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  1. I saw the certificates after the show, and my heart did a little jump of happiness It was the dvd player that had me scratching my head. I don't want to sound ungrateful, it just seemed a little impersonal to expect a big group to split the prizes awarded.
  2. I want to start by saying that I like making costumes and I like performing on stage. I do it because I like making people happy enough that they clap or smile when they see a presentation my friends and I have worked hard on. That is the important part. But we are discussing the awards given for being judged to have done all of the above well, and I feel that the awards at Otakon have always felt impersonal. All I really would have liked was an award that reflected that the masq knew who had won. Even if it means only a piece of paper with our names on it. I thought that with the
  3. Ok...fine...200 badges (at the most, for EVERY WINNER to get a free badge for EVERY contest at Otakon, I don't even know if they have that many winners, I was guessing a number...) will cost $10,000 to the con... 22,000 members is the sell out limit. 22,000 x $50 is $1, 100,000. So don't give them out to everyone, do what I said in the beginning and give them to the first place winners or the top-rank winners. They used to give them to the video game tournament winners, but not this year. I don't care if they ask the dealers to sponsor winners by putting up part of the cost of the
  4. Thank you for running such amazing contests this year! I had the oppurtunity to participate in the Masq and friends of mine were in the Hall Costume events, so I know what a good job was done! That being said, would it be possible to make a suggestion for prizes for the winners next year? Could you please, maybe, consider giving free memberships for next years con to people who win ranked awards in these events? If you make that the only prize you give you can be consistant, fair, and give as many of them as necessary to groups who may have more members than the number of awards
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