. wow I just saw that the most users online was 174, looks like it was right after otakon last year. Remember when the highest number was 52 or something on some random day in february or november or something?
  18. I imagine it would mostly be things like airfare/logdings that would probably near double in price.
  19. lol yea, I wake up every morning at 5:45-6:00, then hit the gym then go to work.
  20. I'm banging on a trashcan..............................
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