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  1. so it looks like the biggest ones are grave of the fireflies, fruits basket and cowboy bebop then. there def are parts where it can be REALLY depressing of each.
  2. yep, i mentioned it before. SADDEST MOVIE EVER!
  3. umm.......does it count if you cried because it was so bad? like.....it was so bad that it ACTUALLY made you cry?
  4. wow...the VAGUEST of the vague. lol
  5. so.......the basic plot is a spoiler? lol
  6. oh, i've never heard about that one. general plot?
  7. yeah, i kinda didn't expect that. it was rather freaky when it happened and how tohru got all sad and wandered around in the rain. good stuff though
  8. it seems FB is a recurring crying one. at parts it can get quite the depressing, but what parts made everyone the saddest? mine probably had to be where momiji talks about his mom.
  9. probably the ONLY 2 animes that have gotten me VERY close to crying were grave of the fireflies, and the end of episode 4 of oh my goddess. well, then again, grave of the fireflies could get ANYONE to cry. :wink:
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