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  1. hmmm... chocked up or cryed over... hmmm... well im a sap and a sucker for sadness so yeah... lets see...

    WieB kreuz: when the whole Omi/Ouka incident happens... Damn Schwarz!!! actually alot of parts in this series made me shed a tear...

    Grave of the FireFlies:... i mean come on! anyone who didnt cry at the end of this one is too hard for there own good!

    FMA: ive only gotten up to episode 8 *plus random other episodes* but even this early its getting to me! poor lil girl... poor doggie....

    Trigun: wolfwoods death... enough said...

    Robotech: the ending of course! damn rick hunters lucky...

    there are a ton of others... but sadly i got to figure out how to put an avatar on this fourm... cause whatever im trying aint workin! and its driving me crazy! haha... err... YEAH! *any help would be great!*

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