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  1. I was playing it over my winter break, but then when I changed firmware on my PSP, the save corrupted. So I haven't really played it since. Waiting on the official US release to play seriously again.
  2. Same here. I felt so bad throwing all my plastic water bottles away in the regular trash...... Otakon, go green in 09!! =D
  3. Immediately after finishing a drink on Friday morning, I was scouring my nearby surroundings for a recycling bin. I then gave up and threw it in the trash and felt guilty about it. D:
  4. This is an estimate... Pre-Reg: $195 (Myself, my brother, my dad.) Hotel : $340 Parking: $35 Food: $17 (myself only) Dealer's Room: $90ish Artist Alley: $80ish $757? Stuff I actually spent my own money for was $170.
  5. I believe I saw it on Saturday whilst with my friends. I wasn't sure if it was the same one from last year, or if someone redid it.
  6. Best concert of my life. My friend and I was hoping they'd be playing Skill, song after song. And at the end, we were so freaking happy. We both stood up and started singing.
  7. I see you're a fan of Kushiel's Dart?

  8. -Pokemon (all the movies made me cry) -Hikaru no Go (when he disappeared) -Madlax (when all the cool characters I loved died)
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