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  1. I usually don't like modern rap/hiphop, but Japanese rap I must admit is amazing. And also quite hilarious. Same goes for Italian rap.
  2. There IS such a thing as Japanese hip hop and house artists. And there are plenty of them that could fit the feel of a rave better than j-pop or j-rock. For me, pretty much all music falls under two categories: listening music and dancing music. Then there's the overlap. Practically all rock falls under the former to me. Anything I can dance to I'll listen to, but not everything I listen to I'll dance to.
  3. If it's anything like this year, it's gonna be Greyhound, followed by a taxicab.
  4. No one does anything that could injure someone else without making sure there is first ample room to do so. It's simple common sense. In other words: circle first, THEN we start flying around.
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