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  1. This a thousand times. My room was next to a party room. It's actually not terrible as long as they kept the door closed and kept it inside. The hallways carry noise way down and there's very little insulation against sound. I am all for parties but when it's late please don't do it in the hallways, keep it in the room please.
  2. Good: weather was not terrible, photos and videos allowed at all the JP guest panels I attended? That must have been a first. Pretty good programming overall. Love the VGO concert (really should just have been titled this). I enjoyed that Sonicboombox afterparty? Is that considered Otakon? Bad: Lines & crowds were uncharacteristically Otakon. Yeah the Saturday entrance situation was nuts. I waited for maybe 40 min outside, but others had it much worse. Also had to basically skip lunch for this reason, but a friend was able to wait it out in the Marriott line and bring food. Also
  3. I appreciate this place and its continuing existence, if only for historical data reasons. A public forum that can be linked to is still a resource for the con and attendees. Some staffers still read this so it's still good for me as a feedback source o/ I mean seriously I don't want to go to reddit for this info, even if things ought to be cross posted everywhere (and there are tools the otakon social team should use to do that).
  4. I have definitely seen him in the halls at Otakon several times! But would be nice if he gets a panel or something.
  5. But they're not idols! lol. Performers: Tadokoro Azusa - I think her brand of rock is great for the typical Otakon concert crowd Machico - Same, but more skin Roselia - Same, but more weird/vk-ish Mizuki Nana Kanno Yoko May'n KOTOKO Okui Masami - don't people want Slayers music... SoundOrion - a selfish request lol Trysail Sphere fhana Suzuki Minori Suzuki Konomi THE IDOLM@STER - any of them, 765ProALLSTARS, Million Stars, Cinderella Girls, SideM, Shiny Colors. It'll be the 15th anniversary i
  6. If these guys are who I think they are, I think a certain promotional company has already "leaked" it at ACen. Might want to check.
  7. How goes with Sunday music guest and seiyuu #3?
  8. It's an image thing. Pretty much the standard way these things work (and it applies to all JP guests...and non-JP guests too!) is that the guests are not the one who is suppose to say no, it's their escort that play bad cops. In reality the guest might not even want to draw or sign something, but they will always appear a certain way in front of fans during events and be welcoming. And truth is the guest might be okay doing one or two sketches but at a con when you do that, you're going to get a line of dozens of people. The buck has to stop somewhere. If you want sketches at a con, the be
  9. Do Otakon Vegas get a tease for guests?
  10. Some more guests for thought: The girls of TRYangle Harmony (or more aptly put, the next generation of Music Ray'n talents): Shiina Natsukawa Momo Asakura Sora Amamiya Wake Up, Girls - the anime/seiyuu idol group Miyu Takagi Nanami Yamashita Kaya Okuno Mayu Yoshioka Minami tanaka Yoshino Aoyama Airi Eino All 10 of these people could be individual guests too as they work as voice actresses independently of the other members of the group.
  11. 2014 has shaped out to be a great year for my guest request list. Thank you...you know who you are (because I don't)...that made it possible. And of course, Otakon GR among them. Production: Asako Nishida Akio Watanabe/Poyoyon Rock Junji Nishimura Kenji Nakamura Junichi Sato Akiyuki Simbo Musical artists/composers KOTOKO Maaya Sakamoto - for a con that chases Kanno Yoko all the time...why not also her? Lia Hyadain Nagi Yanagi LiSA Nana Mizuki Hiroyuki Sawano ChouCho Seiyuu: Yoko Hikasa Satomi Satou Ayana Taketatsu Yukari Tamura - I give up; if I wanted to see her perform I
  12. Detroit Metal City both the live action film and the anime shorts. Hopefully I can catch the film in north america before next summer, though :3
  13. As I recall, one year (was it last year?) the contract wasn't finalized with some hotels (and thus no con rates yet available) and a couple were sold out in a few hours after con announcement.
  14. I agree about getting the blocks in faster, but does a few days make that much of a difference? And just to think outside the box a second--there's nothing wrong with announcing the new date for next year's Otakon before the start of this year's. I think as long as you give everyone a fair shot getting a room (by not doing it AT THE CON), you're fine.
  15. Thank you for the explanation, that clears up everything. But one has to wonder why can't Otakon just "negotiate" things "slower" or something--obviously not every single hotel that will have a con block announced their rates right at the con (Day's Inn for example). I guess in practice if one can still book a hotel room in the block, at one of the inner harbor hotels, couple weeks after the next year's date announcement, then whatever is cheaper is better IMO.
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