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  1. Budgeting for Otakon is hard this year. I work as a server at a restaurant and our tips haven't been as generous as in past years. I'm also saving up for a car and a trip to Japan next summer, so I have to keep those in mind. I'm spending money on two cosplays this year, and because of that I probably won't buy too much in the dealer's room.
  2. I haven't recieve any conformation either. I'm hoping someone will have an answer when I arrive at the con, as I can't check my email any time after tomorrow afternoon. I'm working hard on my costume too. I even dyed my hair for it. I'm going to be less than thrilled if there's been an issue with pre-registration forms.
  3. Well, I wanted to enter one of the two Hall costume contests, and a friend of mine basically told me to pre-register for both, to ensure that I would get at least one slot. She informed me that she did the same thing and that it wasn't unheard of to do so. So basically, I submitted information for both Friday and Saturday's contests. I also left the bottom portion of the pre-registration form blank because I was in a hurry and wasn't sure what to put. So will I get thrown off the pre-registeration lists for both or will I just be assigned a day? I really wanted to get into the con
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