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  1. rotinoma

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    I have definitely seen him in the halls at Otakon several times! But would be nice if he gets a panel or something.
  2. rotinoma

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    But they're not idols! lol. Performers: Tadokoro Azusa - I think her brand of rock is great for the typical Otakon concert crowd Machico - Same, but more skin Roselia - Same, but more weird/vk-ish Mizuki Nana Kanno Yoko May'n KOTOKO Okui Masami - don't people want Slayers music... SoundOrion - a selfish request lol Trysail Sphere fhana Suzuki Minori Suzuki Konomi THE IDOLM@STER - any of them, 765ProALLSTARS, Million Stars, Cinderella Girls, SideM, Shiny Colors. It'll be the 15th anniversary in 2020 for the franchise. nano.RIPE Onsen Musume Oresama TK ZAQ JAM Project Earphones Nishizawa Shiena MIyano Mamoru Sawano Hiroyuki's thing...SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Seiyuu: Takahashi Rie Kouno Marika Takahashi Minami Suwa Ayaka Tanaka Minami Asakura Momo Amamiya Sora Miyake Marie Kouno Hiyori Isobe Karin Nishi Asuka Taneda Risa Sugita Tomokazu Nakamura Yuichi Fujita Akane Hikasa Yoko Kito Akari Tachibana Rika MAO Tsuda Minami Yuuki Aoi Taketatsu Ayana Yamamura Hibiku Koiwai Kotori Abe Rika Otsubo Yuka Shiraishi Ryoko Hanazawa Kana Imai Asami Aoki Ruriko Fujii Yukiyo Ozora Naomi Asano Masumi Ueda Reina Komagata Yuri Lynn Numakura Manami Akasaki Chinatsu Asumi Kana Mizuhashi Kaori Production: Yamamoto Yousuke - composer, musician Kurehito Misaki - character designer, illustrator Bahi JD - animator TRIGGER folks are always a blast Hisaishi Joe Shunji Inoue - Lantis guy, LAZY keyboardist Matsui Kouhei - composer, musician Maybe more later...
  3. I wonder if Aoki Ruriko is in the cards for Otakon this year because that would be a hilariously great guest to go along with Hara Sayuri. Consider that a request for the future I guess, regardless if Aoki can come with Hara or not.
  4. As it is customary in the guest request thread: When are the announcements? Any hints? Also to follow up on twitter, here's a guest request for seiyuu Koiwai Kotori Notable roles: Renge - Non Non Biyori, Kotoha - IDOLM@STER Million LIve, Shiraishi - Tanaka Is Always Listless, Suzu - Nisekoi, Utsutsu - Gachaman Crowds Skills: Besides VA, sound engineer, DJ, composer/songwriter
  5. I hope y I hope you are writing this while in Denver, because she's at Nandesukan right now...
  6. It's doubtful anyone I request would make it to Otakon. I don't recall if it has happened in the case where the guest I listed showed up in the same year (but has in the future...which is why I guess I still do this?). But I get you. It's just that it's not our place to say if they can or cannot go oversea from something like childbirth, after a year. We should request anyway, and we'll see what happens, since the point of this exercise is to compile a list of names for Otakon guest relations for their use. It's not a magic genie of guest summoning lol. On a related note, Hasegawa Akiko gave birth in early 2015 but was already attending a con in Toronto a year later, and when I found out about it I was a little surprised. But you never know how each individual can deal with childbirth and stuff like that.
  7. Just going to start to list some guest ideas... Music: Horipro seiyuu musicians please--Tadokoro Azusa, Yamazaki Erii, Machico, any of them would be a good fit I think. Nishizawa Shiena - Saw her at Otakuthon the other day. I think her music has appeal across the board, even if it's a little bare without a backing band. Zaq - All-rounded musician, plays, sings, writes. Knows her stuff and pretty fun on stage too. Trysail - They are a practiced seiyuu unit now, and their music is a lot of fun, both the sound and the look. Angela - Time to bring this dynamic duo back to DC! Will we get a Trump joke... KOTOKO - Still great. JAM Project - I kinda miss them I was gonna say bring WUG to Otakon but this is what happens when you don't...they disband... Would second Fripside, Mia Regina, fhana (great band pls tour USA), Ogurai Yui, Oldcodex, Tamura Yukari, Earphones.. I'm not huge on the new wave seiyuu idol stuff, but oddly Otakon is like the one con that could drive Onsen Musume's main mission, which is to get people to know about actual Japanese hot springs. Some composers are great musicians. Someone mentioned Hirasawa but can we have Sawano/nZk stuff too? How about Lantis's Inoue? More as a production guest? LOL. AWM panel. Seiyuu: Fujii Yukiyo - Lots of decent high profile roles but overall a great personality (aoni) Ozora Naomi - Funny personality and speaks some english. Mostly recently in as Chio in Chio's School Road. Akabane Kenji - IDOLM@STER connection, but also in a lot of silly anime I watched. Asano Masumi - In a ton of 00s shows, from Little snow Fairy Sugar to Hayate. Earphones creator. Sawashiro Miyuki - She has lots of fans here, maybe it's time for her to meet them. Tsuda Minami - I love her voice lol. M.A.O - Same Yamazaki Haruka - Recently solo debut as a musician but more interesting as voice actress. Nakamura Eriko - Idolm@ster spokeswoman? Ueda Reina - Adorable personality but voices a lot of interesting characters in recent years. Also solo music artist. Takahashi Rie - Member of Earphones, but also just top class young person (Mash from FGO) Shitaya Noriko - Most notable for her Sakura role in Fate (hey it's Heaven's Feel year) but an accomplished seiyuu from last decade. Takayama Minami - Legend Okubo Rumi - Another fun character who is in Fate. Also YRYR. Tanaka Minami - Another voice actress that is into/in FGO, but also all around good actress. Would also second Hikasa Yoko, Hirada Hitomi, Matsuoka, Hidaka Noriko (or any of the Sailor Moon JP Seiyuu), Imai Asami, Takeuchi Junko, Satsuki Yukino, Nakamura Yuichi, Uchiyama Kouki, Kugimiya...and more. I'll work through the rest of my list later...more seiyuu and more the rest...
  8. Earphones is great. Please bring them over. Even as seiyuu themselves, all three are having varying degree of success as individuals, so that would be a really powerful get. Kawamori has been to Otakon a couple times now, but yeah.I agree, Otakon should try to bring the other musicians associated with Macross, like May'n and Sakamoto Maaya. You already got Kanno, Fire Bomber, and Minmay before... Wow, I'm just surprised they have a fan here. 八(^□^*) Ever visit Animazement?
  9. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    If these guys are who I think they are, I think a certain promotional company has already "leaked" it at ACen. Might want to check.
  10. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    How goes with Sunday music guest and seiyuu #3?
  11. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    It's an image thing. Pretty much the standard way these things work (and it applies to all JP guests...and non-JP guests too!) is that the guests are not the one who is suppose to say no, it's their escort that play bad cops. In reality the guest might not even want to draw or sign something, but they will always appear a certain way in front of fans during events and be welcoming. And truth is the guest might be okay doing one or two sketches but at a con when you do that, you're going to get a line of dozens of people. The buck has to stop somewhere. If you want sketches at a con, the best people are veteran animators. Matsubara is an example of someone who can draw really well really fast, and is not going to fuss over the details like someone who doesn't have that background, because of the nature of his work experience. That said there still needs to be a proper environment and setting when it is appropriate to ask for sketches, and that is more the logistics problem Jim alluded to. Or the contractual issues. I think when Aniplex brings over a guest they have their own rules and requirements, so you'll have to directly ask them about things like this.
  12. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    Do Otakon Vegas get a tease for guests?
  13. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    Some more guests for thought: The girls of TRYangle Harmony (or more aptly put, the next generation of Music Ray'n talents): Shiina Natsukawa Momo Asakura Sora Amamiya Wake Up, Girls - the anime/seiyuu idol group Miyu Takagi Nanami Yamashita Kaya Okuno Mayu Yoshioka Minami tanaka Yoshino Aoyama Airi Eino All 10 of these people could be individual guests too as they work as voice actresses independently of the other members of the group.
  14. rotinoma

