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  1. I am skipping A-kon here in Dallas in order to be able to afford Otakon instead. Figured I'd rather spend the money on a much larger and enjoyable con, even if it's way out of state. Plus I've been going to Otakon since 2000... not going to stop now. Good news is Otakon is right past my 1 year mark at my job, so I can take vacation.
  2. Generally if you receive any kind of discount (like a con rate) or book through another property other than the hotel directly, you do not qualify for rewards points. I had similar issues with the Wyndham Rewards program.
  3. I am only going by what the company said themselves when I called them.
  4. From what we've heard, the Days Inn con rate sold out in less than 15 minutes.
  5. Place I stayed: Days Inn (every year since 2000, ho!) Number of people in room: 5 & 7 (two rooms) Hotel Staff: Awesome, awesome and more awesome. They gave us extra room keys, and a bunch of coupons for a local pizza joint. Never had any problems getting extra items like towels, toilet paper, etc. Walk to the con center: About 2 minutes depending on traffic. The bad: As everyone else has said, the rooms are small. BUT, they have always been clean and the air conditioners work beautifully. It's always nice to come back to a freezing room after walking outside in the hotness. It
  6. They don't rate the panels as "good"... you needed to make sure you went to Panel Ops and signed the waiver, to prove that you did indeed show up for your panel. For all new panelists this year, this should warrant a comp after Otakon is over. For returning panelists, your badge should have been free from the get-go, I believe. I went ahead and paid anyways cause I'm paranoid of not getting my badge, so I'm waiting for my comp. Host of the "Megaman" panel 2008.
  7. I'm pretty sure if you say there is only two or less people in your room, you will get a 1 bed room. So if you don't mind sharing with your girlfriend (which I assume is not a problem ) then you shouldn't have any issues. Then those who put 3 or more will be given the two bed rooms out of priority. Hotels generally only raise the room rate when you go over two people per room. Those who put less people to get a cheaper rate will probably end up in the smaller rooms. We booked at the Days Inn last Sunday with their direct website, and got business suites (they hold 5+ people) for $21
  8. This new online reservation thing is a piece of crap. =_=
  9. I can NOT get the Days Inn to show up at all.... what am I doing wrong?
  10. How did you get $120 a night for the Days Inn? I've never seen a rate that low for them. O_o
  11. What was the room rate being offered by the Hilton?
  12. Can confirm that the Hilton is sold out (DAMN).... checked their website AND called them. However, they had no block for Otakon in their computers. Is that correct?
  13. Even when you know the dates, most hotels will still not accept reservations that far in advance. If you want the con rate, anyways.
  14. man, that automail is mecha awesome... I'll be cosplay as: Senel Coolidge, Tales of Legendia Helios/Aeolus, Megaman ZX Advent, Civilian form I REALLY want to bring my Greiga/Gregar costume from Megaman Battle Network / EXE 6, but I'd need to find a way to mail or transport it to Baltimore first. n.n
  15. Just take the printed confirmations with you then, you should be able to argue pretty easy which rate you were given at the time you reserved.
  16. $269 is the MOST they can charge per room... but it usually isn't their normal offered rate. I know for certain the $199 rate was their normal offered rate for that weekend, both from the 1-800 number and online bookings.
  17. I had and still have the regular $199 rate for four people per room.
  18. Actually I didn't, the con rate was opened only recently. I made my reservations way back on the 15th at the normal rate. It's only a recent decision for the Days Inn to suddenly be charging $229 for their supposed "con rate". I never even mentioned Otakon when I called them for my reservations.
  19. That's really weird. I checked my reservation online, and could no longer pull it up. So I called their 1-800 number (the staff is so much more pleasant), and the lady kindly double checked all my reservation info, and it's still intact, $199 room rate and all. Was worried for a bit there. >_>; I didn't make my reservation online though, I had initially made it through their 1-800 call center.
  20. Uh.... what? You mean they're cancelling reservations already made that weren't in the con block?
  21. It's best to call ahead shortly before the con and ask if bag check will be available. This year for A-kon, at the Adams Mark hotel, they failed to tell the entire convention that no bag checks would be admitted on Sunday, which caused quite an uproar.
  22. I would never go over 7 in a two-bed room at the Days Inn, or 5 in a one-bed room. They get crowded really, really fast. With 7 in a room, there was literally no walking room. I'm really glad we got our $199 rate, now.... this whole $229 con rate is crap.
  23. This past convention when I was dressed as Luke from Tales of the Abyss, I was with some friends at the Inner Harbor Food Court, and an older man came up to me asking questions. He told me every year he looks forward to the convention coming, cause he "loves the costumes and people". So score at least one local who doesn't hate us.
  24. No one? Last year was the first time we ever even gt the con rate for our hotel, and we've been staying at the Days Inn for five years straight now. Don't assume we're all yuppies and getting our rates changed later, some of us are in fact, willing to pay the normal rate for the hotel we want most.
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