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  1. Orange box is the normal 60$ And yes, portal is awesome, I just beat it the first time last night, so I unlocked all the hard levels. I want to start doing all of the challenges now. A lot of people say it was too short, but honestly I liked the length of the game. The last level was insane, and that ending battle-ish thing was so good. CAKE!! I loved the ending song too, soo funny. I've been playing the lumines demo as well, it's pretty awesome. I think I want to play through halo 2 now before I get 3, just to do it. I have it, but my xbox broke before I got to play most
  2. sooo I made a very poor choice last night and made an impulse buy of a 360. So my live gamertag is LinuxColonel I only have the orange box so far, but I have a few original xbox games that are live playable. I'm planning on getting halo next most likely, then probably gears.... and dmc4...and blue dragon, and bioshock, and re5 and the list goes on.
  3. not sure if anyone else has seen this yet, but http://www.rlslog.net/real-punishment-russ...ammer-murdered/ spamming can be dangerous.
  4. lol greg nice weekend. and meredith wants to know how far you got with that colleen girl. I am not pants. That is all. I'm wearing pants, I'm just not pants. Because I am an american. and baseball makes me sore. wtf. time to go to bed so I can wake up too early and go to work.
  5. Yea, it sucks that its coming out so late, although this gives me more time to get a wii...... and by get a wii I mean move back into my dorm where my roommate has one.
  6. Yea while it could be a good thing to delay a game to fix some things... Sometimes it can be bad, because it just adds more hype. You come to expect that the game will be that much better because they spent so much time working on it. I'm not saying that the game is going to disappoint, but extremely long delays make for much higher expectations. looks like february 10th is the planned NA release
  7. I kinda wanna play the KH games, I haven't touched either. Mostly because I have no system to play them on. But I think it would be fun.
  8. I just watched monster and finished it...................................wow
  9. setting up my water cooling today... hopefully my computer will survive
  10. sorry if I missed something here, but what exactly was this infamous 'incident' on the sheraton bridge?
  11. yea starting classes for the first time is pretty exciting.
  12. be careful about the 18 age mark for checking in. I know that there are some hotels that actually require someone 21(though I have no personal experience with this in baltimore, I've seen it when booking hotels in other cities), so if you are 18-20, I would check that out too.
  13. hey pyro gratz on moving in. I don't move back in until march lol. co-op ftw.
  14. Man: Make me a sandwich Woman: What? Make it yourself! Man: sudo make me a sandwich woman: ok
  15. wow july 1st there were 146 members online. I remember when the record was like 53 for some random day in like.. november or february. lol
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