    Guest Request: 2015

    2014 has shaped out to be a great year for my guest request list. Thank you...you know who you are (because I don't)...that made it possible. And of course, Otakon GR among them. Production: Asako Nishida Akio Watanabe/Poyoyon Rock Junji Nishimura Kenji Nakamura Junichi Sato Akiyuki Simbo Musical artists/composers KOTOKO Maaya Sakamoto - for a con that chases Kanno Yoko all the time...why not also her? Lia Hyadain Nagi Yanagi LiSA Nana Mizuki Hiroyuki Sawano ChouCho Seiyuu: Yoko Hikasa Satomi Satou Ayana Taketatsu Yukari Tamura - I give up; if I wanted to see her perform I should just pony up for a flight. Otakon can prove me wrong but I don't think the con can do it justice. That said she could make a great production guest. Houko Kuwashima Saki Fujita Marina Inoue Kanae Itou Kana Asumi Rie Kugimiya Kana Hanazawa Aki Toyosaki Minako Kotobuki Haruka Tomatsu Ayahi Takagaki Yui Ogura Kaori Ishihara Yumi Hara Manami Numakura Akiko Hasegawa Asami Shimoda Tomokazu Sugita Norio Wakamoto Naomi Wakabayashi Emiri Kato Kaori Mizuhashi Ryou Hirohashi Mai Nakahara Ai Kayano