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  1. The Arena garage raised it's raites to 16 a day, every day this year. It was 10 last year. Lousy bastids. I may try the Hippodrome garage next year. Bit more of a walk, but I think it's 7-10 a night. Unfortunately most garages that are resonably priced shut down by midnight and don't open till about 6 am.
  2. The easiest way to green things would be to turn the AC down. It was cold in there! Can they not set different levels for different halls? I know the dealer's room needs a lot of AC, and mayeb videogames to, but the others would be fine at a lower level. Recycling would be great! Virgin Festival works with some partners on their programs. Blanking out on the name right now but it's all over the V Fest website. This year they even gave peopel bags to pick up cans and bottles to be turned in for free CDs and shirts and stuff.
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