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  1. I got a paper from the Holiday Inn for the con dates for next year when I was checking in. It had July 15-20th. They told me they had been given them to give out to people by the Otakon staff. I thought it was strange they would have 5 days on them.
  2. I just got my call from the days Inn.
  3. I'm sorry if this comes out sounding bitter, but: Do you think people give a damn about making Otakon look bad? I know there are others like myself who will kindly wait until you guys have the whole hotel rooms situation straighten out. But there are just too many others out there who's just interested in only wherehousing these rooms, reguardless of the rates, because they're so sure of themselves that they're going to have more than a half-dozen room-mates to split the cost. Then suddenly, as the con's date draws closer, some of those room-mates that they were so depending on, deci
  4. What would you call swearing? I ask this because some people have different ideas on it. Where I come come from crap or at lest in my family Crap is a swear word. Also I have a skit I have written and the last line in the skit is Damn.
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